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Hello new week!

My Week

Well I can say that I’ve had a pretty difficult week which I wasn’t expecting. I had planned on having my operation on Thursday, going home Friday and then be back to work dj-ing on Saturday night. A lot of people said I would need to rest more but because I’m healthy and always up and about I just didn’t really think my body would react to a surgery as normal, silly me! I had quite a lot of bleeding on Friday morning but still got to go home from hospital, I had a three hour sleep on my couch and my leg had bled again so I went back in. It’s quite normal in my type of operation but I ended up having to stay until Monday morning. I just couldn’t really hack all the painkillers I was on and felt really weak and dizzy so they wanted to keep me in until I was feeling better. I was actually so glad they did because I wouldn’t have been able to do anything myself at home. I was looked after by the most amazing surgeon, my scars are minimal so I’m delighted. The staff at the Cromwell hospital in London were just incredible. Nurses do the most selfless job in the world and they were in hand 24/7 if I needed anything. They were always coming in to check up on me and help me get around, if it wasn’t for them I doubt I would have showered the whole time. I’m so thankful to the staff there and the physio for helping me get back on my feet. I left the hospital on Monday morning and went straight to physio for two hours because I am keen to get my knee moving again. My week was quite boring and I’ve left my column until the last day to write because my brain has only begun to wake up. I went to physio for two hours every day this week and by the time I got home I would just nap on the couch for most of the day. I literally cannot stop sleeping, I could be halfway through a conversation with my flatmate and start to fall asleep, it’s either the sleeping tablets or they’re just incredibly boring!!! It was my first operation and I didn’t know what to expect and it certainly takes an awful lot out of your body. I’m hoping to be much more mobile and in less pain by next week. I sound like an awful whinger but it’s my excuse for the very non eventful week I had!

Make up

I have recently started working with makeup artist Connie Simmonds and I just love the way she works. I asked Connie to do a blog on one of the looks she created for me recently that I absolutely loved using all of Charlotte Tilburys products. Connie also does amazing make up videos on her Instagram page so be sure to check her out cbeauty_


Vogue’s London Fashion Week Golden Glow
Taking inspiration from the top make up trends at this year’s London Fashion Week, I decided on an effortlessly glam look for Vogue with a touch of golden goddess.

I started by moisturising the skin with Charlotte’s magic cream, followed by her amazing must have Wonder Glow primer. This primer is not only a great way to ensure your make up lasts but it hydrates and illuminates the skin at the same time.

As Vogue had a long day ahead I had to ensure the foundation we used was full coverage and long lasting without looking cakey as we wanted that glow to come through, so I used the Urban Decay All Nighter foundation (it really does last all night). The rest of the face was contoured and highlighted with another one of Charlotte’s glowing essentials, Film star Bronze & Glow palette.

Now for the eyes, I kept it bright and beautiful with a hint of smoke using the Dolce Vita eye shadow palette; it’s the perfect palette to compliment Vogue’s hazel eyes. Then finished them off with KISS eyelashes in iconic, a simple design that adds just the right amount of glamour.

Lastly, Vogue needed a long lasting lip colour that wasn’t high maintenance as she travelled from show to show. So I turned to my trusting MAC cosmetics Lady Be Good Retro matte liquid lip colour.



Lately I’ve been reading up a lot on peoples sleeping habits and sleep in general. I used to be the ultimate sleeper, I would need 8 hours sleep a night or I would struggle to function properly the next day. I could never understand people who would stay up passed 10pm if they planned on having a good night’s sleep. I know a lot of people that struggle with their sleep and I would try and give them tips on how to get the best night’s sleep. Now it seems I am looking for any tip myself to catch a solid eight hours. Up until last summer I could fall asleep so easily, I could sleep in cars, planes and basically anywhere I found the chance to nap I would. I don’t know what changed from those glorious days of eight hours sleep but I know find myself struggling to even get six hours. I have some friends who suffer quite badly from insomnia and I always thought that would be one of the worst things to have on a daily basis. Feeling so tired all the time but still being unable to sleep. It makes me wonder what has changed in our society that leave so many of us unable to catch a good forty winks. I know for myself that my sleep changed as soon as my anxiety got bad, I found myself unable to fall asleep and if I did I would be sure to wake up every couple of hours. Eventually at about 4am I would give up on sleep altogether and get up because there’s nothing worse than being in bed when you can’t sleep, that horrible feeling of trying to force yourself to sleep when it’s never going to happen. Luckily for me I worked through a lot of my anxiety last year and although it still persists it’s not nearly as bad as it was which definitely leads to a better night’s sleep. I would say an unrestful and stressed out mind is one of the main reasons people struggle to sleep. The problem with being unable to sleep is that it really affects your health in quite dangerous ways. People who fall short in the sleep department are at a greater risk of diabetes and heart disease as well as causing you to gain weight. I know a lack of sleep will ensure my anxiety is worse the following day but it’s also linked to depression and can also affect fertility. We should all be falling asleep within 30 minutes as adults which is actually music to my ears because someone once told me it was seven minutes which did make me worry about my own sleep. I think a lot of us can do things to ensure a better sleep, for one thing I find a great bed is important. I got a new bed recently that has a memory foam mattress and honestly I find it difficult to get out of it’s so comfortable. It’s the first time I’ve ever had quite a hard mattress and its made all the difference, not trying to plug the brand but it’s a studio bed by silent night with the medium mattress, it’s my bed in London and I definitely sleep better in that bed than my one in Dublin. Although I said I wouldn’t give tips on how to get a better nights kip here are a few things I do that I think help me out. I believe caffeine intake too late can disrupt sleep, I know that’s an obvious one but I stop drinking caffeine after 2pm in the day or it affects my sleep. I take magnesium tablets an hour before bed I find settles you and calms you down, a lavender oil on dabbed on your wrists or sprayed on your pillow is another winner for sleep. My last tip would be to do with technology, get your phone out of you hand an hour before and don’t fall asleep with the TV or radio on, you only end up concentrating on that! Now I’m not trying to be a preacher and I’m always on the lookout for some tips on sleeping well so be sure to let me know if you have any, I will be forever grateful!


Sorry for the lack of outfit pictures this week but it’s been a week of pyjamas for me! I will be back on my feet from tomorrow so will be sure to put lots of lovely outfits in next week’s blog!


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