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16 January


Aoife has picked up an adorable Irish accent

Hi everyone

Hope you’re all well. My little girl Aoife Belle has just been chatting away to me in her new Irish accent – and it’s adorable! She picked it up while we were over in Ireland at New Year. It’s amazing how quickly young children can pick an accent up. She’s taken to calling me ‘Mammy’ rather than ‘Mummy’ now – I think she must’ve heard me saying it to my mother. She tried saying ‘Granny’ a lot while we were over there but that comes out as ‘Danny’ at the moment which is really cute.




While we were in Ireland my TV show Una’s Dream Ticket was on. I got a real kick out of seeing kids live their dreams and I watched a few of them back. I was really happy with how my solo presenting went but the most satisfying part of it all was seeing the smiles on their faces when their dreams came true.

Aoife saw me on the screen a couple of times but it was difficult to tear her away from her new presents – she couldn’t be separated from her new colouring book for days! She was so spoilt this Christmas – especially by my sister who bought her a huge hamper of presents. Aoife woke up to find that Father Christmas (or Santy as we call him in Ireland) had delivered her presents at the end of her cot – she was beside herself with excitement!

Speak soon

Una xxx

12 December


My mum is my number one fan

Hey everyone,

Who’s feeling Christmassy? I definitely am! I’ve almost finished my Christmas shopping, I’ve got just a couple more bits to get which I’m hoping I can do at the airport when the Sats fly up to Glasgow for a gig at the weekend.




It was so lovely to have Frankie back with us to perform the Top of the Pops Christmas special. I chose a eye-popping pink dress for that, quite a fun and festive look. We also all got together to perform on Strictly last weekend. We went for a sophisticated black and gold look. I really loved the black Hervé Léger bandage dress I wore for that.




You’ll be seeing a lot of the Saturdays on TV on Christmas day – in Ireland you’ll be able to watch the first of the Una’s Dream Ticket series, Rochelle will be performing on the Strictly Christmas special and the five of us will be on TOTP.


photo 4


I’m not really one for watching myself on TV – I’ve already done the filming and I’m happy with how it went so that’s enough for me. I’m spending Christmas with Ben’s family and some of our friends so if they want to watch it then I won’t stop them. I know my mother will definitely be tuning in – she always does, she’s my number one fan!

Speak to you all soon.

Love from Una xxxx


20 November


Frankie’s taken to motherhood like a duck to water

Hi everyone

All five of us Saturdays met up on Wednesday morning for a band meeting. We do it every few weeks do go through our diaries together. We’ve been putting together plans for next year. It will be so nice to have all five of us back together again. We’re putting some great plans in place for our tour and future singles for next year.

Frankie brought baby Parker along which was such a treat. I arrived there first so scooped him up and gave him a bottle. He’s just so cute, he really is. He’s a contented little baby – babies remind me of that track ‘Eat, sleep, rave, repeat’ except it’s ‘Eat, sleep, poo, repeat’ for them. Frankie has taken to motherhood like a duck to water. She’s looking really well and is very happy.




Frankie is very confident in being a mum. She hasn’t really asked Rochelle or I for advice but she knows we’d be there if we needed her. The truth is that I feel a little bit out of touch with small babies now. As children grow you can easily forget what it’s like when they’re really young being bottle-fed or breast-fed.




I flew off to Ireland on Monday to promote my TV show Una’s Dream Ticket but I’m around for the rest of this week for family time.

I’m doing a live Twitter Q&A for HELLO! readers on Thursday 21 November at 4:30pm. Tweet @hellomag your questions using the hashtag #HELLOUna and I’ll do my best to answer as many as possible.

Speak soon

With love, Una xxxx

24 September


The children I met on Una’s Dream Ticket were inspirational

Hi everyone,

Hope you had a great weekend. I’m writing this blog on my first day off in two weeks! The Sats had an exciting couple of weeks, but it was very intense. At the beginning of it I felt a bit overwhelmed about how busy it was going to be, but of course we ended up having a great time.

I finished filming my TV show Una’s Dream Ticket last week. I’m really looking forward to the show coming out. Presenting solo is something totally new to me and it was a very enjoyable experience.




The children I interviewed and met were a real highlight of the experience.

They were all so lovely and inspirational and it was wonderful to listen to their dreams – I really fed off of their amazing energy

The Sats joined me for a day and we recorded some performances so you’ll get to see some of Vanessa, Mollie and Rochelle in the show too.

On the second day of filming, a group of around 100 girls from my hometown Thurle showed up and it was incredible to meet them. They were all very excited and they’d made some really lovely banners. Their support meant a lot to me.




Last year I did a show called School Around the Corner where I went back to my old school and saw all my old teachers as well as the current students. It’s important to me to keep in touch with my roots. I’ve got a school friends coming over in November to visit and I love to go back when I can and see everyone Actually it was a real pity because on Saturday there was a huge reunion in my school and I missed it – but I can’t complain because I was performing with the girls on Stepping Out.

I’ve got really happy memories of my school days. Back then I thought my subjects were really boring – I’d love to go back and study history again, I’d find that fascinating now. I loved home economics, music and art. I was quite outgoing at school and we made our own fun so it never got boring.




