America says no more waity, Katy

I have lost count of the American TV networks who have called me up over the last few weeks. They seem absolutely obsessed with covering every aspect of William and Kate’s Spring wedding but don’t like some of the palace’s arrangements.

‘Why are you having the wedding at 11.00am?’ asked one U.S producer. “It doesn’t suit us on this side of the Atlantic because that’s 6.00am. in New York and the middle of the night in California.’

I had to gently explain that Buckingham Palace is more concerned about the most appropriate timing for the British public to watch the Prince and his bride make their vows among all the splendid ceremonial.

Every royal wedding I have ever covered has taken place at 11.00am Greenwich Mean Time because it is the most convenient hour for everyone involved, especially palace staff, not forgetting hard-working caterers, cleaners and road-sweepers who’ll be clearing up the streets afterwards.

Then there are the silly, only-in-America questions. Who is the wedding planner? When informed that members of the royal family don’t need wedding planners because the Lord Chamberlain and Master of the Household take care of every detail, I was greeted with disbelief.

‘No, you’re kidding, right? There must be some company organizing the whole shebang.’
My colleague Mark Stewart, four times winner of Royal Photographer of the Year Awards, has also been deluged with requests for his pictures of Kate and William from US TV shows.

Over the past year he has scooped the world by getting exclusive shots of the couple at several friends’ weddings, so his photographs are much in demand.

‘They can’t get enough of Kate and William’, he says. ‘All the American breakfast TV shows are running wedding stories every day. I can’t send over enough to meet their endless orders.’

The way the US TV networks are behaving you would think the Boston Tea Party and the American Revolution never happened. They act as if William was their prince.

Over here it’s quite different. We in the media are keen but not beserk about it. There are really only two big stories that everyone in the British Isles wants to know about. Who is designing Kate’s wedding dress and what will Will and his mates get up to on his stag night?

As for the dress, how I wish Catherine Walker was still here to design it. I don’t think anyone ever made lovelier gowns for Princess Diana.

If Kate gets her way the designer of her fabulous frock will remain a secret until April 29. But I’ll bet William’s farewell to the single state leaks out, if it’s anything like Peter Phillips’ three-day bender on the Isle of Wight.

In the meantime, I keep getting calls from US TV producers who think they know more about what’s happening than we do here.

Perhaps they don’t realise the Queen is approving every teeny detail of the wedding, including the decision to drive to the Abbey in a car herself. And, as we know, the whole wedding party will return to Buckingham Palace in a procession of open carriages.

But I had to smile when I read about a new American nail polish produced to mark the royal wedding. It’s called ‘No more waity, Katy!’


  1. What nasty comments about Americans, who for the most part invade your country every summer and leave lots of tourist dollars at your door step. I think my dollars will stay over here.

  2. Hello Magazine should remember that Americans also go to this website. While I myself am not American and rarely would I come to their defense, I found this Blog article in very poor spirits. Yes, Americans are excited for Prince William and Miss Middleton, you should feel a sense of pride that a country who denounced the Royal Family are so interested. Note that since Americans do NOT have a Royal Family, why would they know that the Lord Chamberlin takes care of all details?
    I may be cancelling my Hello Magazine membership, let along never come to this website again.

  3. Hello reader from america

    To the contrary with this article. A recent survey actually shows that majority or Americans are NOT following the royal wedding. The blogger needs to do some fact checking before publishing an ignorant article like this that really shows more of a personal disdain for Americans rather than a true understanding of American culture. As an Americans who loves to travel to Britain and whom even studied with the Prince in Scotland, I wouldn’t hold this tasteless article against the people but rather the clueless individual who wrote this.

  4. You’ve managed to make Americans sound like complete idiots. Haha. Oh well. It just reminds me that I should probably stop reading your blog and focus on more important things going on in the world. But I should add first that the Waity Katy polish is by a British company. Americans don’t get the reference, nor do they care. Despite the kick they get out of royalty, they think the whole British class thing, which is really what prompted the classless nickname, is ridiculous.

