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15 November


Vanessa’s birthday party summed her up perfectly

Hi everyone

Hope you’re having a great week. I’ve had so much on so it’s been a while since I’ve written my blog but I’ve got lots to tell you all.

Ben is back in the England team which is brilliant. He played in the England v Argentina match last weekend and he’ll be playing the All Blacks this weekend too.  I’m so happy to see him back at his best after the terrible injury lost him his place from the England team temporarily.



I went to Twickenham to support with my two oldest friends Catherine and Frances who had come over from Ireland to visit. I’ve known them since I was four years old so we’ve been through everything in our lives together. They don’t know me as Una from the Saturdays, they just know me as Una. I like to think I’ve stayed true to myself through the years and having them as friends has helped to keep me grounded. They still live where my home town Thurles so it was nice to catch up on the town gossip too!




Frances ended up wearing Ben’s shoes for part of the evening! We were all glammed up for the rugby because we were going to Vanessa’s birthday party afterwards and Frances was wearing really uncomfortable shoes. I’d brought Ben’s shoes with me because he’d forgotten them so she thought she’d slip them on to give herself a break from the heels. We really got the giggles seeing her wear his massive shoes!




Vanessa’s birthday party was brilliant. It was at her boyfriend’s mum’s pub in north London. Lots of people we knew were there and it was a really relaxed evening – that’s what Vanessa is all about. She just loves having a good time and she’s got no airs and graces – I really love that about her. It was a really fun evening  as I knew it would be. Rochelle, Mollie, Vanessa and I got on the karaoke and Marvin, Ben and Vanessa’s boyfriend Gary got together for a photo.




Speak to you all soon.


Love from Una xxx

30 October


The biggest surprise of my life!

Hey everyone

Hope you’re all well.

My amazing friend Jojo organised for a surprise party for me last weekend and I’m still not quite over the shock! I was absolutely speechless and it was without a doubt the biggest surprise of my life. She did so well to pull it off. I’m a bit of a detective and can normally piece things together but I didn’t have the slightest inkling. Our management team were in on it as well and I was under the illusion that we were performing a gig.

We’d been told to dress quite smartly because we had a meet and greet with corporate people beforehand so we needed to be presentable – but it turned out there was no gig and it was actually a girls’ night out. I met Jojo through Ben and she was my maid of honour. Most of the people who had been at my hen party were there so it was a bit like a hen party part two.




We started off in Bodo Schloss and had a lovely meal there before going to Mahiki for some cocktails and dancing. We took over the karaoke room and it was brilliant. Vanessa and Mollie came along but Frankie and Rochelle couldn’t make it because they were with their babies – which of course I totally understand.




Time with your children is really precious to us Sats mums. It was a late one and I got in at about 4:30am which any mum will know is a bit of a rarity. I spent Sunday chilling with my family who had come over from Ireland – I really love having a full house.




My sister Dee and my two cousins came over for the weekend. We all grew up together and are still really close so it was great to spend quality time with them. Their visits were very well timed because I was having a wardrobe clear out so they left with their cases full of with clothes. They love coming and raiding my wardrobe and I’m always glad to have a sort out because I find it very therapeutic. If there’s anything that my friends or family don’t want I make sure it goes to charity.




The Sats get given quite a lot of clothes from PR companies and the novelty never wears off. It’s like Christmas when we find out that a box has arrived and they usually send great dresses and outfits. I tend to buy bigger items like coats and bags myself though.

Speak to you all soon.

Lots of love Una xxxx




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