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10 March


Ben and I love to do television marathons…

Hi everyone,


Hope you are all well and have had lovely weeks! When I’m not songwriting or recording with the band, I’ve been catching up on television shows I’m obsessed with.


I used to be a huge cinema fan, but since having Aoife I haven’t been nearly as much as I used to. However it’s meant that Ben and I have started being glued to television series. We spent so much time watching all three series of ‘The Killing’. We love to do television marathons – we once watched about 7 episodes in one day!


I’ve also been obsessing over an Irish drama called ‘Love/Hate’ – I like to follow Irish television because it feels like being home!


Ben and I were a bit stuck on what to watch next, but someone recommended ‘Luther’ so we’ve got the box set – I’ve heard such good things so I’m quite excited! What do you all like to watch?


Ben absolutely loves ‘Game of Thrones’ so I’ve been watching it a bit, although I drift in and out a bit. There’s always so much happening that it’s easy to lose track, plus characters keep being killed off and replaced so I sometimes forget who is who! Ben’s very excited that it will be back on television soon though.


When it comes to films I don’t really have a favourite – there’s so many options now, I feel like we’re all a bit spoiled for choice. I miss the days when as a child, you opened the TV guide and you had to pick one of the few films that were showing. It made it so exciting to choose, but nowadays with things like Netflix you have thousands of choices! Still, it’s nice to know there’s something for whatever mood you’re in.


Speak soon,


Love from Una xxx

24 February


I’m a bit worried Aoife is going to ask us for a real pony…

Hi everyone,


Hope you had a lovely weekend!


Aoife did something really cute the other day. Ben was watching television and I was in the kitchen calling out to him, but he didn’t hear me. Suddenly, Aoife ran in and yelled, “Ben!” at him, and found it so much fun she didn’t stop. Since then he keeps protesting, “I’m Daddy! Not Ben! Daddy!” but she’s not having it. I’m not going to help him, I think it’s funny!


She’s learning a lot – she knows how to say her own name now. If you ask her what her name is, she’ll say ‘Aoife’, and when she sees pictures of herself she points at them and giggles, ‘That’s Aoife!’. It’s so cute. If she sees a picture of her and I, she points and says, “That’s you, that’s me”. She used to recognise us but it’s the first time she’s been properly expressing it.



Every day she becomes more and more playful. The other day I was cleaning up and picking up her toys, and she jumped on me, pretending I was a horse! I think she plays that a lot with her grandmother and thought I wanted to play, so I went along with it. She absolutely loved it – I’m a bit worried she’s going to ask us for a real pony! Luckily, we have a big antique rocking horse that Ben’s mother got her, so we can give her that, but at the moment she’s still a bit too small, I worry she would fall off!


Another game she loves is hide and seek, especially when she plays it with Ben in the evening. She laughs so much when we hide around the corner and jump out at her. Her favourite toys are her little Fisher Price people, especially her Princess Castle. She’s also obsessed with a little farm she has and the toy farm animals. I’d love to live in the countryside one day, I think it’s a great place to bring up kids because there’s so much space for them to run around in.


Speak soon,


Love from Una xxx

13 February


I remember my worst haircut ever…

Hi everyone,


Hope you are having a lovely week, despite the grey and rainy weather!


Ben and I took Aoife to a sing-a-long of Disney’s Frozen a few days ago. The atmosphere was great as all the kids sang along. Even the adults joined in – I think they might have been even more into it than the children!


Aoife enjoyed it for about 10 minutes, then decided to get up from her seat and run around. It was the first time we had ever taken her to the cinema, but I’ve realised now she’s still a bit too young. I was a bit disappointed we had to leave early as the film looked really good, so Ben and I are going to go and see it if we can.


I really love the new hairstyle Amanda Holden debuted at Britain’s Got Talent, it looks great. I like to leave my hair down generally, although I like a chic updo for the red carpet. When I’m around the house, I prefer a messy bun – it’s so easy to do and it keeps my hair out of my face.