  5. What a disparaging article against Americans.
    Just so you know…NO one over here is talking about the wedding. NO one cares, except for the media who is trying hard to push this wedding on us. It is not relevant, we do not care and Katy is still waity and workshy. Glad she is the UK’s problem and not ours! You can pick up the tab!

  6. Was it really necessary to submit such a condescending entry about the American interest in this wedding? I will think less critically of the US media when they poke fun of the outdated pomp and circumstance of the event and the huge funds used to pay for it.

  7. I think I will stop coming to this website now. As an American who was an avid reader of hello magazine I am terribly offended by this articles tone. Perhaps Americans like to hear about the royal wedding because it is a departure from they typical doom and gloom news stories about the economic situation and international diplomacy.

  8. As an American who resides half the year in London – I am a bit shocked by the anti-American sentiment. I don’t think all of the American media are as ignorant as the blogger suggests. The wedding will indeed be watched by people in the States – but it is on a Friday morning at a time when most will be preparing for school and work. Many I suspect will be able to catch clips later in the day when convenient. Perhpas the writer will think again before she paints us all with one brush. Many of us – perhaps most of us understand why the wedding will take place at the hour that it will – and we do have a firm grasp on the idea of time zones (the US has four of them). I do like to visit this site – but will refrain from reading any of the career wedding correspondents blogs.

  9. I am disappointed in your attitude toward Americans. I can’t believe Hello Magazine would condone writers who think so little of some of their subscribers.
    I lived in Britain for almost 7 years, and loved it. Thankfully, I only heard a few disparaging comments about Americans. I still count many Brits as my friends, and they are shocked by your comments, too.
    I got up early in July 1981 to watch the wedding of William’s parents. This “silly” and “deluded” American was planning on doing the same for William and Kate, but now I’m not so sure it will be worth my time.
    While in Britain, I was a subscriber to Hello Magazine. I currently purchase individual copies on line to read. I won’t be doing so in the future.

  10. I always suspected Americans have no sense of humour. Now I know it’s true.
    The whole blog was written with tongue firmly in cheek.
    Anyway, you can’t walk around London today without bumping into endless American TV crews. Why are they here if there is no interest in the wedding of the decade?

  11. Calm down everyone! This blog is just talking about the American media and their reaction and not Americans. Nowhere does this blogger insult your country and you have to all admit that asking why the wedding is happning at a time that is inconvenient for the US is pretty ridiculous. Lighten up!

  12. I am an American and totally NOT offended by the comments! i too wondered about the timing but hey, it is in THEIR country with THEIR timezone, so we will get our butts up early and watch the entire wedding as we did diana and charles! we look forward to it; and yes, i will be having a ‘wedding party’ We dont have royals, so he is like our prince!

  13. A deluded American

    Ooch, I understand you need to report how much we American’s love a royal wedding, but there are parts of this reporting that are just plain mean. Everyone knows that you don’t go around judging one country but the actions of a few. However this article was a bit mean spirited towards Americans. Just because some local unknown news reporter does not understand about the time difference between the two countries really is not news worthy is it.

  14. As far as I am concerned, and I’m an American, William and Kate will have to work very very hard to surpass Swedish Crown Princess Victoria’s wedding to Daniel Westling. Prince Daniel’s wedding speech was complete perfection.

  15. Ok, ok. Tongue firmly in cheek. The joke is on Americans. This is fine, as Americans sure do like a good laugh. However, Judy, from a person who has an appreciation for a good laugh, the article remains poorly written and snide in tone, whether it be at face value purely about the media. BTW, not sure why all the crew are there, as I do not see any media coverage on the wedding on tv.

