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07 April


I know there’s been some rumours that we’re splitting up…

Hi everyone,


Hope you’re all well and had lovely weekends! This last week has been so exciting for the band because we released our Greatest Hits tour dates and announced the album! Plus, our single Not Giving Up was officially released on Sunday.


Going on tour is one of my favourite parts of being in a girl band. I love everything from picking costumes, to planning what we’re going to do to make it a really great show. We want it to be a huge party for our fans, we don’t want them sat in their seats simply singing along. We’re going to be performing our greatest hits, plus some new tracks, so we want it to be a full-on show. September can’t come soon enough!


I know there’s been some rumours that we’re doing the tour because we’re splitting up, but that isn’t true at all. If we did, we would just tell our fans. This isn’t a farewell tour, we just wanted to do a tour looking back at our singles and celebrating our hits. It’s not the end for us, just a milestone. For us, doing the Greatest Hits tour proves we’re stronger than ever!


I can’t wait to perform ‘Up’ – it was our second single and it’s one of my absolute favourites. To be honest, the whole thing has made me feel nostalgic, as I remember exactly what was happening in my life at the time of each single.


Between show rehearsals, releasing a new single and promoting the tour, life gets crazy. We’ll definitely be taking our kids with us when we travel – none of us want to be away from our families for too long. I love what we do though. You have a few weeks off, then everything gets crazy.


We had time to unwind last week at Rochelle’s Disney-themed party, which was so much fun. I made the top myself by spray painting some shells purple and supergluing them to my top, but the tail actually came from Splash, from one of the mermaid costumes they did in one episode. Ben was initially supposed to be Mickey Mouse, but at the very last minute he decided to be Tarzan.


Everyone went all out, I didn’t recognise some people! Rochelle and Marvin’s couple costume as Aladdin and Jasmine was so sweet. The rest of us just mixed and matched – Ariel was with Tarzan, Esmeralda (Vanessa) with her boyfriend (Captain Hook). I think Wayne’s costume was the best, but I loved Frankie’s pirate costume.


I also wanted to say thanks to everyone who took part in the #HELLOUna Twitter chat last Wednesday, it was so much fun. I didn’t enjoy having to pick though, I wanted to answer them all! It was so difficult when everyone was asking about the tour because I was so excited and knew we’d be revealing everything – it’s great to finally get it all out in the open!


Speak soon,
Love from Una xxx


19 February


We’re so excited to have released our latest video…

This week’s been really good – we released the video on VEVO for our single ‘Not Giving Up’ on Wednesday morning which is really exciting!


We’re so pleased because fans have been sending us really lovely messages, they’re receiving it really well. I think the video really suits the song – we didn’t want this video to have a particular storyline. The song itself is more about a feeling rather than a story. I really love it, I think it’s a fun dance track!


The video is quite edgy for us. We’re all wearing black and silver, with fabrics like PVC and leather. Vanessa and Rochelle had these pencil skirts which weren’t very easy to dance in, but the rest of us were in leggings so it was easy to dance.



I was quite proud as I danced in the highest heels I’ve ever danced in – I did have to take some painkillers to combat my broken toe (it’s still a bit sore). I think heels were necessary because the video is very glamorous, I especially liked the effect from all the wind machines.


In the video I’m on a turntable, which was surprisingly easy to keep my balance. It actually helped that I’d been on Splash recently as I felt quite fearless stepping onto the platform – the only thing that slightly threw me is that it was turning anticlockwise.


Originally, Mollie was supposed to be on the table, but my car got stuck in traffic, and I was 3 hours late, so they switched us around! I think these things happen for a reason though, because we’re both so happy with how it all turned out. We can’t imagine doing the video any other way now.



The light tubes were really cool, but we have no idea where they got them from. Frankie thinks she overheard someone saying they were bought in a farm shop! Some people have been saying it makes them think of Darth Vader and Star Wars.


We’re all really pleased with how it turned out, hope you love it too!


Speak soon,


Love from Una xxx

03 October


Ben and I watched One Direction’s first ever auditions on YouTube

Hey everyone

Hope you’re having a great week. I’ve had a few days at home with Aoife which has been lovely.

