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03 February


It’s a great start to the year for the Saturdays!

Hi everyone,


Hope you are all well! The past few weeks have been so busy with all the training for Splash, and then the Saturdays have been filming our 17th music video which was so exciting. It’s been quite easy getting back into the swing of things because I’ve been so busy, so I feel like I haven’t really stopped.


We’re getting really excited for our new single, ‘Not Giving Up’, the fourth release off our current album. I’m particularly excited because it’s my favourite song from the album. We all really love it, because it’s our style.


Shooting the video was a lot of fun, but I didn’t watch the footage back so it will be a surprise to see the finished product. It’s actually the first video we’ve shot for a while where nobody was pregnant. Frankie was so excited to be back, and she brought Parker with her to the video. He was so cute! I didn’t bring Aoife this time but I have taken her on set before. She gets really excited – she’s at the age where she wants to try everything on, especially all the jewellery and shoes. She likes to cause a bit of chaos!



I think it’s the most relaxed video we’ve ever shot  – everything went like clockwork. It’s a great start to the year for the Saturdays!


I also just wanted to say thank you for all your kind tweets and messages of support for Splash, it’s been really lovely. It also helped to calm my nerves before the show! I’m sad it’s all over as I was really getting into it, but it has got me back into swimming which is great. There’s a bit after-party after the final, so I’m really looking forward to catching up with everyone again then. For those still in, I wish them all the best of luck: I think they’re all capable of winning it. Thanks to everyone who voted, because of your votes I got to go back and do the Splash-off. The support I received was amazing!


Speak soon,


Love from Una xxx

20 November


Frankie’s taken to motherhood like a duck to water

Hi everyone

All five of us Saturdays met up on Wednesday morning for a band meeting. We do it every few weeks do go through our diaries together. We’ve been putting together plans for next year. It will be so nice to have all five of us back together again. We’re putting some great plans in place for our tour and future singles for next year.

Frankie brought baby Parker along which was such a treat. I arrived there first so scooped him up and gave him a bottle. He’s just so cute, he really is. He’s a contented little baby – babies remind me of that track ‘Eat, sleep, rave, repeat’ except it’s ‘Eat, sleep, poo, repeat’ for them. Frankie has taken to motherhood like a duck to water. She’s looking really well and is very happy.




Frankie is very confident in being a mum. She hasn’t really asked Rochelle or I for advice but she knows we’d be there if we needed her. The truth is that I feel a little bit out of touch with small babies now. As children grow you can easily forget what it’s like when they’re really young being bottle-fed or breast-fed.




I flew off to Ireland on Monday to promote my TV show Una’s Dream Ticket but I’m around for the rest of this week for family time.

I’m doing a live Twitter Q&A for HELLO! readers on Thursday 21 November at 4:30pm. Tweet @hellomag your questions using the hashtag #HELLOUna and I’ll do my best to answer as many as possible.

Speak soon

With love, Una xxxx

01 November


Aoife looked far too cute in her Halloween costume to scare anyone

Hi everyone

Hope you had a very Happy Halloween.

I didn’t dress up this year but put on some ‘spooky’ contact lenses instead! I did dress Aoife up in this little lion costume – I knew all along she wouldn’t scare anyone because she’s too cute! I found a couple of photos from Aoife last Halloween – can’t believe how quickly she’s grown up.





Speaking of adorable Sats babies, Frankie has been sending me the most gorgeous of photos of baby Parker. She’s getting on really well and I can’t wait to see them again soon.

Last year we were were out in LA filming Chasing The Saturdays and we went to a party hosted by Adam Levine from Maroon 5 in the Hollywood Forever Cemetery. It was a bit weird being surrounded by lots of graves – I wasn’t too comfortable with the whole idea to be honest but we had a really fun night.

As you can see, this year’s Halloween look (on the left) was a little less dramatic than last year’s!



