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Hello America

Hi Readers,

Well all of my travelling is almost done for my new show. I had a busy couple of weeks in America before heading back to London for a couple of days. It was off to Zurich next fro the final day filming for my new series. I adore travelling but I’m so happy to have a full week in one country, I am over planes for a while!


I went to Chicago last week for work but we had a whole day off their which I was delighted with because I adore the city. I went there for a summer when I was 19 with loads of friends and we had a great time. I did my first bit of shopping while we were there, they have the best shops and I got loads of gorgeous new bits, Im now on a shopping ban until my birthday! I was there for work so the next day I met Alicia Kozakiewicz to talk about what happened to her as a young 13 year old girl. She’s 28 now but still bears the scars of the four days she was held captive in the home of a paedophile who groomed her over months on-line. Like all of her friends Alicia used chat rooms, mainly to talk to her own classmates outside of school. But then she started chatting to what she thought was another 13 year old boy who made her feel special. She chatted to him every day for 8 months until she finally decided to meet him. It’s a decision that almost cost Alicia her life. The ‘boy’ she’d been chatting to was in reality a 38 year old man who dragged her into his car and drove her five hours to his home in Virginia. She spent the next four days chained by the neck, she was raped beaten and tortured, most of this being broadcast to other paedophiles on the internet. It was one of those paedophiles who recognised Alicia from her missing poster and called the police from a payphone so as not to be traced. This ironically was how she was eventually found. There are hundreds of stories just like Alicia’s happening everyday all over the world. So many children being groomed online and then being abused by the people they thought were their friends. The internet is a dangerous place and I don’t think parents realise how bad it can really be.

New 3

New 6

New 9

New 5

New 7

New 2


I spent a couple of days in Zurich this weekend to film the last part for my new show. We went to Love Parade which is a big festival they have. The only thing different about this festival is that theres a place that you can get your drugs tested. They test peoples drugs to ensure that they are safe for them to take. Its a strange but also a grown up approach to a festival. Obviously it would be better if nobody took drugs at all but thats not going to happen so at least this way everyone can be safe. The festival itself was great fun and I didn’t notice much difference to this one as I do with any other festival. Everyone was enjoying themselves and certainly not everyone was on drugs, well not that I noticed anyway. We left the festival after filming at seven but had a great day filming and everyone was really nice and chatty to us. I wore a playsuit from Spotted on Celeb with my H and M bomber jacket that I definitely didn’t need because it was so hot in Zurich. I like Zurich but I don’t love it, its quite small so as a tourist there doesn’t seem like theres a million things to do!


New 10


New 8


I cant actually point out which of these products is my favourite but I adore Benefit brow products. I got a few new ones last week and Im obsessed.

New 1



While Im away I always train, I keep my training schedule the same as if I was at home. I was changing time zones quite a lot so I always find training helps me get out of the jet lag. I still feelslightly jet lagged this week and going to the gym is definitely helping me. I also bought new gym gear while I was away and that always makes training easier!



12 x weighted squats 12 x arm rows
12 x dead lifts
12 x tricep

10 x lunges on each side 20 x jumps
20 x ball slams

Thanks for reading my blog! I hope you all have a lovely week… Vx


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