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I think everyone in the world loves Disney, it’s the best place in the entire world! I went there last weekend with four of my friends and we had the most amazing time. Spencer was one of the people in our group and a lot of people have been asking me about him but all I want to say about it is that we’re getting on very well and we’re really close. We all had a brilliant weekend together.


It was the 25th anniversary of Disneyland Paris and the celebration they had was epic. I got the Eurostar to Paris last Thursday and spent a day in Paris. I could spend a whole year in Paris, it’s one of my favourite cities in Europe. I stayed at the beautiful Le Bristol hotel in the centre of everything. The hotel is basically what I want my house to look like, it’s so chic and if Disney hadn’t been calling I would happily have stayed a whole week confined to that hotel! I think if you ever visit Paris you need to just wander around for hours and slip into different bistros and restaurants along your travels as there is unlimited things to do.



IMG_1382 IMG_1387I actually avoided being a total tourist this time around and didn’t even visit the Eiffel Tower but instead went to as many nice restaurants as I could find. One of my favourite things to do when I go to a new city is to try out all the food they have, my healthy eating plan was flung from the train as soon as I left Kings Cross. After Paris I went to Disneyland Paris, it’s so close to Paris but you can actually get a train direct. We were staying at the Disney hotel which is lovely and there is a constant flow of Disney characters wandering around all of which I obviously got photos with! On Friday we headed straight to The Tower of Terror which is my favourite ride, well I have three favourite rides and it’s hard to choose the winner! We went on loads of rollercoasters and then went to the other side of the park where the castle is. The Disney castle is just so beautiful and it makes me so excited whenever I see it, I’d love to stay in it!


After a few hours in the park we went for dinner and then the park was closed off for our group so I broke my record on the Finding Nemo rollercoaster and went on it six times in a

IMG_1345We were all pretty tired so went to bed early ready for the next day. On Saturday we did so much, we met a million characters and went on so many rides, the boast that goes through its a small world is meant to be a children’s ride but I love that as well as the carousel, just because they’re so cute.

JF_DISNEY_25_0804-copy On Saturday night there was a big light show at the castle and I knew there was a very special guest when John Legend walked by me in the lobby of our hotel. I LOVE John Legend, he performed three songs and then the light show that’s projected on to the castle started which is a must see for any Disney visitors.

IMG_1408 JF_DISNEY_25_2149-copy

After that was a big gala dinner where we had such a last and were of course the very last to leave, if you supply champagne, dancing and a great table of people it’s hard to go home! Our last day in Disney was just as fun as the rest, we went on all the rides one more time and then reluctantly said goodbye to one of the happiest places on earth.
On Monday morning it was straight back to work, I was a guest panellist on the Wright Stuff. I was talking about my new show and all things current affairs which I love so I really enjoyed the show.


IMG_1392I was wearing my new top from Needle and Thread along with my Supegra kicks from Very Exclusive. I flew back to Dublin on Tuesday as I had meetings with my book publishers and also about m new series so it was a full on couple of days at home. I always manage to fit time into my schedule to see my beautiful niece Jeanie and the rest of my family. We went out for a lovely meal on Tuesday evening and had a catch up. On Wednesday I had meetings and then I was on the Brendan O Conner show Cutting Edge. I’ve done the show before and it’s a great show, it’s a chance to discuss all the things that have been annoying everyone in the news! On Thursday I flew home at I was attending a dinner at the Irish Ambassadors house in London, very fancy altogether!
I haven’t had a lot of time to write my weekly blogs but I have written a little on the weeks I missed too so I can update you! My week began in Dublin, I had a meeting with RTE to go over ideas for my new series that will be apart of the autumn schedule. It looks like it will be a four part series and the ideas for each show are meatier than ever. I’ve had some of the ideas since last year but there were so many things running through my head so we figured out the best ones and I think this series will be my best one yet. I’m just so excited to start filming! My schedule for the summer is crazy busy as I will be filming this as well as another show so I’m really excited for 2017. I headed back to London after my meeting and spent Monday evening sprawled across my couch catching up with my flat mates. I would absolutely hate to live on my own, I love going back to London to my two pals and then when I’m in Dublin my sister lives with me so I’ve got it sussed! On Tuesday I had hydrotherapy for my knee and then lots of meetings. In the afternoon I was doing a talk with AOL builds all about my new series and what I’ve been up to.

IMG_1131ON Wednesday it was back to physio and I’m delighted to say that I am officially off crutches. I’m so relieved to be off them because I did spend six weeks on them so its nice to be able to do a lot more now.


IMG_1112I wouldn’t say I’m totally confident on my feet but I can get around a lot more and my knee improves everyday, I’m getting that little bit closer to getting back on my skis! I’m going to leave my week there, I went to Paris on Thursday and then spent the weekend in Disneyland Paris so I will leave that for another column or a travel piece because I have so many tips from the weekend. It was the most fun I’ve had in a long time and if they would let me live in the Disney castle I would never leave!

My week was filled with so many fun and exciting things and I don’t I’ve felt so happy in quite a while! I just feel like everything is where it should be, I have great friends and family around me and I’m getting to do a job I adore so I’m feeling very lucky. I started my week with a creative speaker session at the Discovery channel. My new show is airing on their brand new channel called Quest Red so I went in to talk it over and watch clips with lots of people with the network which was a lot of fun.

IMG_1161I went to dinner with a friend on Monday night which was lovely and then it was bed early! On Tuesday I had a whole day of press for my series, I was on Lorraine and Fearne Cotton was hosting that day, I LOVE her so I was really happy to meet her again. The whole of Tuesday was spent going around to lots of different radio stations, I headed to physio for a couple of hours and then went to the airport. It was so nice to land back in Dublin because I hadn’t been here for about two months which is the longest stint away I have ever done. My mom and stepdad collected me from the airport and we went and met my sister, her girlfriend and my aunt for dinner.
On Wednesday I was up at 5.30 am for the gym and it was straight into hair and make-up. I was hosting Regattas press day in town, I’m the face of their new SS17 range so I was chatting all about my involvement with that. On Thursday and Friday I was up at 5.30am for the gym, I was shooting for my book for those two days. They were really long days but so worth it, writing a book has always been on my list of goals and I’m bursting with excitement to hold a copy of my book in my hands. I was probably the most boring person in Ireland own St. Patricks day, I worked all day and then I got to babysit my niece Jeanie for the night. I haven’t seen her in so long and she is just the cutest little thing ever. I was minding her for some of Saturday too and then I spent the rest of Saturday working on my book which I will be doping much the same of when you read this column! I will try get up to more mischief and less work next week and report back!

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