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04 March


Aoife has started getting into fancy dress…

Hi everyone,


Hope you are well and enjoying the few bursts of lovely weather!


Last week I went for lunch with Anna and Pollyanna, who were also on Splash. We’ve become good friends which is really nice, we’ll definitely meet up again. The restaurant was American-style, and the cocktails were amazing. I love going for food – it’s nice to chat over dinner and properly catch up.


I love Fashion Week, but I didn’t get a chance to go to any shows this season as we were working. I always love Julien Macdonald’s shows, they’re always amazing – we went last year and it was so much fun. I love his clothes, and wear a lot of his stuff. He does beautiful dresses.


Burberry is another label I love – I think their clothes are a great staple to have in your wardrobe. Their coats are so beautiful and timeless, you just can’t go wrong with a good Burberry coat. I have a duffel-type one from there which is so cosy, and I also have a slightly more fitted coat when I want to be a bit more dressed up.


For shoes, I love that French, edgy kind of look. Saint Laurent does amazing boots, I actually just bought a pair from there the other day. Isabel Marant is really cool as well, the shoes are amazing.


When I buy clothes for Aoife, I usually go to Monsoon. I’ve been buying her clothes there since she was born – Monsoon Baby caters for all ages from 0-12, I think they’re brilliant. There’s so many colours, Aoife loves her dresses from there. I also dress her in a lot of Baby Boden, I think the clothes they do are adorable.




She’s started getting into fancy dress now – she’s at the stage where she wants to be a fairy, or a princess. She loves Disney’s Sofia the First, but she’s also got a little Minnie Mouse outfit I’ll definitely be dressing her up in! I’d love to take her to Disneyland, I think she’d love it – her first birthday was Disney themed.


Speak soon,

Love from Una xxx

13 February


I remember my worst haircut ever…

Hi everyone,


Hope you are having a lovely week, despite the grey and rainy weather!


Ben and I took Aoife to a sing-a-long of Disney’s Frozen a few days ago. The atmosphere was great as all the kids sang along. Even the adults joined in – I think they might have been even more into it than the children!


Aoife enjoyed it for about 10 minutes, then decided to get up from her seat and run around. It was the first time we had ever taken her to the cinema, but I’ve realised now she’s still a bit too young. I was a bit disappointed we had to leave early as the film looked really good, so Ben and I are going to go and see it if we can.


I really love the new hairstyle Amanda Holden debuted at Britain’s Got Talent, it looks great. I like to leave my hair down generally, although I like a chic updo for the red carpet. When I’m around the house, I prefer a messy bun – it’s so easy to do and it keeps my hair out of my face.


I remember at the beginning of the Saturdays, I had my worst haircut ever. The hairdresser at the time convinced me to cut a fringe in, and I hated it! I tried to hide it by parting it in the centre, but that only made it worse because then it looked like I had curtains. It was awful. So for our very first music video, If This is Love, I had dead straight hair with curtains. Luckily nowadays I can laugh about it, but I definitely won’t be repeating that style again.


I love to use Kérastase products in my hair, as my locks go through a lot of stress. I leave their products in my hair overnight, about once a week, and I also use their shampoo. It’s great because my hair is coloured, so it helps lock in the shine.


When I was younger, I dyed my hair all the time. I’ve been blonde, dark brown, black. I’ve even had blonde highlights, but they were hard to maintain because my natural hair colour is mahogany brown, so they needed a lot of upkeep. I love the colour I have now, it’s becoming my signature look.


Aoife’s hair is amazingly silky and thick. I play with it all the time, doing different styles such as pigtails, buns and ponytails. I have to put her in front of the television to get her to sit still though, otherwise she gets distracted starts moving around a lot.


Speak soon,
Love from Una xxx

14 October


I’m keeping Aoife’s old clothes safe in the attic in case Ben and I have another girl one day

Hi everyone,

Hope you all had a great weekend.

