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Hello, it’s been a while!

Hello lovely readers,

This is my first blog in quite a while as I’ve been so crazy busy and travelling non stop. I had saved up a huge blog of what I did each week but it’s been so long since I’ve blogged that I just thought I may as well start again!


My Week

I had a really lovely week this week, I’ve been doing so much travelling this summer and it’s my favourite thing to do. I flew out to Nice in France on Saturday as part of the travel show I am doing, Getaways for RTE and BBC NI. Tommy Bowe is my co-host and he along with the other three boys are so much fun to hang out with. To be fair I’ve never not gotten on with crew that I’ve worked with but I’ve know some of these boys for quite a while now and it’s always a laugh working together.



Nice is absolutely beautiful, we travelled up and down the Cote D’Azur and saw as many amazing places as wecould. I do love France but the smaller villages are definitely my favourite, I love the architecture and they have a really relaxed way of life. I met an Irish man who’s lived there for 17 years, although I adore the sun and the lifestyle I think I would miss home too much to move there full time.




On Wednesday Spencer came over to me and on Friday morning we flew to Milan. Spencer walked in the Dolce and Gabanna fashion show and there was absolutely no way I was missing that! I literally couldn’t wait, he’d never done a show before and he was definitely being thrown in at the deep end with D&G but he was brilliant, plus he got to wear amazing clothes so it was an all round winner! I’d never been to Milan before but I really loved it, I think I need to go back again as I didn’t spend much time there but what I saw of it I loved. It was back to London on Saturday night but only for a day because I’m off to Amsterdam this week to film again. I’ve been there a few times already but whenever I go away for the travel show I see a whole new side to the city I’m in.



I was unsure of whether I was going to write about this or not because nobody wants to show off their flaws. I decided to write about the acne I used to have as I’ve gotten quite a few mails about it from people suffering from adult acne so I decided to write about mine. Luckily I don’t have it anymore and really it only lasted just over six months but it was a horrible six months at that. I never suffered from bad skin in my whole life but last year I had quite a stressful year. A tough year teamed with getting the contraception bar in my arm turned out to be a disastrous move for my skin. I started getting huge spots all over my face and then where there were no big spots there were tiny little ones covering my entire face. I have never felt so self conscious about anything in my whole life and I refused to go anywhere including the gym without make up on. Constantly having make up on my face was probably the worst thing to do but my skin was so bad that I would feel really embarrassed without it. I get my make up done professionally all the time and it usually takes 45 minutes to do my whole face, when I had acne it took my best friend Ashley 90 minutes just to do my face because I had so many spots. I just think for anyone with acne, there is always a way to get rid of it or make it a lot better.


It took me about ten months to get my skin back to the way it was but thankfully I was able to do that. A lot of people have asked me how I did it as they had bad skin too. Only from having acne I realise how much it can ruin your confidence and change your life a little, going out isn’t much fun, constantly checking your make up and always feeling like you look disgusting can make you feel quite down. I really feel for the people I see when I’m out that have bad skin because I know how they feel inside and it’s horrible. For me I went to two different skin clinics, I went to the London skin and Hair clinic in Holborn first. They gave me quite a few peels over a few months and then put me on a prescribed antibiotic as my skin had gotten so bad. The antibiotic was a life saver, it was called Lymecycline so it’s not as intense and doesn’t have the same negative side effects as Roaccutane. I really didn’t want to have to resort to tablets but my skin just wasn’t getting any better in its own. I also took out the contraceptive bar in my arm which caused another huge flare up in my skin but I’m quite convinced that it gave me the acne in the first place. I was working a lot in Ireland at the time so my favourite skin clinic there is Renaissance, they really helped with my skin. It’s a clinic in Howth and when I first went they helped me get rid of the spots that were causing me pain. I went on a whole new skin care regime that included two cleansers, two moisturisers, three serums and face pads with glycolic acid in them. Now I know that seems excessive and the whole lot wasn’t cheap but it lasted for ages and it cleared up my skin. I still use most of those products now and my face is completely cleared up. Renaissance also gave me a lot of face peels and used LED light therapy on me but I am so glad I took all of their advice as my skin is back to its normal self now. I can’t guarantee everyone will have my results but anyone with acne should definitely visit a good skin clinic and take all of their advice, if you have to go on antibiotics just do it and hopefully you’ll have the same results as me.

Greenfell Tower

What shocking scenes we saw in London when a huge multi storey tower block went up in flames killing a huge amount of residents. There is yet to be a total death toll but it is thought as many as 150 people have lost their lives in this tragic event. I studied two building related degrees and I couldn’t quite understand how a fire from a fridge in a flat on the fourth floor had spread all over the building within fifteen minutes. The external cladding used on the building was highly flammable and was a material that has been banned in America for reasons that seem very obvious now. The whole building was revamped recently with the council spending a fortune on it. How did this building pass the fire regulations? A fire should not be able to spread through a block that high so quickly, it gives the emergency services zero chance of saving people. There were no sprinklers in the building and the residents said that their smoke alarm didn’t even go off. How in 2017 are we seeing such an atrocity occurring, failings on so many levels of the people who were in charge of this building. Families have been torn apart by this and it’s incredibly upsetting to watch this unfold on the news. I also thought it was shocking that the papers released an image of the man whose fridge went on fire. I would say he is feeling devastated by what happened and he certainly didn’t need his face plastered all over the press, it wasn’t his fault and I feel for him. I’m sending a lot of love to all involved in this awful fire.



I have started this treatment for cellulite with Phillipe Hamida – Pisal who owns the PHP Aesthetic clinic in London. A lot of people find it surprising that I would be having cellulite treatments but sorry for the bad news girls, it seems 90% of women suffer from it. I did say before “I have cellulite – I do and I’m proud of it, I’m a woman, we all have it”. Most of that statement is true, the part about having cellulite but honestly I don’t like it. If I can get rid of it with a treatment then I’m definitely going to give it a go! It’s a three part treatment, the first part is a big suction machine on your legs which doesn’t hurt at all. The second part is slightly less comfortable but don’t be put off by the fact that it involves needles because I have zero pain threshold and I didn’t find it very sore. The second part is called Mesotherapy, you can actually get this on your face too to rejuvenate it but I’ve never tried that treatment. The last part is sitting under a lovely warm UV lamp where I happily fell asleep for twenty minutes! The optimum amount of treatments you need is ten and I did have little marks on my legs after but they were easily covered up when I got my spray tan. Ill write up a proper piece on it when I finish my ten sessions because if it gets rid of the dreaded orange peel I’m sure a lot of you will want to try it!

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