Speak soon

Lots of love Una xxxx

21 October


Frankie is enjoying every moment with her gorgeous, perfect baby boy

Hey everyone,

It’s been quite a week in the Sats world. All of us Sats aunties have been to visit Frankie and Wayne’s newborn baby boy Parker. We all visited on Saturday along with a room full of their friends and family – there was lots going on! I brought Aoife along and she kissed him on the forehead on the way out – it was so cute. Frankie was really glowing and she’s such a natural. It can be quite tiring when you’ve just had a baby, but she’s was just enjoying every moment with her gorgeous, perfect little baby boy.


una and frankie


When she first sent me a photo of him I thought he looked like Wayne. Babies are often born looking like their dads but by the time I met him he looked more like Frankie. Newborn babies’ features are so tiny but they seem to change every day.

I remember when I had Aoife she was the spitting image of Ben at first and I thought “she doesn’t look like me at all” but when she opened her eyes and looked at me I saw more of a resemblance. Her eyes are more blue than mine but they were light unlike Ben’s.

Frankie had Parker at the same hospital in the room next door to where I had that I had Aoife so we’d have been neighbours if we’d had them at the same time. They even weighed the same (7lb 13oz) too. Frankie said they remembered Aoife and I from when I was there, so that was lovely to hear.


una bump


I brought Parker a couple of gifts, one from Ben and I, and one from Aoife, just a couple of cute little baby clothes sets to start with.

I’m looking forward to popping over again to see them but I think it’s important to let them have a few days off to get to know each other now that they’re a little family.

The Sats are performing on Radio One’s Live Lounge on Tuesday morning so I hope you’re able to catch it. We’re doing an acoustic version of Disco Love (which I’ll be playing my guitar in). Our second song will be a surprise cover but we’re keeping it a secret until it happens! We’ve been working on it for the last week or so with a band, putting in lots of harmonies. Hope you all enjoy.

Chat to you all soon.

Love from Una xxxx

18 October


I can’t wait to meet Frankie and Wayne’s darling baby boy Parker

Hi everyone

I’m so happy for Frankie and Wayne on the birth of their darling baby boy Parker. He was born weighing 7lbs 13oz which is the same as my little girl Aoife. The Sats aunties are all delighted for them and can’t wait to meet him.

It’s been a busy week for the Saturdays because our album Living For The Weekend came out on Monday. We did one of the first ever digital signings earlier in the week. It was pretty amazing, it’s like a virtual signing where you can interact with the fans about the album, answer their questions and scribble a note to them virtually and send it across. It was a real contrast from the boxes of singles that we were busy signing a couple of weeks ago. A lot of what we do these days is digital and social media based because that’s what people want.




The fact that much of our work revolves around the Internet has its advantages and disadvantages for us as musicians. I remember when I was younger, if you wanted to get in touch with a band or singer you liked then you had to write a letter. But now you can tweet them or leave a comment on Facebook and there’s a much higher chance of you being able to interact with them.




We don’t see every tweet that comes our way but when I log on I do see a lot of them. The Sats’ Twitter accounts are all run by us personally and I look at mine a few times a day to scroll through the mentions and see what people are saying. I follow quite a few of fans too. Some fans spam us for a follow so I tend not to follow them but our genuine fans don’t do that and I’m always glad to follow them. Often I recognise their names or faces from gigs so I like following them to keep in touch. I’m a big fan of Instagram too and those photos go automatically to my Facebook and Twitter accounts.




I don’t actually have a personal Facebook account anymore. Someone once set up a quite convincing account pretending to be me and even went as far as sending messages to my friends. The user had somehow got their hands on photos of me from a few years ago and managed to convince one of my friends that it was really me and they exchanged a few messages. It wasn’t until my friend said to be “oh, I’ll message you on Facebook” that I realised she was speaking to someone that wasn’t me. Luckily it was easily sorted and nothing bad ever became of it. For that reason I prefer having a Twitter account because it’s verified so you can be sure it’s me.

An obvious disadvantage of being an artist in the digital age is competing with illegal downloading. It’s being going on for a long time and if people can get away with it, they will do it and the industry suffers because of it.

I’m looking forward to a chilled weekend with my family and friends – I’ll let you know what we get up to next week.

Love from Una xxxx

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