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Hello from Cyprus!

Hi Readers,

I hope you all had a lovely week, mine was eventful and very fun! I will be in Cyprus by the time you read this blog, filming a travel show. I’m so excited and I will fill you in on every detail in next week’s blog – don’t be jealous though as I will be working long, long days but at least it will be in fun Cyprus!! I’ve never been before so I can’t wait to see what it’s like and try out all the food; the food is always first on my list in a new country.

Fun Times

I was at a few events this week in London, I always have fun at them and see people that I haven’t in ages. I went to a Walkers event and bumped into my friend Ferne, they’ve started making crisp sandwiches but we Irish have been doing that for years!!

Lady Garden

I was DJing for the Lady Garden event in Topshop again this year. I love being a part of their campaign, helping the gynaecological cancer fund. It is bringing to light the silent killer that is cervical cancer. voguew5z


A lot of people don’t go for regular smears and it’s so important to. I go every year but some of my friends rarely go which is not good. The event was great and a portion of the money from each jumper sold goes to the gynaecological cancer fund.



The women who run the Lady Garden campaign are so amazing and I’ve become great friends with them over the last year. My outfit was from a designer called Peggy Hartanto, my shoes were from Schuh and my choker was from Virginia Macaris collection.


I went to a gorgeous dinner in Chelsea last week, the dinner was to raise awareness for HIV. My friend Christopher Baldwin hosts the dinner twice a year and I always go to show him support. He was diagnosed with HIV and is now on a mission to stop the stigma surrounding it.

voguew4zI always think it’s so amazing when people can turn something so devastatingly life changing into something that can help others. The dinner was a lot of fun and I was sitting with my friends Bambi and Lauren. I wore a dress from H&M to the event.


Bum Lift!

I tried out a new beauty treatment this week and it was so funny. I got a bum facial from my friend Shane Cooper and it was really good. I even feel a little weird posting this pic but I do get a bit of cellulite on the back of my legs and bum and this treatment was great, you can’t see any only after one treatment.


The CACI Electro Cellulite Massager will give you instant lifting and contouring on the buttocks and shapes and tones up thighs. ECM will improve the appearance of cellulite and breaking down fatty deposits. The treatment stimulates circulation and a lymphatic drainage massage will help to flush toxins away leaving the skin looking smoother, lighter and brighter with a dimple free complexion. Book for a pre-holiday bikini blitz!

Gyms Kitchen UK

I decided that because I was going to film a travel show, I would do meal plans for ten days. I had been eating a little bit badly during August and my meal portions were slightly out of control! I had seen Gyms Kitchen UK on Instagram and I thought the food looked amazing and it would be an easy enough plan to follow to get me back to healthy eating. They deliver the food every two nights and separate it into what you eat for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks.


I chose a plan with 1750 calories and I was never hungry, there was so much food which goes to show that if you eat healthy you can eat a lot more. I have to be honest I did cheat a little bit, shhhhh don’t tell them! But I still saw a big difference in just ten days. What I loved most about the meal plan was that it started to make me eat much healthier and I got out of my bad habits. I am taking a week off the plan while I film my travel show but I think I’m going to do the meal plans for a week a month because I found them so good. It’s also very handy that you don’t have to make any of your own food, it’s just there and it’s no more expensive than what I would spend on my weekly shop. The meal plans start at £15 a day and they are delivered to your door and customised to you. If you want to check them out their website is www.gymskitchen.com


I decided to do a little video of how to tone up your arms this week as a lot of people are saying that is their problem area. Although full body work outs are my favourites you can concentrate on one area a little more than the others if you want to tone them up. Maya Saffronhan showed me this routine in Virgin Active and I love it…


12 x arm pull ups on the TRX
12 x press ups
12 x tricep raises
30 seconds on the battle ropes

Do four rounds of this.

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