I’ve been catching up on TV too. I’m loving the X Factor and Downton Abbey being back on – I’m big fans of both. Ben and I watched the X Factor together the other night with a takeaway once we’d put Aoife to bed.

While we were watching we thought it’d be really funny to watch One Direction’s first ever auditions on YouTube so we did and it’s amazing to see how life-changing the show was for all of them. They went in as five very young individuals and got put together – just look where they are now! A  couple of them had auditioned before and Liam had made it to the judge’s houses so it just goes to show that you can go back and still make it.




I thought the new seat system where you get a place but it might be taken away from you is quite harsh. It must be horrible being up on the stage with the whole room watching you and having your place taken away from you. However I don’t think the contestants can complain too much because you know when you’re entering that kind of competition that you might end up in a position like that. TV shows like X Factor are known for introducing all these twists because the format has been going for so long so they have to introduce new things to keep people interested in the show.

I’m really looking forward to seeing the live shows, that’s when things get really exciting. The UK music scene is really welcoming of fresh talent. People just need to fill spaces that haven’t yet been filled by bringing something new and different to separate themselves from the rest.



I spent hours and hours signing album posters and CD singles last week. I got comfy on the sofa and got into the swing of it and got through stacks and stacks of them. Sometimes people are surprised when they find out that we do the signing ourselves and they think it’s done by a machine but it’s not. I think it’s really nice for our fans to have a keepsake single or poster signed by us. CD singles are really popular with our fans still, they’re almost a collector’s item nowadays. The first ever single I bought (in tape form!) was Michael Jackson’s Bad. After that it was True Blue by Madonna and Kylie Minogue’s Locomotion – so eighties, I really wore those tapes out, they were my world!



I remember the days when everyone used to record songs off of the radio to make homemade tapes, you’d have to pause the recording before the DJ cut in and you had to be really on it to get a smooth recording! My sister and I used to record ourselves singing and we’ve kept the tapes so they’re very funny to listen to now and again. When our cousins came over we used to have singing competitions and talent contests, I used to get really upset if I didn’t win so they came up with a way to make everyone a winner to keep me happy.




I’m a big radio listener – I love Heart for chilled music, Radio One for up to date stuff and Radio 2 for a bit more conversation and older, classic tunes. My latest album download is an American country album which is full of lovely songs.

Our new single Disco Love is out on Sunday so we’re doing lots of promo work for that. I’ll tell you where you can see and hear us in my next blog post.

Speak soon.

Love Una xxxx

27 September


‘Why I’m a great believer in fate’

Hey lovely readers,

Hope you’ve all had a good week.

I’ve had some really lovely feedback about the shoot I did for Fabulous magazine which came out last Sunday. It was a very different look for me but it’s always good to try new things and mix it up a bit.

I felt like it was the right time to talk about the underactive thyroid problem I suffer from, Hashimoto’s hypothyroid. I actually found out about it before I got pregnant with Aoife but didn’t want to focus on it back then. I’m lucky in that it doesn’t hold me back in life. Apart from the daily medication, of which I take quite a low dose, I lead a very normal existence.

I had heard of it before I was diagnosed because I had a really husky voice and it turns out that that can be one of the symptoms of the disorder. It sounded really scary at first and I was worried when I heard that it can affect your ability to conceive or could make you miscarry. Ben and I talked about it and decided that if I did get pregnant it would be a good thing, so we stopped trying not to get pregnant – and I got pregnant pretty much straight away! I had started taking the medication at that point which was lucky because otherwise getting pregnant might not have come so easily.




I’m glad to be raising awareness about the disorder. It’s good to get checked if you’re suffering from any of the symptoms like hair loss, low heart rate, feeling really cold, feeling depressed or gaining weight – they could be side effects of a thyroid problem.

I’ve been catching up on some TV on my days off. I’m pretty hooked on X Factor at the moment, it’s so entertaining.

