Little maids in a row

So now we know the names of the lucky few who will be the attendants at the wedding of the decade.

Just as we thought Pippa Middleton will be Maid of Honour and therefore in charge of the small bridesmaids and page boys when her sister marries Prince William.

The choice of blue-eyed little Lady Louise Windsor, seven, Prince Edward’s daughter who is the spitting image of the Queen at the same age, and lively Margarita Armstrong-Jones, was no surprise.



I also expected Camilla’s three year old grandchild Eliza Lopes would be chosen as her mother Laura has been a friend of Kate’s for ages. And, as we know from that tete a tete over lunch last week, William’s stepmother is being wonderfully supportive of Kate, so including her angelic little grand daughter is a nice way to say thank you.

Little Eliza, then two, was an enchanting attendant at the wedding of Caroline Benson last spring, although she fell asleep half way through the ceremony.

It was also no surprise that William’s godchild Grace van Cutsem,three, son of his close friend Hugh van Cutsem, is on the list. The Prince was an usher at Hugh’s wedding to Rose Astor.

Both page boys Billy Lowther-Pinkerton, 10, (son of William’s private secretary) and Tom Pettifer, eight, (son of former royal nanny Tiggy Legge-Bourke) are old enough to behave well throughout the ceremony.

I well remember Prince William, then four years old, dressed up in a sailor suit as a page at the wedding of naval officer Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson in 1986. He kept pulling his hat off and sticking his tongue out at his cousin Laura Fellowes, who was a bridesmaid.

His mother Princess Diana said afterwards she was hideously embarrassed by his antics, but those of us who were there thought it was endearing and totally hilarious.

No doubt, William believed it was better not to have any impish little rascals as pages of the same age at his wedding.

Naming Prince Harry as ‘Best Man’ instead of using the old royal title ‘Supporter’, indicates that William is determined to make his wedding as ‘normal’ as possible. He appears keen to make it less regal and more real; to be just like everyone else.

This means that Harry, 26, will be thrown together with Kate’s pretty sister Pippa, 27, at a very exciting time.

Now we all know that Harry is a chap who loves blondes, and one golden-haired girl in particular. But it wouldn’t surprise me if Kate was dreaming of a little matchmaking. Gossips won’t be able to resist wondering if another Middleton miss might land herself a royal catch.

After all, Diana plotted to get her friend Fergie into the royal family and invited Sarah to the house party at Royal Ascot where the Yorks romance began. So who knows where this bridal party will end one day?


  1. Uh, you really think Kate is trying to set Harry up with her sister? Really? Because that just seems stupid. Harry is clearly in-love with someone else. Whether they are currently in a relationship or not. I thought this was common knowledge.

  2. What? Someone mentions that there were other British royal weddings in the past BESIDES Charles and Diana’s? I don’t seem to see that much. lol

  3. Harry is more likely to marry Pippa than Chelsy.

  4. Judy,your not doing yourself any favors by making tasteless comments like the ones about Kate trying to set up Pippa and Harry. Like your so called “tongue in cheek” remarks about Americans last week, I doubt these somewhat tasteless ones will go over any better! Please stick to the facts, you will be much better off!

  5. royal family follower

    I doubt Prince Harry is (or ever will be) romantically interested in Kate’s sister. Exactly, what is Pippa’s profession? I have always thought that Prince Harry and Chelsy seemed to make a good match.

  6. Diana did not ‘plot’to get Sarah into the Royal Family. Sarah was already part of the polo scene. Her father was Prince Charles polo manager.
    Are you saying that you were at the wedding?
    I don’t believe you

  7. It is not fair to make such a statement on Kate. Just because she is marrying Prince William does not necessarily means that she wishes to match make her sister to her future brother-in-law. And I am sure Pippa does not lack boy friends of her own.

  8. It was most natural for the couple to name their siblings in these roles. Who else would even be more appropriate?
    But I’m sure Kate is smart enough to just let things come naturally for Pippa, besides she’s also close to Chelsy and Harry (together and separate)…

  9. What a wonderful group of attendants, and Pippa will make a fine Matron of honour. I hope there will be a little bit of antics from the younger ones. Best of Luck William and Catherine !

  10. Why are royal wedding parties traditionally made up of children? When did that start?

  11. Judy I have so enjoyed reading your blogs. Its great to have somebody on the case that knows the intimate workings of the royal family. I am just glad you are not in charge of the photos – I remember years ago when you stepped up to take photos of me and my friends with The Duchess of York, the photos were all a little off centre, but we loved that you took them because they are a lovely reminder of a great day. Those were the days – there was a group of us Diana fans and the paid professionals like yourself that were at every engagement, it was fun for all of us including the Royals and some of those more intimate engagements are fond memories for me. At least when I read your blogs I feel that I am reading the words of somebody I can trust – there are too many “reporters” out there that are ill informed or just make stuff up. I can’t wait to read your reports about William and Kates big day.

  12. I laughed when I read Rebecca’s comment that she thinks Judy Wade has “intimate knowledge” of the royal family. What intimate knowledge? Like when she writes, “I also expected Camilla’s three year old grandchild Eliza Lopes would be chosen….”?
    Now if she had made that statement BEFORE it was announced, then Wade would have shown her worth as an insider, and indicate that she truly has some kind of “intimate knowledge”. Anyone can make that kind of statement afterwards, and pretend that they knew all along. Nothing but self-promoting hot air.

  13. Margaret de Boer

    I want it to be Catherine and Williams day and not have Diana mentioned every 2 minutes.
    Every woman deserves her own wedding day to be special and I hope they cut out the references to Diana. NO-ONE will forget Diana, we dont need her name pushed down our throats every 2 minutes on their Wedding Day.
    Its bad enough that Catherine didn’t get her own engagement ring, but Diana’s ring. A woman deserves her own ring and her own wedding day.
    Diana will be there on the day in everyone’s thoughts, We just dont need to hear her name every 2 minutes.
    Everyone I spoke to said they dont mind, but I dont think they are being true to themselves. I dont think THEY would like their own wedding day to be “highjacked” by the grooms mother’s memory all the time

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