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28 March


I’ll be doing a Twitter chat on Monday…

Hi everyone,


Hope you all had lovely weeks and are looking forward to the weekend! I will be doing a Twitter chat on Monday and answering all your questions so make sure to follow @hellomag and send them with #HELLOUna !


The girls and I were working on some choreography the other day, but I think we ended up being a choreographer’s nightmare – we just had no attention span! It was the first time since Frankie had her baby that all 5 of us were back together learning a routine, so we kept talking and joking. We’d be in the middle of starting to learn it all and then one person would blurt something out and it would start all over again.


Luckily, our choreographer Aaron is a good friend – he was in S Club Juniors with Frankie and Rochelle – and knows that when it comes down to it we buckle down and learn it properly. I often go home and practice – poor Ben has no interest in dance but I make him watch it. The funny part is our routines are meant for 5 people, so it looks weird when you do it on your own. Aoife often tries to join in – any time any music plays, she loves to dance.


My friend nominated me for a no make-up selfie the other day –  it took a few attempts before I had one I liked, but I think everyone does that when they take selfies! It can be a bit daunting to go bare-faced but I think it’s a great cause, so I fully committed (no filter or anything!). I then nominated our hairdresser Nick, so he had to do one with make-up on. I got to do his make-up which was hilarious, he was such a good sport.


I’d just arrived at a shoot and had no make-up on, so it was meant to be. I donated too – it’s such a great cause, the charity does amazing work and it’s nice to think that selfies are actually helping someone. It’s spread over to Ireland too, they’ve raised over 1million euros. And that’s just a small country like Ireland, so it shows you how huge the campaign has become.


This weekend I’ll be going to Rochelle’s fancy dress birthday party which will be really fun as she’s been getting so excited. I’ve made my costume which could make for an interesting outfit….



Speak soon,
Love from Una xxx

19 February


We’re so excited to have released our latest video…

This week’s been really good – we released the video on VEVO for our single ‘Not Giving Up’ on Wednesday morning which is really exciting!


We’re so pleased because fans have been sending us really lovely messages, they’re receiving it really well. I think the video really suits the song – we didn’t want this video to have a particular storyline. The song itself is more about a feeling rather than a story. I really love it, I think it’s a fun dance track!


The video is quite edgy for us. We’re all wearing black and silver, with fabrics like PVC and leather. Vanessa and Rochelle had these pencil skirts which weren’t very easy to dance in, but the rest of us were in leggings so it was easy to dance.



I was quite proud as I danced in the highest heels I’ve ever danced in – I did have to take some painkillers to combat my broken toe (it’s still a bit sore). I think heels were necessary because the video is very glamorous, I especially liked the effect from all the wind machines.


In the video I’m on a turntable, which was surprisingly easy to keep my balance. It actually helped that I’d been on Splash recently as I felt quite fearless stepping onto the platform – the only thing that slightly threw me is that it was turning anticlockwise.


Originally, Mollie was supposed to be on the table, but my car got stuck in traffic, and I was 3 hours late, so they switched us around! I think these things happen for a reason though, because we’re both so happy with how it all turned out. We can’t imagine doing the video any other way now.



The light tubes were really cool, but we have no idea where they got them from. Frankie thinks she overheard someone saying they were bought in a farm shop! Some people have been saying it makes them think of Darth Vader and Star Wars.


We’re all really pleased with how it turned out, hope you love it too!


Speak soon,


Love from Una xxx

09 December


The Sats had a brilliant time trading stocks and shares for charity

Hey everyone

Hope you’ve had a good weekend. Last week was a busy one for The Saturdays but one of my highlights has to be the ICAP charity trading day we took part in on Tuesday. Getting involved with good causes is one of the many things I love about my job. The ICAP charity day is a brilliant event where the company donates 100% of their revenues and their brokers’ commissions direct to charity for the full day.