I think the judges are in a very important position on a show like that. Of course there are the contestants who come along for a laugh and to provide entertainment knowing that they will never really make the grade. But there are also people on these shows who are so desperate to get into the industry and it’s very easy for them to have a negative experience that could shatter their hopes and dreams forever. Nerves can get to people and they could end their chances really quickly. I remember when I was starting out, I would go to auditions and nerves would sometimes take over my whole body, my voice, everything!

I was lucky never to have a terrible experience. I do remember auditioning for the Irish Pop Stars when I was 19. I got down to the last 32 and we all went away to a secret location. Louis Walsh was one of the judges and they told me that they saw me as more of a solo act – which obviously didn’t happen in the end! It took me a while to get my confidence back after that because I’d been very close to getting my big break. Fate took a hand and now I can see that it just wasn’t the right time for me. The group didn’t end up doing so well so I can be glad that it took me that little bit longer to find my feet in the industry.

We’ve got a gig at the Bullring in Birmingham on Saturday then we’ll be in Brighton performing at a festival on Sunday so I’ll be sharing my photos and stories with you next week.

Speak soon.

Love Una xxxx

26 September


My heart melted when I found out Aoife recognised me singing on TV

Hey everyone,

Did you catch Mollie, Rochelle, Vanessa and I performing on Stepping Out on Saturday night? I’m so happy to say the performance went really well. It was a huge production with all the dancers and skaters so it was great to pull it off. It’s funny because you spend what seems like ages rehearsing for a performance like that and then it’s over in a flash.




You might have seen a photo on Twitter of us meeting Mel B. Mollie and I were properly starstruck. She walked in to our dressing room and said hi and we were trying to play it cool, and then as soon as she left me and Mollie were so excited and screaming ‘Arghh! We’ve just met Mel B!’ We couldn’t believe that someone who was once on our posters on our bedroom walls had just walked into our dressing room!




I absolutely loved the Spice Girls when I was younger. I was the sporty one in my group of friends when I was younger so I was often likened to her. I never had a favourite though – I just loved them all and the fact that they had their own individual characteristics.




We managed to catch some of the performances before we went on stage and we were so impressed. The level is so high, their performances were flawless. Oritsé Williams and his girlfriend AJ Azari blew me away with their performance, they were just outstanding. Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen and his wife Jackie were great, as were Brian McFadden and his wife Vogue but I do think Oritsé and AJ will pip them to the post in the final next week.




I posted a little video of Aoife watching me and the girls performing on Saturday night. Our nanny Ruth videoed her in front of the TV in the kitchen in her highchair. At the beginning she’s leaning on her elbow, hand on her head and she’s not really bothered or watching properly. Then she starts getting in to the groove, and then she spots me and hears my voice – which is so cute to think that she’s getting more and more intelligent and recognising me and she’s just screaming ‘la la la’ and it was so cute. I couldn’t believe it when I saw it myself, my heart melted!

Speak to you all soon.

Lots of love Una xxx

04 September


The Sats loved all the cheers at Fusion Fest

Hi everyone,

Thanks for reading my blog.

The Sats had a great weekend performing at Fusion Fest. We went up to Birmingham for the day and us girls put on a good show! There were loads of different acts on — The Wanted were there, Ne-Yo, Labrinth and more. The crowds were absolutely loving it. I gave shout outs, so I asked, “Who’s looking forward to seeing Ne-Yo?” and the fans all gave a massive cheer. Then I said, “Who’s looking forward to seeing The Wanted?” and they all gave a cheer. And then I was a bit cheeky and asked, “Who’s looking forward to seeing us?” and they gave us a big cheer too so that was good!

We had such a great response and got to meet some of our fans before the show. It’s always lovely seeing how much support we have and it’s so sweet when they go out of their way and bring us presents. I remember I once mentioned that I love tea bags, and at one point I was getting loads of boxes of tea! It was really nice.




We always get really sweet letters too — I love the fan mail. It’s quite old school but some of our fans really make an effort to write nice words down on paper and I love holding onto the letters. Every year the nicest gift we all receive is a “birthday book” and I know an awful lot of planning and preparation goes into that. They’re compilations of messages and pictures. I have all my fan books from four or five years ago. I hold onto them because they’ve literally got pictures of everything we’ve done that year and things the Sats have said and it’s just lovely, such nice memorabilia — I feel so lucky.