The weather’s really turned now hasn’t it? I can’t wait to bring out my sheepskin coat for when the days get colder. It’s my winter staple. I’ve been packing up Aoife’s summer clothes in the attic, so if in the future Ben and I have another little girl she can wear them. It’s amazing how quickly Aoife grows — I’ve had to buy clothes for her every six months. At the beginning babies grow like mushrooms don’t they? But at the moment she’s in between the 18 and 24 months stage. I previewed the new Boden collection as I’m a big fan and I love dressing Aoife up in baby Boden. I’m on the hunt for a little leather jacket for her — I love leather jackets!




I’m also really into my midi rings at the moment. I’m wearing one right now and you can get them everywhere. The Saturdays are all loving a statement necklace too — they seem to be massive.




The past week was so busy promoting Disco Love and performing at G.A.Y. on the weekend. A few of our acoustic versions of the songs are featuring on YouTube so be sure to check them out and let us know what you think. I love it when I get to bring out my guitar. We’ve worked out some really great vocal arrangements and it’s just a really nice way of mixing it up a bit.




We had a little jamming session with Shaggy at the Google Hangouts. It was completely impromptu but we got great response on YouTube. He sang a bit over What About Us. He’s such a legend, isn’t he, and now we can say we’ve sort of collaborated with him. We’ve been so lucky in the past with our collaborations, performing with some great acts like Sean Paul and Flo Rida. It would be amazing to work with Justin Timberlake too – we always say that.




I haven’t been watching all of X Factor but I did get to meet some of Nicole Scherzinger’s girls at the ITV studios when we were there. We spoke to them for a bit and they were all really nice. The Girls’ category is very strong this year and the contestants are all very different. Ben likes to give a running commentary during the show. He was really sad to see Joseph Whelan go and was tweeting about him a lot.

Speak soon.

Love Una xxx

10 October


Ben treated me to a stunning pair of Jimmy Choos for my birthday

Hey lovely readers,

Hope you’re all having a great week.

Firstly, I just want to say a massive thank you for all the wonderful birthday wishes! They really made me smile. I’m just relaxing today with Ben and Aoife, after my very busy week with the girls promoting Disco Love.

Ben and I had a great time celebrating yesterday. We had an amazing dinner at STK and went to the theatre to watch The Book of Mormon. I was really excited to go and have a few days off. Ben got me a lovely pair of Jimmy Choos. He usually asks me to pick something out so I can’t wait to wear them.


una and ben seats


Birthdays are quite a big deal for The Saturdays! We try and celebrate whenever we can. This time last year we were all in Los Angeles and we went to a nice little restaurant with a bar on the side, and Ben was over too because he’d injured himself. This year’s been more quiet and relaxing, but we’re performing at G.A.Y. on the weekend so I think I’ll be carrying on with the celebrations with the girls after.

The week’s been crazy with our performances on TV shows. We’ve done Surprise Surprise, Daybreak, MTV — lots of moving around. It means a lot of early starts and pick-ups at 4am, but we’ve had such a fun time!




We had a lovely evening out at the Pride of Britain Awards. Every story was so emotional and touching. We were sat on a table with this little boy who had lost his limbs — his story was so inspirational. There was also another boy who we presented an award to — Bailie Kershaw. He had saved his dad’s life by performing CPR, with the doctors instructing him over the phone. He had to do it for six minutes until the ambulance arrived. He literally saved his dad’s life and he’s only 12 as well! There wasn’t a dry eye in the house. Some of the stories are so sad but there’s always the bright side of it too, and you see the amazing courage that people have.




Thank you all so much for supporting Disco Love. We’re very, very pleased with it and we’ve had some great feedback from people saying it’s their favourite song, and really catchy.

Caroline Flack was at our Sunday Brunch performance and she said it was her favourite one! So if you haven’t downloaded it already, please do!

Hope you enjoy the rest of the week.

Speak soon.

Love Una xxx


18 September


I loved doing TV appearances for Club Penguin’s online safety campaign

Hey everyone,

I’m over in Ireland this week filming for my new TV show Una’s Dream Ticket – I’ll tell you more about that next time.

