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23 October


I loved reading all about Prince George’s christening

Hey everyone,

Hope you managed to catch the Sats’ in the Live Lounge on Radio One with Fearne Cotton on Tuesday morning. It was great to be back there and performing in the new studio. We sang an acoustic version of Disco Love and did a really fun mash-up of Drake’s Hold On We’re Going Home, TLC’s No Scrubs and Destiny’s Child Survivor all rolled into one.




We missed Frankie of course but she’s doing really well. It was just brilliant to see her the other day looking so well. I know people say that when you’re pregnant you have a glow but women often have one after giving birth as well. Frankie had that amazing aura that people give off when they’re really happy. I remember being on cloud nine after I had Aoife, I was totally elated and on a massive high. Rochelle’s post-pregnancy glow seems to have lasted ages. I think she looks fantastic, better than ever! Another mum who is looking amazing since giving birth is Kate Middleton. She must be very fit and healthy to ping back into shape like that.

A few days later after having Aoife I did have a comedown. My mother had warned me about it and said that it’s really common to feel a bit low a few days after giving birth. I think they call it the third or fourth day blues. It didn’t last long at all. While I was pregnant I felt a bit like a shell keeping Aoife safe from everything then once she’d arrived she wasn’t just mine anyone and she was out there in the world and exposed.




I like to keep up to date with the news and saw all about Prince George’s christening on Wednesday. I have really wonderful memories of Aoife’s christening. We’d been out in LA filming Chasing The Saturdays so had to wait until we got back which meant she was eight months old when she was christened which is a bit older than George and most babies. It was such a gorgeous day and I’ve got wonderful memories of it. The ceremony was conducted by the same priest that married Ben and I. I got to know him through my uncle Declan and he’s a good family friend so it was great to have someone so familiar doing it.

Chat to you all soon.

Love from Una xxx

07 August


Kate Middleton inspired my polo fashion choices!

Hi everyone,

Thanks for visiting my blog.

Ben and I went to the polo at Ascot on Sunday which was really good fun. We don’t get the chance to go out as a couple very often so it was lovely to have a trip out with just the two of us.




We had a brush with royalty too! Prince Harry was playing and scored a hat rick – very impressive! We had a fantastic view of the pitch so we got to catch all the action. I’d not really watched polo properly before – it’s a very fast paced game, loads going on and you’ve got to concentrate to keep up. There are four chukkas and little breaks in between to swap ponies but that’s about it. When your team scores a goal, your goal is then at the opposite end so there’s lots of galloping going on and quick changes – great fun to watch, I’ll definitely be going again.




There was a fantastic cocktail bar there too. I enjoyed a couple of lychee mojitos – they’re the perfect summer tipple!

I checked out the dress code for polo beforehand – and looked to Kate Middleton to check out polo fashion protocol! I wasn’t sure whether or not to wear a hat but as Kate doesn’t wear one when she goes to watch the polo, I knew it wasn’t the done thing.




My dress was a lovely floaty number that was perfect for the occasion because it was really comfortable and not too short – a really good daytime dress. I’d had it in my wardrobe for a while but hadn’t had the opportunity to wear it. It was by a label called Milly by Michelle Smith. Rochelle, Vanessa, Mollie, Frankie and I sat in the front row of the spring/summer 2013 show in New York last year and loved the designs. We were very kindly sent a couple of dresses each and it turns out I wore them both this weekend!

My polo dress was quite simple with just some monochrome stripe detailing so I had the perfect opportunity to use the bright orange bag that Ben had won for me the night before in a charity auction. We were at the gala dinner for the charity of which Ben is a patron, Niamh’s Next Step, on Saturday night and he bid for it for me. It’s a Michael Kors bag and I love it!




At the charity dinner on Saturday night I wore my other Milly dress which was more suited to an evening event. It was a peplum dress made from really soft silky cotton. The vibrant colours were great for a balmy summer’s night and the bright lemon yellow and violet print really set off my tan.

I wore Jimmy Choos on Saturday night and some Ted Baker heels on Sunday – I can’t handle towering heels but these worked for me just fine – and I accessorised with some glittering Swarovski jewels on both occasions.

I’d love to know what you thought of my outfits – I always read your comments and tweets and it’s always great to hear from fans.