I hope you’ve all had a chance to get out and enjoy this gorgeous weather! I hit the driving range with Ben to practise my swing and was loving the sunshine. Marvin (Rochelle’s husband), Niall (from One Direction) and Marvin’s friend Tom were there too so the boys went off and played on a separate golf course. I’m hoping that soon I’ll be able to join them and actually play a round, but at the moment I’m just a beginner and I’m learning how to play the game properly. I think I’m getting better but I’m definitely still a beginner!


una golf


Ben got me into it because we just went once for fun and I really enjoyed it, so it really took off from there. You do need to dedicate time though and what with being a mother and taking care of Aoife, when I do have a bit of down time I like to play golf. The boys are all of a similar standard really — I’m not being biased! Ben and Niall won that day, but they often switch up teams. They just love doing it for fun.

Hope you all have a good week.

Speak soon.

Love Una xxx

24 August


I’m thrilled that Michelle Heaton is expecting her second baby

Hello everyone,

It’s been a busy week for the Sats. After our performances at V, our new single Disco Love premiered on the radio. We spoke to Capital Radio and went along to Radio One for Scott Mills’ show to introduce it to listeners on Monday.

We think it’s a really fun track and can’t wait for you to see the video. It was great fun to shoot and there were lots of outfit changes – but that’s all I can say for now, you’ll have to wait until you see the video when it comes out next week… The cover might be a bit of a giveaway but I can confirm that the Sats do go to a roller disco in the video. My laces are the blue ones on the cover photo – I’ve got a bit of an Irish theme going on with the socks there.




We’ve had some fantastic feedback so far on the new single so we’ve got really high hopes for it. I’d love to know what you think of it.

I’m hoping to catch up with my good friend Michelle Heaton next week. She announced on Monday that she’s expecting her second baby and I’m absolutely thrilled for her and her husband Hugh. Their daughter Faith was born a couple of months before Aoife so it’s always lovely to see them together when we have our playdates. Michelle and I got to know each other through a mutual friend Tara a couple of years ago. Our friendship really grew when we were both pregnant. That’s often the way because you bond over sharing the experience.



The Sats have got shows on Friday and Saturday in Scarborough so lots to look forward to – hope to see some of you there.

Speak soon.

Love Una xxx


14 August


The Sats can’t wait to see Beyoncé at V Festival!

Hi everyone,

Thanks to those of you who came along to our Bluewater gig last Saturday. Our last few performances have been at festivals and racecourses so it was fun to be doing shows again. We love our own shows – seeing our fantastic fans out there in the crowd and singing along to our songs is a great feeling that’s really hard to beat.




Frankie announced that she’s taking a break from shows until she’s had her baby boy. Our routines are always quite physical so it’s better that to take things easy when you’re pregnant – the worst thing you can do is put your health at risk.



We helped one of our band members celebrate his birthday!


We’re really looking forward to performing at V Festival this weekend. It’s our third time performing there and this year we’ve got the honour of opening the main stages. It’s very exciting to think that we’re going to be performing on the same stage as the Kings of Leon and Beyoncé.




We love a good festival – the fun party atmosphere is really infectious. The V festival line up this year is a real corker. The Sats girls are getting there early so that we can see Beyoncé. I’ve never seen her live before – if her TV performances and reputation are anything to go by, she’s going to be amazing! Crazy in Love is the track I can’t wait to hear. I loved Destiny’s Child back in the day too – Say My Name and Survivor are classics.

I’m hoping to get to see the Script and Jason Mraz too – I’m a big fans of both of them. Those two would definitely feature in my fantasy festival line up – alongside my all-time favourite musician Sheryl Crow of course. It’s possibly not what you’d expect from a Sats girl but I have a singer-songwriter background and love a bit of chilled and country music.

Look out for my next post – I’ll be sharing my festival beauty and fashion must haves with you.

Speak soon.

