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18 September


I loved doing TV appearances for Club Penguin’s online safety campaign

Hey everyone,

I’m over in Ireland this week filming for my new TV show Una’s Dream Ticket – I’ll tell you more about that next time.

Last week I was on Daybreak and Sky News promoting Club Penguin’s online safety campaign. It’s called ‘It Starts With You’ and the idea is to get parents more involved in knowing what their kids are up to online, getting familiar with the new lingo that they’re using and encouraging children to treat each other with respect.




I’m really glad to be an ambassador for the campaign because it’s fun as well as educational. It struck a chord with me too of course knowing that my daughter Aoife will be going online in a few years’ time. The Sats’ fan base is also quite young and very active online so I hope the campaign encourages them to use the Internet safely too.

I really hope that it’s a message that we can take forward in the future because the internet is such a fundamental part of our lives now. There are an awful lot of horror stories out there about the Internet but it shouldn’t be a scary place. The campaign wants to put a really positive spin on the opportunities that there are online and enable us to benefit from those as much as possible.




Club Penguin is the perfect training ground for introducing your children to the Internet. They’ve got human moderators on there who filter anything inappropriate or negative so you have the peace of mind that your kids are interacting in a safe, positive environment.

I loved doing the TV appearances. I’m so lucky in this job that I can get involved in campaigns like this. It’s great to feel like I could be making a real difference and inspiring people.

I’m really passionate about this campaign so speaking about it came very naturally to me. I often appear on TV with the girls but not so much on my own – it does make the experience slightly more nerve-wracking but it’s important to have the confidence to stand on your own two feet and speak up for what you believe in too.




I went for quite a sophisticated look for my TV appearances – they were both high street mixes of Dune shoes, Topshop and River Island. I wore my hair loose and wavy – it’s a style I really like in the daytime.

Speak to you soon.

With love from Ireland, Una xxxx

15 August


Ben and I are very tactile and love a snuggle on the sofa

Hi everyone,

The Sats were at the We’re The Millers premiere last night – we had a great time and loved the film – can’t wait to tell you more about that next week. We were been busy rehearsing for V Festival yesterday too. We can’t wait to get there and open the main stage. We’ve played the arenas before but never the main stage, it’s amazing to think how far the Sats have come.


I went to watch the new horror film The Conjuring with Ben last week. I have to admit that I screamed! It was quite embarrassing because I think I was the only one that did. It’s based on a true story which made it all the more haunting – it was a really jumpy one. Despite the fact that I was terrified, I still enjoyed it and thought it was a well-written film and the acting was incredible. Ben held my hand for the whole thing but that’s not unusual for us. We’re a very tactile couple and love a snuggle on the sofa in front of the TV.




I’ve watched a fair few horror films. My favourites are The Ring and the Hitchcock’s Psycho – the remake has nothing on the original!

I started watching horror films at far too young an age (about seven or eight) – I really wouldn’t recommend that though! Not sure whether I should admit to this but I used to get my older cousins to go and rent them from the shop because I was underage.

We used to make our own horror movies. I was always the baddie and I’d do something horrible to my twin cousins – we always used the Prodigy as our soundtrack and filmed it on one of those old school camcorders. I loved playing the evil one – if I ever got the chance to film in a horror I’d want to play that role. I think it’s easier being the powerful, scary one rather than the vulnerable one – I’m not sure I’d do that very well. There was one that was particularly gory where we got quite serious and used props. My cousin wore a bandana on her head and we pretended to chop her head off by seamlessly putting the bandana on a football – you would never have known!




It reminded me of a programme that the Sats did a few years ago called Ghosthunting with The Saturdays. I ended up sitting in a room with a ghost in a really old nursing home in Wales and she threw marbles at me. The weird thing was that the marbles weren’t real – they were ghost marbles! I’m quite a spiritual person – I believe in an after lifes and ghost – and I guess if you’re open to that kind of thing and you believe it, you’re more likely to experience it.

I wouldn’t rule out acting in the future. I used to enjoy acting when I was at school and a lot of what we do when we are performing and putting on a show actually overlaps with acting.

I’ve actually got my first major solo presenting job in Ireland coming up at Christmas. It’s called Una’s Dream Ticket and it will be on everyday over Christmas on RTE which is Ireland’s national TV station, a bit like the BBC over here. The idea is that children send in their fantasies and I meet them and help make them come true. I think it’ll be a really lovely feel good show, perfect for the festive period.

I’d love to hear your film recommendations – leave a comment and I’ll make sure I read them.

Speak soon!

