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My trip to Iceland

I have been so excited to write this piece all about my trip to Iceland. It was one honestly one of the most breathtaking countries I have ever visited. I’ve always wanted to go to Iceland and my friend Al got me a flight for my birthday which was the best present ever. We left on Friday and the flight took about three hours so when we arrived it was already dark, it gets dark there around 4. We decided to book our excursions through www.icelandtravel.is and I’m so happy we did. The country is so vast and we only went for three days so wanted to fit in as much as we possibly could.



Iceland Travel were amazing and I would definitely suggest booking through them. It made things so much easier for us and we got to do so many things. I will get to them in a minute, I’m going to write everything in order so I don’t miss out on anything! On Friday when we landed, we had to get a bus to our hotel, which was organised through Iceland travel. The bus took about an hour but took us straight to our hotel.

We stayed the Icelandair Marina hotel which was stunning. It was right in the middle of everything and has beautiful views on to the harbour. The staff were so nice as well, I actually booked in a day late because I was being stupid but they still managed to accommodate us even though the mistake was my fault. Icelandair have more hotels around Iceland, depending on what you’re looking for. We wanted to be in the middle of everything, the shops, restaurants and bars so the Marina hotel was perfect for us. The hotel is huge and is one of the very few hotels in Iceland that has a gym which is important for me! They have a really nice restaurant in the hotel as well as a big bar. There’s also a lovely little coffee shop where we had breakfast one day. We had breakfast in the other hotel restaurants the other mornings and it was really good food.



Anyway after my mistake and the Icelandair sorting us out we took a short walk to a tapas restaurant Barina in the town to meet our friends. The restaurant was lovely, we got sharing plates as we weren’t sure what to order. We even tried some puffin because it’s a popular dish in Iceland but it sort of tastes like mushroom, it wasn’t my thing. The food was lovely and it was quite reasonable too because Iceland is known for being quite expensive. After food we went to an Irish bar, being typical Irish people we just had to snoop out the Irish bar! After that it was back to our hotel for a late drink, it probably wasn’t the greatest idea of mine considering we were up at 8am for our day tour!



Saturday morning was a little bit of a struggle but after a lovely breakfast at the hotel cafe we were met by our tour guide Rakki. He collected us in the most insane jeep ready to take us out for the day. There were about six other people on our tour and first up we were brought to the most amazing waterfall. It was a two hour drive to the waterfall but it was well worth it, it was also near a lot of the other things we were doing that day so it was handy enough. After taking a million pictures at the waterfall it was off Snowmobiling!! My pictures I took while snowmobiling don’t even do what we saw justice, the views of the glacier were so gorgeous.





When you arrive for snowmobiling they hook you up with all the gear you need because it’s absolutely freezing. The snowmobiling trip lasted about an hour and I would say to wrap up as much as possible as it did get a little cold towards the end. After snowmobiling Rakki took us to the Geyser where I spent ages trying to get a video of it exploding, which I managed to do in the end!

The thing about Iceland is that you just can’t stop looking around, it’s like a different world, and everything you see is stunning. We had lunch right by the Geyser, we just went to the little cafe there where they have burgers and chips – they were much needed with my hangover! Then it was off to see the tectonic plates where we did a little bit of night walking, Rakki our tour guide was lovely and funny and he made sure we got to see everything we wanted to see.

I think if you go to Iceland you really should book your whole tour in advance, you need to see everything and Iceland Travel can organise all of it for you. We got home around six in the evening but decided to get a take away Ramen and watch a movie, we needed a night off. The next day we went to the gym in our hotel before having a lovely breakfast. We missed our bus to the blue lagoon but luckily the hotel staff were able to organise another one for us within half an hour.






The blue lagoon is about an hour from the centre of Reykjavik and it’s a must see. It’s like a huge thermal bath that you can float around outside in! We went for the premium package which included all of your towels, robe, one drink and a face mask. You sit in the lagoon put face masks on and relax, oh and take a million pictures because it looks so amazing. A little tip, you can buy a water proof phone cover so you can take your phone into the water! We actually spent about two hours in the blue lagoon, it was just so picturesque we didn’t want to leave. After our day trip we got the bus back to our hotel and went for a drink at the marina. We went back to our hotel to get ready and decided to go to the main part of the town for food. There are so many restaurants and we went to a really nice French one. One bottle of red wine led onto more drinks in a bar down the road that had a live jazz band playing. We left to go home but heard loads of singing from the English bar so decided to pop our heads in! They had another live band and we had such a funny night before heading back to the hotel. Everything about Iceland is brilliant, I cannot fault one part of our trip and I definitely want to go back. It’s such a relaxing country and the people are all so lovely. I miss it already! Oh and just to clear things up that were written about my trip last week, yes I did go with my ex-boyfriend but he is still very much my ex. I have known Al for 12 years and he is one of my best friends. We have always had Iceland on our bucket list and decided to go instead of talking about it all the time. I know people may find is strange that I went away with my ex but he’s a great friend so I don’t think it’s weird because we don’t look at each other as anything but friends. Tour Guide: Iceland Travel Hotel: Icelandair Marina I hope you all have a lovely week, I will be posting my regular blog on Friday I just thought I would do a travel one up to begin with! Vx

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