Love from Una xxxx

31 July


Prince George and post-pregnancy dieting

Hello everyone,

Hope you’re having a great week. The Sats were shooting the video for the new single Disco Love last week which was lots of fun. I’ve got a couple of exclusive photos to share with you next time to give you a sneak peek of what’s in store.

Ben and I watched the live coverage of when Prince George was introduced to the world – we were really wrapped up in the whole thing and got quite excited! Of course we were over the moon for William and Kate, who are such a gorgeous couple, when we heard the happy news of the safe arrival of their little boy. It seems that people not just from the UK but from all over the world enjoyed hearing that they’d had a baby.




Being in the public eye I’ve come to expect people to disagree with me and my views and I accept that I will never please everyone. For example, a few people said that I’d turned my back on the Irish by getting excited about the birth of George. That really isn’t the case at all. I’m so proud to be Irish and i’m very patriotic but that doesn’t stop me from celebrating their baby being born – I think it was the same for lots of people worldwide.

I’m sure Kate and William are having a great time getting to know baby George. I didn’t feel under any pressure to ping back into shape when I had Aoife. It takes a few weeks for the body to get back to normal. Your tummy is still swollen because your uterus hasn’t contracted yet and there’s no amount of dieting that will change that. It’s a very natural process.

After I gave birth to my little girl, I wanted to get back into shape quite quickly but also safely and I think that would have been the same regardless of whether I was a member of the Saturdays. I actually followed a diet for about six weeks which involved having really freshly prepared food sent to me. It wasn’t a weight loss plan – it just involved lots of healthy, nourishing food that was perfect for me as a busy new mum. The food deliveries made mealtimes very convenient – they sent three meals a day and two snacks. It wasn’t a case of going hungry at all – I’m a big eater so it’s important to me to eat well and sensibly.




Like many women, my weight tends to fluctuate. Even since I was about 16 years old, I’ve weighed around eight and a half stone – sometimes three or four pounds more or less. I’m lucky in that that is my natural weight and I don’t have to diet to maintain it. Often if I’m very busy, my eating patterns slip and I tend to lose a few pounds – people tend to comment and it’s quite noticeable.

While I was on holiday, I put on about half a stone but I’m not too bothered about that. A holiday isn’t a holiday to me if I’m counting calories and worrying about my weight. Ben is watching what he eats at the moment because he’s started pre-season training so that suits me quite well because we’re both eating lots of protein and going easy on the carbs so I’ll lose those extra holiday pounds soon.

Thanks for reading – I’m really enjoying reading your comments on the blog and your tweets.

Speak to you soon.

Love from Una xxx

26 July


Aoife Belle’s first summer holiday photo album

Hi lovely readers,

Thanks for checking out my blog. I’ve got some really cute photos of Aoife on her first summer holiday in Portugal. It was the first time we’ve ever had a proper family holiday because it’s so tricky with our work schedules to find a couple of spare weeks that coincide!



The place we stayed, the Martinhal Beach Resort and Hotel, was perfect for us as a young family. Everyone there had children – from tiny tots to teenagers. When you think of family resorts you imagine lots of excitable, screaming children but it wasn’t like that at all – they made sure it was fun for the adults too! There’s a great creche there too if you need it.




There were three fine dining restaurants and because it’s right on the coast, the seafood was incredibly fresh. We splashed out on the most beautiful lobster on the first night – lobster is one of my favourites and it always feels like such a treat – so we kicked off our holiday in style!




We enjoyed lots of family meals and the hotel made sure kids were well looked after with a really yummy children’s and babies’ menu. There was also a play area right by the restaurant which was a really good idea.




Aoife’s Water Babies classes have really paid off. She’s got no fear at all when it comes to water and loves splashing about. She made lots of friends too with children her age and some older ones too. It was fun to see them all interacting and they really doted on her.




When Rochelle came over with Alaia there was such a contrast between her tiny sleeping baby daughter and my very active Aoife! They were both gorgeous though in their cute little swimming costumes in the sunshine.

But it’s back to work now. The Sats have got a few festivals coming up from now until autumn – the V Festival, Fusion Festival and the SD2 Festival – plus a few shows too.

Hope to see some of you there!

Enjoy your weekend.

Love Una xxx

24 July


Welcome to the world Prince George!

Hi everyone,

Ben and I are so thrilled for William and Kate’s new arrival. A little baby boy – welcome to the world Prince George! I hope they’re enjoying some downtime and peace to get to know their baby. Those first few days are so precious.