I remember at the beginning of the Saturdays, I had my worst haircut ever. The hairdresser at the time convinced me to cut a fringe in, and I hated it! I tried to hide it by parting it in the centre, but that only made it worse because then it looked like I had curtains. It was awful. So for our very first music video, If This is Love, I had dead straight hair with curtains. Luckily nowadays I can laugh about it, but I definitely won’t be repeating that style again.


I love to use Kérastase products in my hair, as my locks go through a lot of stress. I leave their products in my hair overnight, about once a week, and I also use their shampoo. It’s great because my hair is coloured, so it helps lock in the shine.


When I was younger, I dyed my hair all the time. I’ve been blonde, dark brown, black. I’ve even had blonde highlights, but they were hard to maintain because my natural hair colour is mahogany brown, so they needed a lot of upkeep. I love the colour I have now, it’s becoming my signature look.


Aoife’s hair is amazingly silky and thick. I play with it all the time, doing different styles such as pigtails, buns and ponytails. I have to put her in front of the television to get her to sit still though, otherwise she gets distracted starts moving around a lot.


Speak soon,
Love from Una xxx

15 November


Vanessa’s birthday party summed her up perfectly

Hi everyone

Hope you’re having a great week. I’ve had so much on so it’s been a while since I’ve written my blog but I’ve got lots to tell you all.

Ben is back in the England team which is brilliant. He played in the England v Argentina match last weekend and he’ll be playing the All Blacks this weekend too.  I’m so happy to see him back at his best after the terrible injury lost him his place from the England team temporarily.



I went to Twickenham to support with my two oldest friends Catherine and Frances who had come over from Ireland to visit. I’ve known them since I was four years old so we’ve been through everything in our lives together. They don’t know me as Una from the Saturdays, they just know me as Una. I like to think I’ve stayed true to myself through the years and having them as friends has helped to keep me grounded. They still live where my home town Thurles so it was nice to catch up on the town gossip too!




Frances ended up wearing Ben’s shoes for part of the evening! We were all glammed up for the rugby because we were going to Vanessa’s birthday party afterwards and Frances was wearing really uncomfortable shoes. I’d brought Ben’s shoes with me because he’d forgotten them so she thought she’d slip them on to give herself a break from the heels. We really got the giggles seeing her wear his massive shoes!




Vanessa’s birthday party was brilliant. It was at her boyfriend’s mum’s pub in north London. Lots of people we knew were there and it was a really relaxed evening – that’s what Vanessa is all about. She just loves having a good time and she’s got no airs and graces – I really love that about her. It was a really fun evening  as I knew it would be. Rochelle, Mollie, Vanessa and I got on the karaoke and Marvin, Ben and Vanessa’s boyfriend Gary got together for a photo.




Speak to you all soon.


Love from Una xxx

26 June


Photos from our family weekend in Cheshire

Hello lovely readers,

Thanks for checking out my blog.

I was away for the weekend with Ben and Aoife with his family in Cheshire and got back on Monday evening.



Mummy, Daddy and Aoife


We were lucky to have a few days up there and spent time with friends and Ben’s family. Ben was away in Argentina for three weeks with the England rugby team recently and we’d all really missed him so it was great to catch up with everyone.



Aoife loving the swing!


Aoife is really lucky in that she has two sets of doting grandparents as well as great-grandparents on Ben’s side of the family.



Aoife with her great-grandmother


One of Ben’s sisters has three kids and they have lots of fun with little Aoife even though they’re quite a bit older than her. I’ve got quite a small immediate family because I only have one sister but I’ve got an amazing 60 first cousins! My dad was one of fifteen children which resulted in lots of cousins for me so it’s weird that Aoife has just three.



Aoife is well looked after by her big cousins


One of Ben’s friends threw a housewarming barbecue on Friday afternoon and luckily it was quite sunny. They all discovered beer pong in the States a few years ago and now take the whole thing very seriously which is quite funny to watch!



Ben loves a bit of beer pong!


