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19 September


Filming my new TV show, missing my little girl and buying gifts for Frankie’s baby boy

Hi everyone,

Thanks for reading my blog – hope you’re enjoying it.

I’m writing this post on my way back from Ireland this week. It’s so great to be working over here. I’ve been filming for my new TV show Una’s Dream Ticket. I’m presenting the show which grants under 16s their dreams and wishes so it’s a really warm, light-hearted programme and I’m loving the experience. On Monday I had a day of back to back interviews with some of the lovely contestants. They’ve been telling me about their dreams – people they want to meet or jobs they’d love to do – and they have been really sweet. It’s an RTE production so it’s only going to air in Ireland and it’ll go out towards the end of this year.




I’m really missing my little girl Aoife this week. It’s the first time that both Ben and I have been away from her for a few days and we’re both suffering, as well as missing each other. But we know she’s being very well looked after by Ben’s parents in Cheshire and is having an amazing time. We’re checking up on her all the time and her grandmother has been telling me how she’s loving their cats and dogs and spending time with her cousins. Hopefully she’ll be calling for her Mama in a couple of days – it’s funny how you really want your children to miss you. Ben is going to pick her up today so that she’s there when I get home. I can’t bear to be apart from her for too long so I’ll be taking her with me to the Sats’ rehearsals at the end of the week.

The Sats flew over to Ireland for a couple of days because to film a performance for the show and it’s been great having them here. We’re missing Frankie of course – I saw her last week and she said she was getting a bit bored which is unsurprising given how busy life usually is as a member of the Saturdays. I told her that once her little baby boy arrives she will never, ever say those words ever again and she was happy to hear that! She’s due next month and we’re all very excited about her new arrival. It feels like Frankie’s had a bump forever so it’ll just be wonderful to meet him and I can’t wait for Aoife to meet him either. I’ve already bought a couple of baby gifts and want to get a few more bits once he’s born. It’s best not to get too many newborn outfits because they outgrow them so quickly. I want to get him some clothes for when he’s around six months old and some toys that I think he might have fun with.

I can’t believe how cold it has got recently. It’s a real shock to the system and I’ve gone from summery dresses back to tights overnight. Although I love the sunshine, there are definite advantages to the colder months like if you haven’t got time to fake tan or, dare I say it, shave your legs!

I bought an amazing Reiss coat in the sales at the end of last season that I can’t wait to start wearing. It’s a sheepskin coat and although it was a real splurge, it’s a classic investment piece that I’ll have forever. It looks so cosy and I think it’ll be really versatile too – so expect to see me wearing that a lot this winter. I’m also looking forward to digging out my favourite studded Chloe ankle boots. When it gets really cold I’ll be popping my Uggs on. I know they’re not so fashionable anymore but they just can’t be beaten for toasty feet in the winter. Aoife’s winter-ready too – I’ve got her a pair of dinky red wellies so she can splash in puddles to her heart’s content!

I can’t wait to tell you more about the Sats’ rehearsals which are taking place tomorrow… very exciting!

Speak soon.

With love, Una xxxx

29 August


The Sats get on wonderfully well

Hi everyone,

Hope you’re having a good week and enjoyed the bank holiday weekend.

It’s amazing that Miley Cyrus’s VMA performance was still trending three days after she did it. She certainly got everyone talking and the viewing figures were apparently much higher this year, no doubt in part because of her performance.

Miley is going down a different road now that she’s a grown woman rather than a Disney teenager. Personally, I don’t see why she shouldn’t. She’s her own person and she should be free to express herself. Madonna was always controversial with her outfits and performances and of course Lady Gaga has shocked people in the past. I can see how it might offend some people but personally I really enjoyed it.

That track Blurred Lines by Robin Thicke really makes you want to get up and dance. It’s one of my favourite songs of this year, a real feel good tune. The only bad thing I have to say about it is that it didn’t win an award when it really should have!