The Duchess of Cornwall, Spencer from Made in Chelsea, Brian McFadden and his wife Vogue and Barbara Windsor were all there at the same time as us and Cheryl Cole came in just after we left.

it was so manic with all the phones going and people shouting across at each other but there was a great atmosphere. That kind of environment is totally alien to me and I saw what an incredibly high pressured job it is to be a stock-broker.




Our aim was to raise money for the JLS foundation which is supporting Cancer Research UK at the moment. Lots of different celebrities went in for different charities and I know that last year they raised millions so hopefully we’ll have topped that this year.

The traders really got into the spirit of things wearing fancy dress for the day – we got our photos taken with a few of them. They don’t get paid for the day and they don’t make any profit either. ICAP companies from all over the world took part for 24 hours so there’s lots of potential to raise money.




Poor Ben is recovering from his nasty injury at the moment. We were relieved that he doesn’t have to have surgery but he’s quite uncomfortable a lot of the time and has to sleep with a brace on his leg at the moment.

He’s actually spending more hours training now than he was when he wasn’t injured. He’s going in extra early to see the physiotherapist and continues with all of the training and weights, then goes back to the physiotherapist in the evening. Then he goes to the ‘chirochambers’ which are freezing cold to help reduce the swelling.

It’s all going well though and he’s feeling positive that he’ll be back playing in the New Year. He’s already two weeks through and they said it would be up to three months. Luckily he’s quite a quick healer. I’m keeping my fingers crossed!

Speak soon

With love, Una xxx

29 August


The Sats get on wonderfully well

Hi everyone,

Hope you’re having a good week and enjoyed the bank holiday weekend.

It’s amazing that Miley Cyrus’s VMA performance was still trending three days after she did it. She certainly got everyone talking and the viewing figures were apparently much higher this year, no doubt in part because of her performance.

Miley is going down a different road now that she’s a grown woman rather than a Disney teenager. Personally, I don’t see why she shouldn’t. She’s her own person and she should be free to express herself. Madonna was always controversial with her outfits and performances and of course Lady Gaga has shocked people in the past. I can see how it might offend some people but personally I really enjoyed it.

That track Blurred Lines by Robin Thicke really makes you want to get up and dance. It’s one of my favourite songs of this year, a real feel good tune. The only bad thing I have to say about it is that it didn’t win an award when it really should have!




When you’re in the public eye, you do get used to things being written about you that aren’t necessarily true. Recently we saw a few stories about The Sats not getting on and although we don’t normally rise to rumours, this one just couldn’t be further from the truth. Our group get on wonderfully well and spent lots of time together at V Festival so I’m not sure where they came from.

After V, we had more shows in Scarborough and Liverpool. We love doing gigs up north and we often say that the further north you go, the louder, bigger and better the crowds are (not to say that they’re bad down south, we love our fans everywhere but there’s definitely a different vibe up north).




One of my most memorable gigs ever was actually in Glasgow, the crowd were just buzzing. It was our first-ever headline show and there were around 3,500 people and I just remember being really taken aback by it all. Seeing all the faces in the crowd, the big screens and feeling the excitement, we all looked at each other at one point and we were like “I can’t believe this is happening!”.

Our Friday night gig was in Scarborough in a really cute and unique venue right next to the beach. It was outdoors and there was a little lake in front of the stage, we’d never played in a place like that before and it’s good to do something different.

On Sunday we had a radio gig with Juice FM in Liverpool which was really fun. As we drove through Liverpool we all said how lovely it was, the buildings were really beautiful. Apparently the shopping is amazing too but unfortunately we didn’t have time to put it to the test.

I love how the Liverpool girls really make an effort for their nights out. That’s often the best part of the night, the getting ready with your friends, trying on different outfits, doing your hair and makeup and catching up with everyone.

Speak to you soon!

Love Una xxxx


31 May


Gorgeous gifts from the Sats aunties for adorable Alaia-Mai

Hello lovely readers,

Hope you’re all enjoying the blog.

The Sats aunties have been doting on Rochelle and Marvin’s adorable baby girl Alaia-Mai. We went to visit her last week and went back yesterday.

