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21 August


Getting ready with the Sats at V

Hi everyone,

Thanks for reading my blog, I hope you’re enjoying it. Lots of fans were asking about our V Festival outfits and hair and make-up so I thought I’d tell you about my festival look.



It takes us a while to get glammed up before we go on stage – probably a couple of hours in total. In terms of our outfits, we really wanted to go for something bright and colourful given that V is a summer festival. My fringed skirt was so much fun to wear – it was handmade and it was inspired by a Kenzo skirt that I’d worn previously. My boots were from Dune. Our outfits were designed by our stylist and there were a few bits of high street stuff in there from Topshop and Missguided.

Our stylist Frank Strachan has an idea of what he’d like us to look like and we try out a few different combinations before deciding what to wear. He knows us well now and knows what we like and don’t like.



I felt that because we were at a festival, I could be a bit experimental so I went for something a bit different with my hair. I had one plait on the side on Saturday and then I had two plaits with a quiff in the middle yesterday. I didn’t do anything too crazy with my makeup, I kept it pretty simple and let the outfit and my hair do the talking.

When we’re performing we like to have extensions in because they give your hair lots more body and length which means it’s fun to swish around. It saves your own hair too. Nick, our hairdresser, uses a lot of heat in our hair to style it so it’s better to put that through the extensions and not sacrifice your own!


I tend to go easy on the jewellery for performances because we’re moving around a lot. I steer clear of necklaces but make up for it with some bangles and big earrings which are a lot more practical when you’re on stage.

While I was backstage and in the Louder Lounge, I wore Guess outfits on both days – a playsuit on Saturday and a dress on Sunday. I teamed my playsuit with a red leather jacket from Oasis and a pair of Steve Maden boots and I wore the dress with Isabel Marant boots.

Did any of you see us at V? Hope you enjoyed the show.

Speak soon.

Love Una xxx

17 August


My festival fashion and beauty essentials

Hi everyone,

The Saturdays are performing at the V Festival today and tomorrow – very exciting! We travelled up here last night and stayed in a hotel and there are just a few hours to go until we open the main stage!

Despite having performing at lots of festivals, I have to admit I’ve never properly camped at one. I slept in my car at Oxygen festival a few years ago – that’s an experience I never want to repeat! I’d love to go to one but now that I’m a Saturday, I don’t think it’d be the same experience. I think it’d be hard to stay incognito which might ruin it a bit.

Here are a couple of photos from the Sats’ performances at V in 2009 and 2011.





The weather forecast isn’t looking too bad so there might not be any need for wellies. But whether it’s muddy or not, I think wellies are a good bet for a festival plus they can look pretty cool too with a little dress or pair of denim shorts.




My favourite festival fashion accessories are those dainty floral hair garlands – they’re absolutely gorgeous. I wore one backstage at the Hyde Park concert we did and thought it was the perfect boho chic summery touch.




These are my recommendations for what to pack in terms of beauty products for a festival. Obviously you’re not going to spend hours doing your makeup but there are a few key items that will keep you feeling fresh and looking good!




Sun cream – an absolute must! You’re so exposed when you’re at a festival and even if it’s not roasting hot, it’s still very easy to get burnt – which would make sleeping in a tent a more uncomfortable experience than it needs to be! I recommend Garnier Ambre Solaire sun cream. I used it while I was on holiday in Portugal and loved it. I stick to higher factors these days and make a big effort to keep my face out of the sun.

Face wipes – don’t leave for the festival without them. My favourite brand is Simple. I find them really soothing on my skin but they’re still tough enough to remove eye makeup etc.

BB cream – this multitasking, heaven-sent product is a great idea for a festival. It really perks you up which is just what you need if you’re planning to spend a couple of days partying in a field. I used the Garnier Perfect Blur one on my holidays too but most brands do them so try a couple out to find out which ones works for you best.

Dry shampoo – Batiste is a really popular brand and it’s always worked really well for me. I love the tropical one – it smells like summer!

Lip balm – easily forgotten but very important. I’d take a trusty Chap Stick to keep my lips soft – a pot probably isn’t very hygienic for muddy fingers!

I’ll be sharing lots of photos from backstage at the festival so look out for my blog next week.

Love from Una xxx

05 June


My photos from behind the scenes at the Glamour awards

una-glamour-awards-3-buna-glamour-awards-2-bHi everyone,

You might have heard the news… The Sats scooped the award for Best Band at the Glamour Awards last night! It was such an honour to be there and we were all thrilled with the award.

I wore a full-length sequined dress by Amen Couture – you’ve got to go all out for the Glamour awards – the event is very true to its name!


We spent hours getting ready and were very ably assisted by our wonderful ‘glam squad’, Nick and Celena, doing hair and makeup and our stylist Frank.

There were tonnes of celebrities and amazing women there. We bumped into Stooshe at the party and had our photo taken with them.

What did you think of our outfits?

Speak soon!

Una xxx

03 May


My secrets for glowing skin

una-garnier-2Hello everyone,

Hope you’ve had a good week.

The Sats have been busy over the last couple of days — we did a magazine shoot, a radio gig and we’ve got a songwriting session today. We’ve got the melody written already so today is all about adding the lyrics in. It’s a great song and I’m really excited about it.

I’ve been helping to launch a new product with Garnier recently. It called 5 sec Perfect Blur and it’s similar to a primer and has an airbrushing effect. It leaves your skin flawless, my pores and lines vanished instantly. I think it’s a great product and it’s very lightweight so you don’t feel like you’re wearing heavy makeup. I wore it to my cousin’s wedding and lots of people kindly commented that my skin was looking good. It’s going to be launched in stores all over the UK in June and July and I’d definitely recommend giving it a go.

My skin care routine is quite simple. I use the right products for my skin and make sure to cleanse and moisturise regularly. I drink loads of water too, I know a lot of people say that but I really do think it’s the key for clear skin.

As a band we’re really good at eating healthily which is really essential in our line of work. The Sats really enjoy food but we always try and order the healthy stuff. It’s not often that we opt for junk food, we’d much rather eat plenty of the stuff that’s good for you instead.


That’s not to say I don’t treat myself from time to time. My biggest indulgence is red wine. I love a glass or two with dinner, it really helps you to unwind after a long day. Someone once told me that you should stick to two though, as the third will never have that same relaxing effect and I do my best to follow that as much as possible.

I’m loving this sunshine we’ve been having — let’s just hope it lasts! Ben, Aoife and I are looking forward to a relaxing weekend together at home.

Hope you enjoy your bank holiday —I’d love to hear what you’ve been up to!

Love Una xxx

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