Last week I was on Daybreak and Sky News promoting Club Penguin’s online safety campaign. It’s called ‘It Starts With You’ and the idea is to get parents more involved in knowing what their kids are up to online, getting familiar with the new lingo that they’re using and encouraging children to treat each other with respect.




I’m really glad to be an ambassador for the campaign because it’s fun as well as educational. It struck a chord with me too of course knowing that my daughter Aoife will be going online in a few years’ time. The Sats’ fan base is also quite young and very active online so I hope the campaign encourages them to use the Internet safely too.

I really hope that it’s a message that we can take forward in the future because the internet is such a fundamental part of our lives now. There are an awful lot of horror stories out there about the Internet but it shouldn’t be a scary place. The campaign wants to put a really positive spin on the opportunities that there are online and enable us to benefit from those as much as possible.




Club Penguin is the perfect training ground for introducing your children to the Internet. They’ve got human moderators on there who filter anything inappropriate or negative so you have the peace of mind that your kids are interacting in a safe, positive environment.

I loved doing the TV appearances. I’m so lucky in this job that I can get involved in campaigns like this. It’s great to feel like I could be making a real difference and inspiring people.

I’m really passionate about this campaign so speaking about it came very naturally to me. I often appear on TV with the girls but not so much on my own – it does make the experience slightly more nerve-wracking but it’s important to have the confidence to stand on your own two feet and speak up for what you believe in too.




I went for quite a sophisticated look for my TV appearances – they were both high street mixes of Dune shoes, Topshop and River Island. I wore my hair loose and wavy – it’s a style I really like in the daytime.

Speak to you soon.

With love from Ireland, Una xxxx

21 August


Getting ready with the Sats at V

Hi everyone,

Thanks for reading my blog, I hope you’re enjoying it. Lots of fans were asking about our V Festival outfits and hair and make-up so I thought I’d tell you about my festival look.



It takes us a while to get glammed up before we go on stage – probably a couple of hours in total. In terms of our outfits, we really wanted to go for something bright and colourful given that V is a summer festival. My fringed skirt was so much fun to wear – it was handmade and it was inspired by a Kenzo skirt that I’d worn previously. My boots were from Dune. Our outfits were designed by our stylist and there were a few bits of high street stuff in there from Topshop and Missguided.

Our stylist Frank Strachan has an idea of what he’d like us to look like and we try out a few different combinations before deciding what to wear. He knows us well now and knows what we like and don’t like.



I felt that because we were at a festival, I could be a bit experimental so I went for something a bit different with my hair. I had one plait on the side on Saturday and then I had two plaits with a quiff in the middle yesterday. I didn’t do anything too crazy with my makeup, I kept it pretty simple and let the outfit and my hair do the talking.

When we’re performing we like to have extensions in because they give your hair lots more body and length which means it’s fun to swish around. It saves your own hair too. Nick, our hairdresser, uses a lot of heat in our hair to style it so it’s better to put that through the extensions and not sacrifice your own!


I tend to go easy on the jewellery for performances because we’re moving around a lot. I steer clear of necklaces but make up for it with some bangles and big earrings which are a lot more practical when you’re on stage.

While I was backstage and in the Louder Lounge, I wore Guess outfits on both days – a playsuit on Saturday and a dress on Sunday. I teamed my playsuit with a red leather jacket from Oasis and a pair of Steve Maden boots and I wore the dress with Isabel Marant boots.

Did any of you see us at V? Hope you enjoyed the show.

Speak soon.

Love Una xxx

17 August


My festival fashion and beauty essentials

Hi everyone,

The Saturdays are performing at the V Festival today and tomorrow – very exciting! We travelled up here last night and stayed in a hotel and there are just a few hours to go until we open the main stage!

Despite having performing at lots of festivals, I have to admit I’ve never properly camped at one. I slept in my car at Oxygen festival a few years ago – that’s an experience I never want to repeat! I’d love to go to one but now that I’m a Saturday, I don’t think it’d be the same experience. I think it’d be hard to stay incognito which might ruin it a bit.