  16. This article is just your usual, “Americans wish they were British” articles that most British tabloid mags write so it’s nothing different here.
    I’m half English and spend a lot of time in London with relatives, friends, etc and to I find that British people often say the most rude and obnoxious slurs against other countries and people and cloak it under the term humour and if you don’t find it funny, it’s just because you don’t have a sense of humour or aren’t clever enough to understand it. Look at what the Top Gear presenters said toward Mexicans. Racism? offensive cliches? No, it’s just it’s British humour I guess we just need to lighten up! RME

  17. I think Judy is correct in describing the breakfast chat shows here in the US. They have an avid interest in the royal wedding, and there are almost daily reports on it, in those programs (Good Morning America, The Today Show, The CBS Morning Show, and Fox and Friends).
    That’s the extent of it though. So, unless Americans watch those shows, then they’re not hearing about the royal wedding.
    I think that the American media’s intense interest in the royal wedding is so jarring to British reporters because, 99% of the time, the American media doesn’t have any interest in the royal family at all.

  18. Ah, I thought this was quite funny!
    Am enjoying this blog, because I was a child when Charles and Diana married, and I had a magazine insert which I think was headed “Happy and Glorious” and it was all about the wedding, with photos and your account of it, Ms Wade. I even think there was a photo of you outside St Pauls among the pictures. I kept it and read it for ages until it sadly fell apart. So pleased you’re covering this wedding too!

  19. If Jude Wade thinks she knows so much in Britian than why is it that all her blogs consists of nothing but regurgitated information on the royal family that’s easily obtained on the internet, or are just snide and ill-spirited ramblings?
    As for the Queen’s conversation with William, I’m sure Ms. Wade would give her right arm to be able to have that kind of access and be able to publish that story herself!

  20. Come now, you know we Yanks are very excitable and there is nothing we love more than a good “show”. We must be constantly entertained and informed. After all, we invented the 24-hour (so-called) news networks. If we don’t know every detail of every celebrity’s and every public figure’s life, we feel not only ill-informed but, if we learn about it later, misled and deceived.
    So, take it easy on us, please. We are younger and more gauche than you. Look at it this way: with any luck, we are spending plenty of money licensing photographs by your royal photographers, paying your royal writers to write and comment for us, flying to Britain, renting rooms, buying food, using the tube, and stuffing our luggage with Will-n-Kate souvenirs.
    We love you and you love us, but we can still laugh at each other behind the other’s back: at us for being enamored by it all and at you for paying for it with your taxes.
    Love always,
    An American Cousin

  21. I think the blogger needs to remember that the person who is asking the question is dumb (and yes, were some very dumb questions), but not the because of his or her nationality. What I wonder is why is it necessary to imply that this is how those of us in the United States think (only-in-America questions…ouch)? Aren’t there a few dumb questions asked by people in the UK? Perhaps not. There are some of us who ARE interested in the wedding and WILL be get up in the early morning hours to watch it. We know there is a time difference and understand why the wedding is taking place at that time! This entry just seemed unusually snarky to me especially given the magazine!

  22. As an American reader of Hello! magazine, I quite enjoyed this article by Judy Wade. It was tongue in cheek – and perhaps more so than we on this side of the pond deserve considering some of the comments here.

  23. Sarcasm is an art form. A gift that Ms. Wade does not possess.

  24. Judy, I am not American. I am Canadian but I was appalled by the tone of this article. It does not come across as tongue in cheek – firmly or not. I felt as if you were attacking all NORTH Americans (including Canadians) with some of the comments. I usually don’t comment on articles like this but as a reporter of your experience I expected more of you. Until I got to the bottom of the article I thought it was written by a new reporter who did not know any better. As Jane Austen would say, “Badly done.”
    This is one disappointed Canadian.

  25. Jennifer Rogers

    I am a American and find absolutely nothing wrong with your article. Americans are the most sensitive creatures on earth and any comment about them (unless it’s full of praise and suck up) makes them think you’re racist. We somehow think we are the very best in the world and it’s only ok for us to laugh at others but not others to make the slightest joke about us. We say Europeans are racist when a hispanic or black in the USA will never get a fair share in our country. That’s the truth about us the Americans.