Love Una xxxx

14 June


Sweating the Small Stuff

Hi everyone,

Thanks for visiting my blog – hope you’re enjoying it.

The Sats are all taking it in turns to fill in for Rochelle on Nick Grimshaw’s BBC show Sweat The Small Stuff.

I’m in the season finale on Tuesday night, on a team with Melvin O’Doom and Rick Edwards and we’re against Katy B, Rickie Haywood Williams and comedian James Acaster.

Me at the BBC for Sweat The Small Stuff

Me at the BBC for Sweat The Small Stuff

Filming was so much fun! You just banter about stuff that’s going on at the moment and the little things that people get annoyed by, so it’s a laugh a minute.

We filmed in front of a live audience and it took about two hours in total. The final show only lasts about half an hour so they just take the best and most appropriate bits. I don’t know what parts they will show yet, but I certainly had fun doing it!

Hope you manage to catch it – it goes out on BBC Three on 18 June at 10pm. Let me know what you think!

Have a great weekend.

Lots of love Una xxxx

03 June


The BGT act that made me cry…

Hi everyone,

Hope you’ve all been having fun in the sun. This weather has been such a treat. I’m so glad I can finally start wearing some of my summer wardrobe after such a long wait.

I wasn’t working this weekend so my mum came over from Ireland to see Aoife and I. Ben is away at the moment on tour with the England rugby team in Argentina. We had a really chilled weekend and went to the pub for a lovely Sunday lunch – pub grub is my absolute favourite.


‘Chasing The Sats’ is coming to 4Music soon!

I managed to catch some of Britain’s Got Talent too. I’d been following it on and off since the start of the series but Saturday was the first time I got to sit down and watch it properly.

The standard of talent is phenomenally high. It must be very hard to judge because every act is so individual and unique. I really loved Attraction, it made me cry watching it. I have never seen anything like it before and I think that is what makes it so special. I think it is incredible, I just don’t know they manage to create such a complex story with their bodies. I think they’ve got a good chance of winning – they’re a definite favourite with lots of people.


I took Aoife Belle along to the shoot

I really loved the impersonator Francine Lewis, too. I also love the Irish singer Jordan O’ Keefe. He is brilliant and so talented to be performing with just a guitar, with no backing track. The competition is tough but that’ll make for a nail-biting final.

The Sats have got a very hectic schedule this week. It’s Mollie’s 26th birthday tomorrow and we’ll be at the Glamour Awards so that’ll be great fun. It’s always a good one for celebrity spotting, last time we went Kim Kardashian was there. If I spot any big names I’ll pluck up the courage to take a photo!

I’ll let you all know how our busy week goes!

Love from Una xx

16 May


Rumours about the Sats’ series being axed

saturdaysHello everyone
It was reported in the press last week that our TV series Chasing The Saturdays had been dropped.The real truth is that we signed up to make 10 episodes, which we did and they were all shown in America. The series is now being shown in over 40 different countries, which is so exciting for us. It’s such a shame that the press are saying it’s been axed because we had such a great time making it and has been such a positive experience. For us – Chasing The Saturdays is only just starting in several countries, so we’re going to be talking about it and promoting it for probably the rest of the year!


Love Una

19 April


Filming ‘All Star Mr and Mrs’

ben-una-all-star-2-blogHello all,

Hope you’ve had a great week.

My husband Ben and I had such a good time filming for ‘All Star Mr and Mrs’ this week. It was for charity and lots of fun to take part in. I feel like we know each other inside out but I couldn’t help thinking that couples who have been together longer than we have might be at a real advantage, apparently that’s not the case though.

I was told that often couples who might not have been together for decades still know quirky things about each other and I think that’s very much the case for Ben and I.

Ben and I got married last July and we’d been together for about three and a half years before that. The story of how we met is quite funny. I was introduced to him after his agents went behind his back and asked if I’d go on a date with him. They got my number and passed it on to Ben who then called me. That was it really!

I’m taking Aoife to watch her first rugby match this weekend. I can’t wait to see how she reacts to her daddy playing out on the field. She’s still very young but I’m hoping it’s something she’ll get into and we can enjoy watching Ben play together.

I used to go and watch him play a lot but haven’t been to a game since I had Aoife. I’d been meaning to take her along to watch earlier in the season but she was ill at Christmas and it’s been really cold so I’ve been reluctant to go. Ben plays once a week, normally on a Saturday and I’m hoping that little Aoife will take to it and watching him will become part of our routine.

I’ll let you know how we get on next week!

Love from Una x



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