I’ve been dying to tell you about our amazing holiday in Portugal. We went a hotel called Martinhal Beach Hotel and Resort which is in Sagres, at the furthest south western point of the Algarve. As you can probably imagine it was absolutely gorgeous.




It’s really child-friendly – literally everyone there has children – but they’d done it really well and that didn’t ruin the magic of the place at all. You still felt like you were having a romantic, luxurious experience. I’d recommend it to anyone wanting for a family-friendly holiday while still feeling indulged and pampered. Of course you want to spend as much time as possible with your children while you’re on holiday but there’s a brilliant crèche if you need it.




We were there for about ten days and spent most of it chilling by the pool and on the beach. Ben and I did a spot of paddle boarding in the sea. The first time we did it I did really well but on the second occasion the currents had really picked up and the tide was going out quickly.




I’m a really strong swimmer but I just couldn’t get myself back into the shore – it was like taking one step forward and two steps back. It was a bit scary for a couple of minutes but I had a life jacket on so I was safe. Ben was great and started to tow me in and then the hotel speedboat came to our rescue!




Ben, Aoife and I saw Rochelle, Marvin and Alaia while we were out there too. They were on holiday in the Algarve too. They were in Quinta do Lago which was about an hour and a half from our hotel. The Algarve is a golfer’s paradise so Ben and Marvin were kept entertained!

Our husbands teamed up together and played against some of Marvin’s friends and they were very proud to win. While they were out on the golf course Rochelle and I had a girly catch up by the pool with Aoife and Alaia. Once the boys were back we went out for a really delicious dinner together.




We flew back to the UK and headed straight up to Cheshire to a wedding. It was one of Ben’s best friends who was tying the knot and Ben was best man. He made a great speech and it was a fantastic weekend.

It was good to be back to work on Monday. It’s always tough after a relaxing break but it’s always great to see the girls again and catch up. We’d all been away so there was lots of chatting to do and of course some work to crack on with as well.

I’ve got some more photos to share with you from our album ‘Aoife’s first summer holiday’ next time.

Speak soon.

Love from Una xxxxx

22 July


We’re so swept up in royal baby fever!

Hi everyone,

We’ve come back from our lovely holiday in Portugal to gorgeous sunny weather and royal baby fever!

We’re all so swept up in it and excitement is at an all-time high which is lovely to see. I keep checking the news to see if the little Prince or Princess is here yet – it’s like a relative having a baby!

I’ve got no real inkling as to whether it’s a boy or girl. In terms of names, I think they’ll go for something very traditional. Alexandra seems to be a favourite but I don’t think they’ll go for that. Maybe Victoria if it’s a girl. It’s got to be a name that’s in keeping with protocols.


Can’t wait to share more holiday photos with you all next time!


I met both William and Kate at Zara Phillips and Mike Tindall’s wedding in Edinburgh in 2011. They’d just got married so it was a really exciting time for them. They were great and they fitted in brilliantly, Zara is obviously very down to earth and they were just glad to be there and enjoying the celebrations. Charles and the Queen were there too – I was very star struck that day!

I’ve got lots of memories of my experience of childbirth. We made sure to get lots of photographs of the whole thing so that the memories will never fade. I think it’s a great way to document things. We did the same for our wedding.

I saw the amount of paparazzi camped out the Lindo Wing waiting to get that first picture of the baby. Obviously my experience was very mild compared to that but I do remember being followed around for a while before and after having Aoife.

The photographers hung around my house desperate to get that first photo. We live in a really rural community and my neighbours are all very protective so they were shooing them off if they tried to come up the drive. I eventually ventured out of the house after about two week to go for a walk with my mum and remember them being there.

If the baby’s born today he or she will share their birthday with Ben. I’m not a big believer in star signs because Ben is a Cancerian and I’m a Libra and apparently we’re not compatible at all!  I’m not a typical Libra at all but Ben fits the traits of his star sign a lot better than I do. They’re quite homely and nurturing and he definitely fits that.

The Sats have got a busy day back at work today, we’re getting prepared to shoot our next video later this week. It’s a really fun one with three outfit changes so we’ve got lots of fittings. I’ll be keeping an eye on the news to see when William and Kate’s baby arrives!

Can’t wait to show you all our holiday photos from Portugal.

Speak soon.

Love from Una xxxx

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