  26. American girl

    Ms. Wade, your comment makes it even more clear that your blog was not tongue-in-cheek. It was disrespectful and condescending and you came across as quite the snob. Thanks for undoing the well wishes and lovely sentiments of your countrymen. I know where I won’t be vacationing in April. But then, I guess you wouldn’t have wanted a vacationing group of American doctors sullying your occasion would you?

  27. I’m an American, and have been visiting this site for years. Your previous blog posts were wonderful, but this one was downright rude. I’m debating on whether or not I want to click on anymore of your articles.

  28. Italian reader

    I’m an italian reader and I just want to point out one thing: it’s not so incredible that Americans don’t know the role of the “Lord Chamberlain and Master of the Household”, even here in Italy we don’t know that; we are two republican countries and we are not familiar with royal uses and it’s quite obvious, in our point of view, that a so huge event would involve many people in organising it, including a wedding planner. We’re mistaken? we’re sorry; that’s not really the most important thing in the event; I think we’re all more interested in the wedding itself than in knowing all the ranks of nobility and so on… we don’t care about it, we’re following William and Kate as we could follow two big actors, or two big singers… it’s just something more publicized and luxurious… so sorry if we make some modern mistake…

  29. Sara Middlebrook

    I was under the impression the purpose of the blog was to cover the royal wedding? Now I know better. To all of you who think this is just tounge-in-cheek, no it is not. It is snide and rude.
    Please do not cover up bad behavior with a pretty bow and call it humor. In this age of internet, you tube and 24 hr news, no one in America cares what time the wedding is. No one cares who caters the event and no one cares what she comes to the church in.
    You squandered great opportunity to enducate people outside of your country about the inner workings of this event.

  30. I actually found this posting extremely offensive!
    I am an american royal watcher for many years, and I have never been so insulted!
    More importantly as an american living in america I can tell you that this posting is also extremely untrue, the mood over here to the royal wedding is rather ho-hum.
    People have their minds on alot of other thing, I assure you!

  31. Strip away all this talk about being “tongue-in-cheek” and you’ll see what Judy Wade and her blogs are all about: An oppportunity to boast about one’s past credentials while at the same time, looking down her nose on virtually everyone else! Someone should tell her that you’re only as good as what you are currently producing and reporting!
    Honestly, name the number of times this writer has given any original information on the coverage of this royal wedding? NONE. Name the number of times this writer has boasted of her past work with nauseating “know-it-all” attitude that have turned off readers? At every opportunity. What a waste of space and resources!

  32. “The way the US TV networks are behaving you would think the Boston Tea Party and the American Revolution never happened. They act as if William was their prince.”
    Wow, not that’s just bitter. What, did you lose a boyfriend in the war or something? (Lord knows you’re old enough.)
    “Tongue firmly in cheek” of course.

  33. As an American, I wasn’t shocked at all with the condescending tone in this blog entry. It also doesn’t surprise me in the least that a US TV producer would ask and expect a better time slot for the American viewers. America AND Britain are so full of themselves – what’s new?
    Concerning the wedding, I knew it would take place in the middle of the night for my time zone and I for one purchased beautiful new sleep wear to watch in. I’m also looking forward to dawning a tiara and drinking the finest mimosa I can make!
    William and Catherine are a breath of fresh air worth losing sleep over!

  34. Talk about being full of yourself! Is it really such a bother that someone asked a “dumb” question? If you’re so offended by our enthusiastic questions by all means give us someone else we can ask you jerk.