Here are a couple of photos from the Sats’ performances at V in 2009 and 2011.





The weather forecast isn’t looking too bad so there might not be any need for wellies. But whether it’s muddy or not, I think wellies are a good bet for a festival plus they can look pretty cool too with a little dress or pair of denim shorts.




My favourite festival fashion accessories are those dainty floral hair garlands – they’re absolutely gorgeous. I wore one backstage at the Hyde Park concert we did and thought it was the perfect boho chic summery touch.




These are my recommendations for what to pack in terms of beauty products for a festival. Obviously you’re not going to spend hours doing your makeup but there are a few key items that will keep you feeling fresh and looking good!




Sun cream – an absolute must! You’re so exposed when you’re at a festival and even if it’s not roasting hot, it’s still very easy to get burnt – which would make sleeping in a tent a more uncomfortable experience than it needs to be! I recommend Garnier Ambre Solaire sun cream. I used it while I was on holiday in Portugal and loved it. I stick to higher factors these days and make a big effort to keep my face out of the sun.

Face wipes – don’t leave for the festival without them. My favourite brand is Simple. I find them really soothing on my skin but they’re still tough enough to remove eye makeup etc.

BB cream – this multitasking, heaven-sent product is a great idea for a festival. It really perks you up which is just what you need if you’re planning to spend a couple of days partying in a field. I used the Garnier Perfect Blur one on my holidays too but most brands do them so try a couple out to find out which ones works for you best.

Dry shampoo – Batiste is a really popular brand and it’s always worked really well for me. I love the tropical one – it smells like summer!

Lip balm – easily forgotten but very important. I’d take a trusty Chap Stick to keep my lips soft – a pot probably isn’t very hygienic for muddy fingers!

I’ll be sharing lots of photos from backstage at the festival so look out for my blog next week.

Love from Una xxx

09 August


The maxi dress: my summer fashion staple

Hello everyone,

Welcome to my blog. I wanted to share one of my summer fashion favourites with you today: the maxi dress!

There is so much to love about maxi dresses and that’s why they’re often my ‘go to’ outfit. They’re incredibly easy to wear and a really good day to night choice too.

They suit all shapes and sizes and while they do keep you quite covered up, they can be really sexy too.




The more casual ones are great for daytime wear but my favourites are the more dressy styles. I’m 5’7″ so I think I can get away with not wearing heels with them which suits me perfectly as I do struggle with heels!

You can really go to town with accessories with a maxi dress too – I always go for lots of bangles.

I love internet shopping – it’s very rare that I’ll actually go into a shop these days – it’s so convenient to click away at home. ASOS is my absolute favourite. I love the way they’ve got so many brands. Although it takes a while to trawl through their stuff, it’s like having lots of different shops under one roof and that suits me perfectly.




Of course my wedding dress is my favourite of all time but in terms of red carpet dresses, I really loved the ones I’ve worn to the Glamour Awards. This year it was a full-length sequined dress by Amen Couture and the year before I wore a strapless red floor length gown that I thought was really fun – a little bit Jessica Rabbit! Dressing for the red carpet is a dream come true. Our stylist gets sent rails of clothes from different designers and we borrow them for the night – it can be quite hard to give them back sometimes!

I wore this floral maxi number to a wedding with Ben recently – maxi dresses are great for taking you from day to night too.




Can’t wait to share more of my fashion favourites and tips with you!

Have a great weekend,

Love from Una xxx

07 August


Kate Middleton inspired my polo fashion choices!

Hi everyone,

Thanks for visiting my blog.

Ben and I went to the polo at Ascot on Sunday which was really good fun. We don’t get the chance to go out as a couple very often so it was lovely to have a trip out with just the two of us.




We had a brush with royalty too! Prince Harry was playing and scored a hat rick – very impressive! We had a fantastic view of the pitch so we got to catch all the action. I’d not really watched polo properly before – it’s a very fast paced game, loads going on and you’ve got to concentrate to keep up. There are four chukkas and little breaks in between to swap ponies but that’s about it. When your team scores a goal, your goal is then at the opposite end so there’s lots of galloping going on and quick changes – great fun to watch, I’ll definitely be going again.