When you’re in the public eye, you do get used to things being written about you that aren’t necessarily true. Recently we saw a few stories about The Sats not getting on and although we don’t normally rise to rumours, this one just couldn’t be further from the truth. Our group get on wonderfully well and spent lots of time together at V Festival so I’m not sure where they came from.

After V, we had more shows in Scarborough and Liverpool. We love doing gigs up north and we often say that the further north you go, the louder, bigger and better the crowds are (not to say that they’re bad down south, we love our fans everywhere but there’s definitely a different vibe up north).




One of my most memorable gigs ever was actually in Glasgow, the crowd were just buzzing. It was our first-ever headline show and there were around 3,500 people and I just remember being really taken aback by it all. Seeing all the faces in the crowd, the big screens and feeling the excitement, we all looked at each other at one point and we were like “I can’t believe this is happening!”.

Our Friday night gig was in Scarborough in a really cute and unique venue right next to the beach. It was outdoors and there was a little lake in front of the stage, we’d never played in a place like that before and it’s good to do something different.

On Sunday we had a radio gig with Juice FM in Liverpool which was really fun. As we drove through Liverpool we all said how lovely it was, the buildings were really beautiful. Apparently the shopping is amazing too but unfortunately we didn’t have time to put it to the test.

I love how the Liverpool girls really make an effort for their nights out. That’s often the best part of the night, the getting ready with your friends, trying on different outfits, doing your hair and makeup and catching up with everyone.

Speak to you soon!

Love Una xxxx


09 July


Frankie did a fantastic job performing in the heat at Hyde Park

Hi everyone,

Summer is finally here! Hope you’re enjoying this amazing weather we’ve been having.

The Sats performed in the Royal Albert Hall on Saturday night for The Rays of Sunshine concert. It’s such a beautiful venue and really fantastic cause.





The next day we played Hyde Park which was also brilliant – a real contrast to the night before in terms of the venue – but we loved every minute of both performances.

They were both two places on my ‘Venues I’d like to play’ bucket list so to have ticked two off in one weekend is pretty cool. The Rolling Stones had played Hyde Park the night before us so that made it feel very special.




I have to hand it to Frankie, she did such a fantastic job performing in the heat at the weekend. It was boiling, I’ve never been that hot on stage and I remember what it’s like to be pregnant in the heat – you feel about ten degrees hotter than anyone else. She’s about six months pregnant now and I kept looking across thinking ‘How is she doing this?’ But of course she did a great job of it.




Sunday’s gig was part of the ‘Barclaycard British Summertime’ and Sunday was the family day so it was the perfect time for Rochelle and I to bring our babies along. Ben couldn’t make it so our nanny Ruth came along and watched with Aoife from the side of the stage and Marvin was there with Alaia too.




Aoife is beginning to understand more and more about what her mummy is doing up there and I waved over a couple of times to get her attention. Our manager Peter said I looked like the proudest mum in the world looking back at her. I thought to myself ‘How cool is this that I’m singing on stage at Hyde Park and my little girl is watching me’. It was a really great moment.




Mollie told me something really funny that Aoife did yesterday that I thought I’d share with you… There’s lots of different acts over the summer playing in Hyde Park and there was a brochure lying round with a picture of J Lo on it because she’s playing there next weekend and she pointed to J Lo and said ‘Mama’. I thought ‘I’ll take that one’. It was probably just the hair or something but I thought I’d enjoy it anyway – that’s my girl!




Wimbledon was on in our dressing rooms on Sunday so we caught some of Andy Murray battling his way to victory. We were all so happy for him to win, he really deserved that. Mollie actually started crying with happiness! She saw Judy, Andy’s mum, crying and it started her off. It was really sweet.

So after a manic couple of weeks I’m off on holiday to Portugal with Ben and Aoife. I’m so looking forward to being away with my family and switching off for a while. It’ll be lovely to unwind.

Speak to you all soon.

