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The Jump – the dream and then the nightmare!


Week one in Austria began with a bang! It was a really great week out here and I’ve gotten to know the whole cast very well. We have such a cool group and the crew are so much fun so its feeling like a big holiday. I do have to say I’m exhausted though! We ski up to six hours a day and then I’ve been coming back to the hotel to train as part of my January health kick.



Its quite quiet where I am so it’s going to be a very chilled out six weeks I think. We don’t really get much time off and when we finish skiingn- I’m actually too tired to even go out once I get back to the hotel. We do have a night out planned for Saturday evening, I just hope I’m not too tired to go, how boring do I sound! I’ve been attempting to work on my book in the evenings too, writing is the time I sort of chill out, I see it as my kind of mindfulness time. I just can’t get over how tired I feel after skiing each day so fingers crossed I actually get my book done on time!


I have read some negative stories in the press about the show because there were injuries on last year’s series. I can’t go into the ins and outs but I do have to say that I find it really frustrating to read some of the stories on it. Is the show dangerous? Well yes, a lot of shows I do have an element of danger in them and to be honest I see them as a challenge to undertake.


I did a show with Bear Grylls a couple of years ago about surviving in the jungle and that show was dangerous too, but it was one of the most worthwhile experiences of my whole life. I have been skiing in Austria for two weeks now and I have learnt so much. My skiing has improved to such a high level that I now feel confident to do anything on skis. The first week we were skiing six hours a day, being taught by the best ski instructors in the world from The Warren Smith Ski Academy. A couple of our instructors have skied in the olympics and they are the most incredible teachers.


All sports carry an element of danger, the risk level is always lowered if you are focused educated and careful and all of us on this show are just that. We are all working so hard out here and taking part in a show that is teaching us so many new and exciting things and I feel lucky to be a part of it. I wake up every day so excited to get out on to the slopes and fall into bed by eight completely exhausted from working so hard each day. It’s already an unforgettable experience and to be honest I feel sad thinking it will be over soon because I really have enjoyed it so much. It’s a family entertainment show and it’s taking people with little to no experience on skis to a professional competing level. I know all of my friends would jump at the chance to do this show, it’s a one in a million chance to learn a whole new skill set.


This week I learnt how to ski jump and on my second day I had jumped ten metres which I’m hoping to build way up. When am I ever going to get the opportunity to ski jump? I probably sound like I’m ranting a little bit but I just wanted to fill you in on what it’s really like out here! Next week we are taking on the skeleton which is basically a one person bobsled – I literally cannot wait!


Another week in Austria is complete! I actually feel sad counting down the weeks because I’ve had such an amazing time out here. A few weeks ago we learned the skeleton which is basically like a bobsleigh track but we go down on a tray face first! I know it sounds pretty scary (which it was) but I could honestly do that a million more times, I absolutely loved it! We ski jump almost everyday now which is really good, I want to be brilliant at ski jumping because that could essentially win the show: I would love to be the first female winner of The Jump!


We also got to try out snow cross for the first time which was hilarious. We have these ski boot type things on and we have to try to get to the finish lines first by pushing everyone out of the way which isn’t the easiest when you’re up against superstar rugby players but I am definitely giving it my best shot. We had Sunday and Monday off that week so on Saturday we went out for Lydia and Josie’s birthday which was lovely. It was a fancy dress theme so I randomly went as the pink panther, they have really good fancy dress shops in Innsbruck, who knew?




We had a lovely meal and then went off to a club so the next day I spent in my bed with a take away and all the Netflix my heart desired!



Well, what can I say I have had another amazing week on the slopes here in Austria. Just to take the smug tone out of my voice (there was one!) I’ll let you know that my week started out absolutely awful. For the second time in a month I got the vomiting bug, I was actually so annoyed that I got it again I actually felt hard done by! It’s honestly the most disgusting thing in the world and I thought I had done my time before Christmas, but low and behold it got me again, along with four other cast members on The Jump. Luckily for us it was a 24 hour bug so we were all back out on the slopes the following day.


We finally got to ski jump off the big jump that we will be doing on the show and I was absolutely terrified the first time I did it! I have a really great instructor, James, who is an Olympic ski jumper so he soon had me going down without any fear – well maybe a little bit of fear!! I’m so excited for the live shows to start, they start own February 5th and I have my family coming out to watch which will make it even more exciting.


I got to head home on Saturday after training to host The Gossie awards in Dublin which I were so much fun. I hosted the awards last year and I really enjoyed myself. This year was just as good and I made sure to have at least four outfit changes. I haven’t dressed up or worn heels in 5 weeks so I may have gone a little overboard!



My dresses were from The Ivory Closet and my gold jumpsuit was from Starla dresses.




I got my hair done by my favourite hairdresser, Matthew Feeney, and my make up was done by the fabulous Michelle Reglazzoli.





I met my sister after the awards and we stayed up having a few drinks and chatting until an ungodly hour! It’s safe to say that my 9am start that morning was awful: two flights back to Innsbruck on a hangover was horrific!


It was back to skiing on Monday morning with a 6am start where we got our pairings for another event. I love snow cross, I think it’s my favourite event. You are in a pair of boots that are flat at the end so act as little skis, I’m quite good it so I think I’ll enjoy that race. You also get to push each other over to try to get in front. We are totally padded up and I think I might avoid the pushing because in practice I was paired with Gareth Thomas, Louis Smith, Spencer Matthews and Jason Robinson and all they wanted to do was push each other over and rugby tackle each other!



Unfortunately for me on Wednesday I had an accident on the slopes. It was just such a pity and I’m devastated to say that I’m now out of the show. I’ve ruptured my ACL in my knee so I’m going to be out of action for about three months. I was practicing my ski cross and had a fall but luckily the medic was there and I got back down the mountain super fast. I went straight to a private clinic for an MRI scan and they gave me a brace for my leg and the most disgusting yellow crutches!


Everyone has been so amazing and I’m being really well looked after here until I get back to the UK. I fly back next week and then have an appointment with a really great knee surgeon so I’ll hopefully be getting my operation within the next two weeks. I’m really hoping that the show comes back next year because I would jump at the chance of being on it again. I wouldn’t swap the last couple of months for anything because I’ve honestly had the best time. I’m going to stay out in Austria until I need to go back to London to get my knee sorted out. I want to be at as many of the live shows as possible to cheer the team on. I’ve made so many new friends on this show from the cast and crew and I know they’ll be my pals for life.



The first live show is tonight so be sure to tune in, my mom, sister, auntie and sister’s girlfriend had all booked flights out to support me OOPS! I’m pretty disappointed that they wont get to see me compete but we’ll have such a laugh at the live show.

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