  35. suzanne Miller

    Having lived in Ireland and then the UK for half a decade, I’m the first to appreciate the local humour, but this post, my dear Judy, was not tongue in cheek, but rather just downright rude and condescending.
    I find it extremely ironic that you are baffled the wedding frenzy in the U.S. and characterize the British media as not being ‘beserk’ about it. Well done, you. God forbid one would let their guard down and actually demonstrate any enthusiam. Interesting coming from someone who’s been covering the royals for 30 years for a publication that is now widely distributed in the US.
    Meanwhile, the story in the U.S. gets plugged daily despite the lack of new details, because it’s a nice, happy departure from the daily grind of headlines about high unemployment rates, revolutions, political scandals, and a global economic crisis.
    What’s wrong with being enthusiastic about a young man who has suffered great grief in the public eye and lived in a bizarre fishbowl now that he has found what seems to be genuine happiness? Shouldn’t the Brits be flattered that we’re impressed with the pomp and circumstance that can only be found on your lovely island?
    I have worked with plenty of journalists from the UK who are just as know-it-all as some of the US producers you describe. Perhaps its more of an occupational hazard than a national flaw. Given this post, it’s a bit of the pot calling the kettle black.
    What I would love to hear is your insights into the political situation in Egypt, your years covering the Rwandan genocide, global terror cells, advances in cancer research and the impact of financial regulation in global markets…..oh wait…you’ve been covering the Royals for three decades. Never mind.

  36. Don't Tread on Me

    Your comments trivializing major events in American History such as the Boston Tea Party and the Revolution are insulting. At that time, the monarchs of Britain didn’t merely drive around in Rolls Royce’s, clip ribbons and host garden parties, they lived on the backs of the residents of exploitation colonies around the world, accepting the fruits of their labors without granting them the rights of their British subjects.

  37. I don’t know any American who is unaware of the time differences between the US – UK. Heck, we have to be aware of time differences between one US coast and another.
    Plenty of us got up early for Diana and Sarah’s wedding. I was unaware of requests made to change the time for these.
    As a matter of fact, any Royal Wedding blog/board with even just a few Americans on it will have comments by the Americans lamenting the time we have to either get up to watch – or set our DVRs to tape the event.
    The ‘American Reactions’ in this story sound too much like caricatures of Americans – not reactions from real Americans.

  38. The article is discussing American television networks. They are very stupid. They don’t realize that most of us don’t care what time the wedding takes place, we’ll be watching! Despite the time difference we love watching the pomp of ANYTHING ROYAL! We all got up early for all weddings and funerals back to the Princess Royal’s first wedding!

  39. Dear Ms. Wade:
    Vanity Fair’s March issue published the Vanity Fair/60 minutes poll which included this question: Prince William is tying the knot with Kate Middleton. Which of the following best describes your interest in the wedding:
    Not interested in any of it: 65%;
    Interested in some of it; it’s a harmless spectacle: 21%;
    Interested only in whether it will last: 9%;
    Interested in all of it, wish I could go: 4%.
    Your impressions do not seem to be based on any fact, however tongue in cheek or ‘ironic’ they may have been.

  40. I must say that I agree with those who say the “tongue firmly in cheek” defense just doesn’t wash…
    There is coverage over here in the US of the wedding, and yes, some of us do enjoy watching it. I was 9 when Diana married and 10 when William was born; girls of that age are fascinated by weddings, princesses and babies. I’ve watched William grow up in the media, and am glad that he seems to have found the happiness and peace that so tragically eluded his mother.
    Not only is the class system outdated, but so is the “stupid Americans” cliche.
    Ms Wade, you act as though you attended the Royal events of the past few decades as an honored guest, NOT as the merely tolerated press, which are deemed necessary to bring the event details to us “little people.” You would be wise to remember your audience, as any decent writer knows.

  41. OMG people lighten up already! I am a Canadian, and have been reading articles written in the States that are full of factual errors about the British and their Monarchy. Like the Queen was going to retire…that she had made William her heir not Charles that they were going to change it so that the first born of Will’s children could take the throne no matter what sex. It is all plain silly, and shows that the US “media” and the public do not understand the system. You had the tea party threw them out and now you want to “hype” what you don’t have. Why don’t you do a little research? Find out what you are talking about and ask intelligent questions. Judy sounded exasperated and I don’t blame her!

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