Love Una xxx

08 May


‘The Sats are absolutely thrilled that Frankie and Wayne are expecting a baby’

saturdays-1-zHi everyone,

 Hope you had a lovely bank holiday weekend.

The Sats are absolutely thrilled that Frankie and Wayne are expecting a baby. We’re so excited for a third Sats baby and we think they’re going to be wonderful parents. We’d known about their exciting news for a while because Frankie told us straight away. I did the same thing when I found out I was expecting, it’d be really hard to keep it a secret because it’s such exciting news so you naturally want to share it.

There were a few times when I almost let the news about their baby slip! In various interviews they would ask about the Sats getting married and having children and Frankie’s news was in the tip of my tongue but luckily we kept it under wraps.


It seems like we’re all becoming mummies now. Just because we’re in a band it doesn’t mean we’re any different to other women. We meet people, we fall in love then we want to get married and have babies!

una-healy-golfI think it’s great that women can have children and still manage a career nowadays.

I worked as far as I could into my pregnancy and returned quite soon after having Aoife but I never sacrificed my family time, it’s very precious to me. I’ve showed Rochelle and Frankie that it is possible to juggle the two. I’m always there for them and very happy to give advice if they need it.

We saw Rochelle last week. She’s doing great, she’s really fit and healthy. There are only a few weeks to go until her and Marvin’s baby is due and I think she’s got to that point in her pregnancy where she really wants to meet the baby and of course the Sats aunties can’t wait either!

I’m off to the driving range with Ben tonight. We went at the weekend with Aoife and some friends and I’m totally hooked. We started off on the crazy golf then we hit some balls. I’ve never played properly before but Ben and my dad are both pretty good so I’m really keen to get into it.

Ben is trying to teach me but I’m probably going to need some proper lessons. He’s told me I’ve got a really good swing. When I was younger I would sometimes go along with my dad and I couldn’t even get the ball off of the tee but now I can swing and lift the ball off the ground so that feels like an achievement in itself!

Hopefully the weather will last because I really want to get better at it, I’m so busy with the band and being a mum but I do still want to have another outlet and I think golf could be my new thing! It strikes me as being very relaxing and it’s always good to get outdoors.

I’d love to hear what you’ve been up to in the sunshine.

Love from Una x


17 April


Frankie’s gorgeous engagement ring and The Saturdays in Munich


Thanks for checking out my blog. I’ve really enjoyed reading all of your comments and can’t wait to hear your feedback on this update.

The Saturdays have not long been back from Germany, that was a really fun trip and it was doubly exciting because Frankie had announced her engagement to Wayne Bridge just before we set off.

We’re all so delighted for them. They’re such a lovely couple. Frankie’s ring is so unbelievably gorgeous. Her close friends and family weren’t far away when Wayne proposed so she’d celebrated with them then. We haven’t had the chance to celebrate properly as a band yet but if Frankie hosts an engagement party, we’ll all be there.

Frankie, Vanessa, Mollie and I were in Munich to promote the E! Entertainment channel which has just launched out there. Chasing The Saturdays is their flagship programme — over there it’s called Der Weg Nach Oben, which is the only German I learnt while I was there! It means ‘On their way up’ I’m told.

We’ve travelled a lot as a band and we’ve stayed in all sorts of places, some nice and some not so nice, depending on what the budget is for whatever we’re doing.


But this one was by far the best ever. It was so gorgeous and the staff were lovely to us. It was the perfect base for our time in the city.

It was my first time in Munich. We were working lots with a couple of events, a few interviews and we had a performance one night so we didn’t get to see much of the city sadly. But while we were there we went for a couple of really nice dinners as a group. We always try and do that when we’re away.

Munich is definitely somewhere I’d like to go back to. It’s got a good vibe, it’s the kind of place I’d like to go with my husband Ben some time. We like exploring new cities when we go away. Vienna’s not far away and it supposed to be really romantic so that might be a trip for us to do together in the future.

Love from Una x

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