Our single Gentleman is coming out on Sunday so it’s like the calm before the storm at the moment because we’ll have lots going on to promote the new track.



I went straight from meeting Prince Charles at the Marie Curie opening to the BBQ


I’ve made the most of this quiet period and have been playing lots of golf. I played my first nine holes last week with Ben – I think I’ve caught the golfing bug and now I want to play all the time.

He’s got great patience and he’s a lot more advanced than me. My coach doesn’t want me to learn from anyone else and as Ben is self-taught I don’t really go to him for advice. But he gives me the odd tip which is handy.

Hope you like the photos!

Speak soon

Love from Una xxx

18 June


My trip down memory lane, Ireland

Hi everyone,

I can’t wait to tell you about my trip to Ireland. It was so nice going back home for a week with Aoife, and catching up with old friends who I’ve known since I was a child.

One night my friend Katherine threw a dinner party, and our task was to bring along old photographs of ourselves from when we were younger. Some of them I just couldn’t share with you all!


school days

Looking too cool for school back in the day — I’m on the right!


This was one of my favourites though. I think I was about 16 at the time, hanging out with my friends. We thought we looked so cool, too cool to smile. I can’t believe how we dressed, the long denim skirts and trainers. We had such a laugh going through everyone’s photographs, passing them around and thinking, “Oh God, I can’t remember that!”

We also went down with my sister and parents to a little village called Clonakilty in Cork, and Aoife absolutely loved it. We stayed in a coastal hotel which was beautiful and overlooked the sea.


Me and Aoife braving the windy beach

Me and Aoife braving the windy beach


I could tell Aoife really enjoyed it. She had all this space to run around, she loved the freedom. She also loved playing with Jackson and Bono, my parents’ dogs. She absolutely loves dogs, looking at them and woofing at them!



Aoife making new friends


I thought it was going to be lovely and sunny but as soon as we got onto the beach it was pouring with rain and so windy. We had amazing food though. I get really excited about Irish food because a lot of stuff you can’t get here, so I tend to overindulge. I am mad about crab claws and had to take a picture!



Crab claws — my favourite Irish food!


I do go back to Ireland quite regularly, and still call it home. I have thought about raising Aoife in Ireland if it was possible, maybe in the future but for now we’ll see. It all really depends on mine and Ben’s schedule.

Speaking of which, Ben has just got back from his rugby tour in Argentina. He’s been away for three weeks, so I can’t wait to have proper family time with him! He got a card from Aoife on Father’s Day so was happy with that and we saw him on Skype every day.

Anyway, bye for now.

Thanks for reading.

Love Una xxxx

09 May


A trip to the zoo with Aoife Belle

Hello lovely readers,


Hope you’re having a great week and made the most of the gorgeous weather while it lasted.


Aoife and I had a lovely day out at the zoo on Tuesday. We hadn’t been to a proper zoo before so it was a really exciting day out for her.




She was really taken with the giraffe but she loves all animals really. She woofs at them regardless of whether it’s a dog or not which is quite funny.


We’d love to get a puppy but I think it’s best we wait until Aoife is a bit older so that she appreciates it more and can take care of it. I had lots of pets when I was growing up, our house was practically a zoo!


Sadly Ben couldn’t come because he was busy training with the Northampton Saints. It’s a big week for him because his team is through to the semi-final of the premiership so they’ve got a big match against Saracens on Sunday.


Our nanny Ruth came though. We hired her recently to look after little Aoife at home during the day when Ben or I can’t be there and we treat her as part of the family.

The weather was perfect for our day out. I think we’re quite deprived of Vitamin D here in the UK so I’m really glad the sun has been out recently. When I was pregnant I found out I was deficient in Vitamin D so I started taking supplements to boost my levels.  Although I love lying out in the sun, I do take care not to over expose my skin and it’s really important that Aoife is protected with her sunblock too. I always wear sunscreen and I use an especially high factor on my face because I’m prone to getting a burnt face and also I want to keep risk of wrinkles to a minimum!

Love Una xx


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