Love from Una xxxxx

02 August


Celebrating five years of The Sats!

Hello lovely readers,

Hope you’ve all had a great week.

We shot the video for our new single Disco Love last week. There was lots to fit in but we managed it all in a day. Because there are various different storylines we had a few different looks so we got to dress up all day – the Sats were in their element!

Time has really flown by and last weekend the Sats celebrated their five year anniversary. I can’t believe it’s been half a decade since our first single If This Is Love.




If someone had asked me five years ago where I thought I’d be now, I’d never have imagined I would be Ben’s wife or that we’d have had a baby together! Five years ago I was single having just broken up with my boyfriend and I was living on my own in a little flat in London.

I don’t look back and think I was a different person or anything but I’m now a wife and a mother so I do feel older and wiser. I sometimes have to pinch myself when I come home from doing a job I love to our little family. I find their support and love very comforting and I wouldn’t give it up for anything in the world.




When someone asks you that question – “Where do you see yourself in however many years time?” – I find it impossible to answer. Of course you know where you’d like to be and you have hopes and dreams but you just don’t know where life will take you.

Five years is a long time for a girl band to be together and I’m very glad to say we’re still very much together. We’ve managed to make motherhood, families and marriage work alongside our careers and I think we’re very lucky to have done so – here’s to the next five years!

This weekend, Ben and I are going to a golf tournament for a charity of which he is a patron, Niamh’s Next Step. He’s playing but I don’t think I’m quite ready for a full round yet. I’m loving taking lessons and I’m improving lots so hopefully I’ll be able to play around before the end of the summer.

Happy Friday!

Speak soon.

Love Una xxxx

09 July


Frankie did a fantastic job performing in the heat at Hyde Park

Hi everyone,

Summer is finally here! Hope you’re enjoying this amazing weather we’ve been having.

The Sats performed in the Royal Albert Hall on Saturday night for The Rays of Sunshine concert. It’s such a beautiful venue and really fantastic cause.





The next day we played Hyde Park which was also brilliant – a real contrast to the night before in terms of the venue – but we loved every minute of both performances.

They were both two places on my ‘Venues I’d like to play’ bucket list so to have ticked two off in one weekend is pretty cool. The Rolling Stones had played Hyde Park the night before us so that made it feel very special.




I have to hand it to Frankie, she did such a fantastic job performing in the heat at the weekend. It was boiling, I’ve never been that hot on stage and I remember what it’s like to be pregnant in the heat – you feel about ten degrees hotter than anyone else. She’s about six months pregnant now and I kept looking across thinking ‘How is she doing this?’ But of course she did a great job of it.




Sunday’s gig was part of the ‘Barclaycard British Summertime’ and Sunday was the family day so it was the perfect time for Rochelle and I to bring our babies along. Ben couldn’t make it so our nanny Ruth came along and watched with Aoife from the side of the stage and Marvin was there with Alaia too.




Aoife is beginning to understand more and more about what her mummy is doing up there and I waved over a couple of times to get her attention. Our manager Peter said I looked like the proudest mum in the world looking back at her. I thought to myself ‘How cool is this that I’m singing on stage at Hyde Park and my little girl is watching me’. It was a really great moment.




Mollie told me something really funny that Aoife did yesterday that I thought I’d share with you… There’s lots of different acts over the summer playing in Hyde Park and there was a brochure lying round with a picture of J Lo on it because she’s playing there next weekend and she pointed to J Lo and said ‘Mama’. I thought ‘I’ll take that one’. It was probably just the hair or something but I thought I’d enjoy it anyway – that’s my girl!




Wimbledon was on in our dressing rooms on Sunday so we caught some of Andy Murray battling his way to victory. We were all so happy for him to win, he really deserved that. Mollie actually started crying with happiness! She saw Judy, Andy’s mum, crying and it started her off. It was really sweet.

So after a manic couple of weeks I’m off on holiday to Portugal with Ben and Aoife. I’m so looking forward to being away with my family and switching off for a while. It’ll be lovely to unwind.

Speak to you all soon.

Love Una xxx

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