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23 October


I loved reading all about Prince George’s christening

Hey everyone,

Hope you managed to catch the Sats’ in the Live Lounge on Radio One with Fearne Cotton on Tuesday morning. It was great to be back there and performing in the new studio. We sang an acoustic version of Disco Love and did a really fun mash-up of Drake’s Hold On We’re Going Home, TLC’s No Scrubs and Destiny’s Child Survivor all rolled into one.




We missed Frankie of course but she’s doing really well. It was just brilliant to see her the other day looking so well. I know people say that when you’re pregnant you have a glow but women often have one after giving birth as well. Frankie had that amazing aura that people give off when they’re really happy. I remember being on cloud nine after I had Aoife, I was totally elated and on a massive high. Rochelle’s post-pregnancy glow seems to have lasted ages. I think she looks fantastic, better than ever! Another mum who is looking amazing since giving birth is Kate Middleton. She must be very fit and healthy to ping back into shape like that.

A few days later after having Aoife I did have a comedown. My mother had warned me about it and said that it’s really common to feel a bit low a few days after giving birth. I think they call it the third or fourth day blues. It didn’t last long at all. While I was pregnant I felt a bit like a shell keeping Aoife safe from everything then once she’d arrived she wasn’t just mine anyone and she was out there in the world and exposed.




I like to keep up to date with the news and saw all about Prince George’s christening on Wednesday. I have really wonderful memories of Aoife’s christening. We’d been out in LA filming Chasing The Saturdays so had to wait until we got back which meant she was eight months old when she was christened which is a bit older than George and most babies. It was such a gorgeous day and I’ve got wonderful memories of it. The ceremony was conducted by the same priest that married Ben and I. I got to know him through my uncle Declan and he’s a good family friend so it was great to have someone so familiar doing it.

Chat to you all soon.

Love from Una xxx

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