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10 January


I’m aching and bruised from training for Splash but i’m loving every second

Hey everyone


Hope you all had a great holiday. I had a really wonderful break, it was great to catch up with friends and family especially after such a busy year.


I feel really refreshed after two weeks off and I’m glad to be back at work. Yesterday was my first day back training and filming for Splash. I injured my toe before Christmas so it was a good job we didn’t have any training for a while. It’s still swollen and quite tender but I’m getting on with it.


Minus the injury I’m loving taking part in Splash. It’s a real challenge – there’s an awful lot to remember, but they start you off with the basics, then you move on to the 1m board and then 5m, 7.5m and 10m. I haven’t been doing very much off the high boards because I’m a bit scared of heights, plus I’m a perfectionist so I want to master whatever I’m doing before I go up there. I don’t want to be belly flopping down!




I’m in one of the later heats – if you tune in this Saturday night you’ll find out when you’ll be seeing me dive. Two people from each heat go through to the semi-final and then from that to the final. I’m just going to do my best, I’m not going to think about making it through. If I do my best then I’ll go away feeling like I’ve achieved something and I’ve learnt a skill. I’ve had a really good laugh and enjoyed the experience.


There’s a mixture of people who’ve never done it, some are scared of water and need to overcome that fear and some are scared of heights. Then you’ve got daredevils who go straight off the 10m without even thinking about it. That’s what makes it entertaining: we’re all different.


Tom Daley has been great to work with. He’s wonderfully talented and very encouraging – we’re learning from the best in the business. The day that I injured my toe I was meant to have my mentor session with him. He came over to have a chat with me and I decided that the show had to go on so he brought me up to the 3m board and did a few dives with me.


If you don’t get the dive right it can be very painful. I’ve got rather a lot of aches and bruises at the moment. When you dive off of one of the top boards you slap the water at about 30mph – if you mess it up you really know about it! The best way is just to push on though, I haven’t been put off yet.


Speak soon


Love Una xxxx

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