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05 June


My photos from behind the scenes at the Glamour awards

una-glamour-awards-3-buna-glamour-awards-2-bHi everyone,

You might have heard the news… The Sats scooped the award for Best Band at the Glamour Awards last night! It was such an honour to be there and we were all thrilled with the award.

I wore a full-length sequined dress by Amen Couture – you’ve got to go all out for the Glamour awards – the event is very true to its name!


We spent hours getting ready and were very ably assisted by our wonderful ‘glam squad’, Nick and Celena, doing hair and makeup and our stylist Frank.

There were tonnes of celebrities and amazing women there. We bumped into Stooshe at the party and had our photo taken with them.

What did you think of our outfits?

Speak soon!

Una xxx

30 April


A sunny Scottish wedding

Hi everyone,

Hope your week has got off to a good start. I’m writing this on my way home after a few days away at a wedding in Scotland and working with the Sats in my native Ireland.

People often ask me what a typical week is – but I can never find an answer to that! Last week, I was in three different countries within the space of three days. On Friday I travelled to Scotland with my mum and sister for my cousin’s weddings. Anne-Marie is one of my best friends. We grew up together so we’re very close and I wouldn’t have missed her special day for the world. She got married in a charming, remote village called Banff and luckily the weather was perfect! She looked absolutely beautiful just as I knew she would.




I wore an Amy Childs dress for the wedding. I didn’t wear a fascinator but had my hair up and wore French Connection shoes and carried a Kate Spade bag. I love to wear a mix of designer and high street clothes. I always make sure I wear good shoes though.

Sadly Ben and Aoife couldn’t be there. Ben was on a stag do in Berlin and had some training to do. I helped him with his stag costume, they all had to dress up as WWF wrestlers and he was the ‘Heartbreak Kid’. We got really creative with the fancy dress online shopping and he ended up with hair extensions. He sent me pics and they all looked hilarious.

I’m so excited about seeing Aoife and Ben when I get home. Three days is a long time to be away and although I try to take Aoife with me as much as possible, sometimes it’s just too difficult to take her to work as any working mum will tell you.

The wedding was on Saturday and I caught a flight to Ireland early on Sunday morning. The Sats had a great time over there performing on The Voice of Ireland and doing various other things. It was a real whirlwind visit and we had a really tight schedule. I’m looking forward to telling you more about that next time.

Thanks for reading!

Love Una xx

26 April


My summer style and dressing up with the Sats

Hi everyone,

Hope you’re all okay and looking forward to the weekend.

I’m loving this gorgeous sunny weather we’ve been having. I much prefer dressing for warm weather than cold weather. I’ve ditched my jacket and wore a patterned jumpsuit and sandals today which might have been a bit premature — I’ll soon find out!

When I’m with the Saturdays I dress slightly differently to how I would if it’s just me going about my everyday life. We try to look like we’re part of the same group when we’re together because it’s part of our look. We’ve got a stylist Frank Strachan and he styles us as a group. Our own personal tastes come into it too though. I think I’m a lot more girly and I tend to wear more high heels and dresses when I’m with the band.


I don’t feel much pressure to doll myself up when I’m not with the Sats. When we were in LA, there were a lot more paparazzi around so we felt a bit more pressure. When I’m in the UK though, I don’t often come across them. Ben, Aoife and I live out in the countryside and luckily there aren’t many paparazzi there!

When we’re out as a band we’ve come to expect it though. In LA there was one particular photographer that followed us around LA constantly, I don’t know how he didn’t get bored! But there was nothing we could do to stop him and he was quite harmless.

When you see the Saturdays’ style in everyday life, that’s our own business and there are no stylists involved. My own style is quite laid back, a bit of a mix between boho and rocky. I’m most comfortable in a leather jacket and skinny jeans.

I’ll be back blogging again on Monday!

Love Una xx

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