She is so unbelievably gorgeous. We’ve been showering their baby with gifts for a while now, we can’t seem to stop! Last week, I took Alaia a really cute Ralph Lauren bib and babygro and a hamper full of sweet little baby gifts and goodies. The other girls took her pretty little dresses and outfits so she’s got a great wardrobe already!marvin-alaia

It’s hard to tell whether she looks like her Mummy or Daddy at the moment because she’s so tiny. I think she’s got Rochelle’s lips and the rest is a good mix of both of them.

Rochelle is doing great and loves being a mum. Of course she’s really tired though. They say sleep while you can before you have the baby (which we all know is almost impossible) — and now she knows why.

After visiting Alaia, I sent a tweet and mentioned that I was getting broody. Spending time with such a gorgeous little girl is enough to make anyone broody but it doesn’t mean Aoife will be getting a little brother or sister right away! I am happy for the moment with just the one.

Rumours always start flying that we’re splitting up when a pregnancy is announced but having children is no reason for the Sats to stop. I proved you can do it and we’ve got a really bright future together.

Speak soon!

Love Una xxx




23 May


Baby Alaia-Mai is absolutely gorgeous

Hi everyone,

It’s been such an exciting week for the Sats aunties – we met little Alaia-Mai on Wednesday and she’s absolutely gorgeous. We’re thrilled for Rochelle and Marvin and I’m delighted to say they’re both doing really well.una-sats-downing-stuna-downing-street-2

As well as spending time with baby Alaia-Mai, Mollie, Vanessa and I were at 11 Downing Street for the charity Rays of Sunshine’s 10th Birthday party.. We went to a tea party with the children and met Samantha Cameron while we were there. The charity grants wishes to children and teenagers living with serious or life-threatening illnesses in the UK.

We met some incredible children with truly amazing stories. We met one particularly special little boy called Oscar. He is a huge Saturdays fan and we surprised him by answering the door to him when he arrived. He was so cute and we all wanted to take him home.

We do a lot of work with that particular charity so we’re really keen to help out where we can.

Speak to you all soon.

Love from Una xxx

21 May


The Sats can’t wait to meet Rochelle and Marvin’s baby girl

rochelle-una-blogHello everyone,

The Sats are so excited that Rochelle has had her baby! It’s a little girl named Alaia-Mai. We’re over the moon for her and Marvin and can’t wait to meet her.

We’d been waiting for a call to hear the baby had arrived for a while. Every time my phone rang I thought it was baby news. The last few days we hadn’t heard from her much so we were all thinking it was very soon so we’re delighted that their little girl is here and well.

The Sats were performing at the Doncaster Races on Saturday. It was great fun, we’re doing quite a few racecourse concerts this summer. They’re great because there’s always a big crowd, at Doncaster there were about 9,000 so the atmosphere is electric. The people in the audience are a real mix so it’s really fascinating as a performer. You get the fans who have bought tickets specifically to see you and then there’s the race goers who hang around afterwards to catch the show. Lots of them were wearing fascinators which is quite novel for one of our gigs and they looked really glam! We sang What About Us and it proved a real hit with the crowd who were singing it back to us which gave a really cool echo effect.

I found time to watch Eurovision over the weekend, it’s a really special show to me because I performed on it with Ireland in 2006 as a backing singer for Brian Kennedy. I watched the competition when I was little — Ireland were really successful back then. We came last this year — I was so shocked, Ryan Dolan is such a good singer and the song was great. Bonnie was great too. I’m a big fan of hers and power ballads in general. I supported her at a gig in Ireland once so I’ve got a bit of history with her too. She’s a lovely lady.

I thought the general level was incredible this year. I’m a massive fan of the whole spectacle — not just the singing but the staging, the dancing and their costumes too. I remember being really wowed by performing on the Eurovision. It’s such a huge event with millions of people watching so it’s an awesome thing to be a part of.

Speak to you all soon.

Love from Una xxx

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