There was a fantastic cocktail bar there too. I enjoyed a couple of lychee mojitos – they’re the perfect summer tipple!

I checked out the dress code for polo beforehand – and looked to Kate Middleton to check out polo fashion protocol! I wasn’t sure whether or not to wear a hat but as Kate doesn’t wear one when she goes to watch the polo, I knew it wasn’t the done thing.




My dress was a lovely floaty number that was perfect for the occasion because it was really comfortable and not too short – a really good daytime dress. I’d had it in my wardrobe for a while but hadn’t had the opportunity to wear it. It was by a label called Milly by Michelle Smith. Rochelle, Vanessa, Mollie, Frankie and I sat in the front row of the spring/summer 2013 show in New York last year and loved the designs. We were very kindly sent a couple of dresses each and it turns out I wore them both this weekend!

My polo dress was quite simple with just some monochrome stripe detailing so I had the perfect opportunity to use the bright orange bag that Ben had won for me the night before in a charity auction. We were at the gala dinner for the charity of which Ben is a patron, Niamh’s Next Step, on Saturday night and he bid for it for me. It’s a Michael Kors bag and I love it!




At the charity dinner on Saturday night I wore my other Milly dress which was more suited to an evening event. It was a peplum dress made from really soft silky cotton. The vibrant colours were great for a balmy summer’s night and the bright lemon yellow and violet print really set off my tan.

I wore Jimmy Choos on Saturday night and some Ted Baker heels on Sunday – I can’t handle towering heels but these worked for me just fine – and I accessorised with some glittering Swarovski jewels on both occasions.

I’d love to know what you thought of my outfits – I always read your comments and tweets and it’s always great to hear from fans.

Love from Una xxxx

12 June


My little trendsetter, Aoife Belle

Hi everyone,

I’m having a great time at home in Ireland. It’s the first time I’ve been back to my hometown since Christmas and it’s my first holiday since then so it’s great to relax for a bit.

I’m here with Aoife who is of course really used to travelling because she was out in LA with me when we were filming for Chasing The Sats. I hadn’t flown with her since she was a really little baby though so it was a different experience. I had Mickey Mouse at the ready – she’s so into Disney at the moment – and we arrived fine.



Aoife hiding in the bookshelf


Travelling with a little one means you have a whole lot more stuff to take. I had visions of flying with just hand luggage but realised that was totally unrealistic and ended up with a massive suitcase, a buggy, a nappy bag plus hand luggage!

Aoife’s had a busy schedule of late. She came along with us to our gig at the Newmarket races. She always comes backstage while we’re getting ready. You have lots of time set aside to get ready so there can be lots of hanging around and Aoife provides the entertainment. Our nanny Ruth said that she was bobbing along at first during the gig but she fell asleep halfway through! She has little headphones to protect her ears and they must do a good job if she managed to nod off.



Wearing a lovely Ralph Lauren trench coat from her Auntie Frankie


Aoife recognises me now on TV but she is still too young to get what her mummy is doing. I’m looking forward to talking to her about what I’m doing. As long as she can come along with us from time to time I’m happy. I can’t always combine family and work but it’s great when I can.

I’ve had a couple of comments on Twitter that Aoife Belle has been hairstyle trend setting – a mum sent me a picture of her little girl with her hair with bows in and said ‘my daughter’s got an Aoife do’! It really made me laugh. She’s got a great head of hair – that comes from Ben’s side of the family, his sisters have got the most gorgeous, thick hair.



Apparently Aoife is setting trends with her bows!


I like dressing Aoife in quite traditional clothes – the kind of things I probably would have worn when I was younger. Baby Boden is great for that kind of thing. She’s got a couple of cute ponchos from Baby Monsoon too and they’re great for this kind of unpredictable weather.

Can’t wait to tell you more about my trip to Ireland.

Thanks for reading.

Love Una xxxx


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