Harry the best man

This time a year ago I was whizzing around New Zealand and Australia with Prince William.

While I was out there someone told me they had encountered some of Chelsy Davy’s relatives who moved to Queensland from Zimbabwe a few years ago. While chatting my friend asked these new Aussies if they would go to London when Prince Harry married their relative.


‘Oh no!’, came the reply. ‘Chelsy is not going to marry Harry. She has told us she definitely doesn’t want to. She doesn’t want that kind of life.’

At the time Chelsy and Harry’s on-again, off-again relationship was back on in a big way, but these words didn’t surprise me.

Chelsy Davy, now 25, has always tried to evade the spotlight, kept her head down and has given every indication that she doesn’t want the reflected glory that comes from dating a famous man.

She scowls whenever a photographer comes within long lens focussing distance and generally seems to seek a quiet life.

Despite this, on the many occasions I have seen her with Harry she has always appeared to be totally smitten. Last summer when Harry got his wings during a ceremony at the Army Air Museum in Middle Wallop, Hampshire, I walked through the door and bumped straight into the happy couple.

While I congratulated the beaming Prince on being selected to train as an elite Apache helicopter pilot, Chelsy stood by his side looking as if she would burst with pride. They had the sort of glowing happiness you could warm your hands over.

I wasn’t the only one crossing my fingers that this couple would be together forever. Various officials at Buckingham Palace and Clarence House have also told me they hoped Harry and his gorgeous girlfriend would one day follow William and Kate down the aisle.

Chelsy is one of those stunning blondes that puts every other girl in the shade. It’s not surprising Harry, not to mention the palace aides, fell for her. She is highly intelligent with degrees from Cape Town and Leeds universities too.

So, it is difficult to understand why she suddenly dropped her plans to work as a lawyer in London and dashed off back to Africa, abandoning her luxury apartment in Belgravia and leaving Harry all alone. This now makes him Britain’s most eligible bachelor.


Their separate careers may be the cause of this split. Harry is concentrating on his training to become an Apache pilot so he can get back to the frontline in Afghanistan. It wouldn’t be surprising if Chelsy wasn’t happy about her boyfriend going back into this danger zone where he was a prime target.

At 26, Harry probably thinks he is too young to get married but he hasn’t been spotted with any other girl since Chelsy.

Having seen what happened to Kate M. when she tried working in London, Chelsy may believe she could not hold down a serious job in London while dating a Prince. Perhaps she doesn’t think cutting ribbons, cuddling babies and making small talk is a fulfilling way to spend the rest of her life.

The question also arises – Does Harry love flying for the Army more than he loves Chelsy? Maybe she thought so.

Whatever the reason it’s extremely sad, especially at a time when William and Kate look so blissfully loved up.

Let’s hope this is not the end of the Harry and Chelsy story.


  1. “Let’s hope this is not the end of the Harry and Chelsy story.”
    Let’s hope it is. Happy as they may have occasionally looked the fact that they broke up almost yearly speaks volumes.

  2. Okay, let’s back track a moment.
    #1 – Chelsy is not gorgeous so please stop with that.
    #2 – Chelsy is extremely intelligent and knows what’s best for her
    #3 – Kate M is going to be the zombie stepford wife and any woman that Harry chooses to marry will be able to have a life so don’t worry about that.

  3. Judy, please could you remember the journalist who go and meet william and have a discussion in swahili soon after it was revealed william was learning the language? I remember it was a journalist or editor form Hello and that He said william was perfectly speaking the swahili? please answer this question (if possible) in this blog (or use my email address – to be private of course if you can have it)Many thanks Judy

  4. love isn’t something we should take for granted but rather it’s a gift we should cling on to…

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