I was quite involved in the drama and music side of things at school and I remember having a great time playing the Duchess in the musical Me and My Girl. Although I didn’t learn guitar at school, I played it there a lot in music classes, on open days and in my exams as well as in other people’s exams to help them out too.

I’ve got a few photos from Stepping Out to share with you in my next post so keep your peepers peeled!

Love from Una xxx

19 September


Filming my new TV show, missing my little girl and buying gifts for Frankie’s baby boy

Hi everyone,

Thanks for reading my blog – hope you’re enjoying it.

I’m writing this post on my way back from Ireland this week. It’s so great to be working over here. I’ve been filming for my new TV show Una’s Dream Ticket. I’m presenting the show which grants under 16s their dreams and wishes so it’s a really warm, light-hearted programme and I’m loving the experience. On Monday I had a day of back to back interviews with some of the lovely contestants. They’ve been telling me about their dreams – people they want to meet or jobs they’d love to do – and they have been really sweet. It’s an RTE production so it’s only going to air in Ireland and it’ll go out towards the end of this year.




I’m really missing my little girl Aoife this week. It’s the first time that both Ben and I have been away from her for a few days and we’re both suffering, as well as missing each other. But we know she’s being very well looked after by Ben’s parents in Cheshire and is having an amazing time. We’re checking up on her all the time and her grandmother has been telling me how she’s loving their cats and dogs and spending time with her cousins. Hopefully she’ll be calling for her Mama in a couple of days – it’s funny how you really want your children to miss you. Ben is going to pick her up today so that she’s there when I get home. I can’t bear to be apart from her for too long so I’ll be taking her with me to the Sats’ rehearsals at the end of the week.

The Sats flew over to Ireland for a couple of days because to film a performance for the show and it’s been great having them here. We’re missing Frankie of course – I saw her last week and she said she was getting a bit bored which is unsurprising given how busy life usually is as a member of the Saturdays. I told her that once her little baby boy arrives she will never, ever say those words ever again and she was happy to hear that! She’s due next month and we’re all very excited about her new arrival. It feels like Frankie’s had a bump forever so it’ll just be wonderful to meet him and I can’t wait for Aoife to meet him either. I’ve already bought a couple of baby gifts and want to get a few more bits once he’s born. It’s best not to get too many newborn outfits because they outgrow them so quickly. I want to get him some clothes for when he’s around six months old and some toys that I think he might have fun with.

I can’t believe how cold it has got recently. It’s a real shock to the system and I’ve gone from summery dresses back to tights overnight. Although I love the sunshine, there are definite advantages to the colder months like if you haven’t got time to fake tan or, dare I say it, shave your legs!

I bought an amazing Reiss coat in the sales at the end of last season that I can’t wait to start wearing. It’s a sheepskin coat and although it was a real splurge, it’s a classic investment piece that I’ll have forever. It looks so cosy and I think it’ll be really versatile too – so expect to see me wearing that a lot this winter. I’m also looking forward to digging out my favourite studded Chloe ankle boots. When it gets really cold I’ll be popping my Uggs on. I know they’re not so fashionable anymore but they just can’t be beaten for toasty feet in the winter. Aoife’s winter-ready too – I’ve got her a pair of dinky red wellies so she can splash in puddles to her heart’s content!

I can’t wait to tell you more about the Sats’ rehearsals which are taking place tomorrow… very exciting!

Speak soon.

With love, Una xxxx

18 September


I loved doing TV appearances for Club Penguin’s online safety campaign

Hey everyone,

I’m over in Ireland this week filming for my new TV show Una’s Dream Ticket – I’ll tell you more about that next time.

Last week I was on Daybreak and Sky News promoting Club Penguin’s online safety campaign. It’s called ‘It Starts With You’ and the idea is to get parents more involved in knowing what their kids are up to online, getting familiar with the new lingo that they’re using and encouraging children to treat each other with respect.




I’m really glad to be an ambassador for the campaign because it’s fun as well as educational. It struck a chord with me too of course knowing that my daughter Aoife will be going online in a few years’ time. The Sats’ fan base is also quite young and very active online so I hope the campaign encourages them to use the Internet safely too.

I really hope that it’s a message that we can take forward in the future because the internet is such a fundamental part of our lives now. There are an awful lot of horror stories out there about the Internet but it shouldn’t be a scary place. The campaign wants to put a really positive spin on the opportunities that there are online and enable us to benefit from those as much as possible.




Club Penguin is the perfect training ground for introducing your children to the Internet. They’ve got human moderators on there who filter anything inappropriate or negative so you have the peace of mind that your kids are interacting in a safe, positive environment.

I loved doing the TV appearances. I’m so lucky in this job that I can get involved in campaigns like this. It’s great to feel like I could be making a real difference and inspiring people.

I’m really passionate about this campaign so speaking about it came very naturally to me. I often appear on TV with the girls but not so much on my own – it does make the experience slightly more nerve-wracking but it’s important to have the confidence to stand on your own two feet and speak up for what you believe in too.




I went for quite a sophisticated look for my TV appearances – they were both high street mixes of Dune shoes, Topshop and River Island. I wore my hair loose and wavy – it’s a style I really like in the daytime.

Speak to you soon.

With love from Ireland, Una xxxx

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