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04 September


The Sats loved all the cheers at Fusion Fest

Hi everyone,

Thanks for reading my blog.

The Sats had a great weekend performing at Fusion Fest. We went up to Birmingham for the day and us girls put on a good show! There were loads of different acts on — The Wanted were there, Ne-Yo, Labrinth and more. The crowds were absolutely loving it. I gave shout outs, so I asked, “Who’s looking forward to seeing Ne-Yo?” and the fans all gave a massive cheer. Then I said, “Who’s looking forward to seeing The Wanted?” and they all gave a cheer. And then I was a bit cheeky and asked, “Who’s looking forward to seeing us?” and they gave us a big cheer too so that was good!

We had such a great response and got to meet some of our fans before the show. It’s always lovely seeing how much support we have and it’s so sweet when they go out of their way and bring us presents. I remember I once mentioned that I love tea bags, and at one point I was getting loads of boxes of tea! It was really nice.




We always get really sweet letters too — I love the fan mail. It’s quite old school but some of our fans really make an effort to write nice words down on paper and I love holding onto the letters. Every year the nicest gift we all receive is a “birthday book” and I know an awful lot of planning and preparation goes into that. They’re compilations of messages and pictures. I have all my fan books from four or five years ago. I hold onto them because they’ve literally got pictures of everything we’ve done that year and things the Sats have said and it’s just lovely, such nice memorabilia — I feel so lucky.

I hope you’ve all had a chance to get out and enjoy this gorgeous weather! I hit the driving range with Ben to practise my swing and was loving the sunshine. Marvin (Rochelle’s husband), Niall (from One Direction) and Marvin’s friend Tom were there too so the boys went off and played on a separate golf course. I’m hoping that soon I’ll be able to join them and actually play a round, but at the moment I’m just a beginner and I’m learning how to play the game properly. I think I’m getting better but I’m definitely still a beginner!


una golf


Ben got me into it because we just went once for fun and I really enjoyed it, so it really took off from there. You do need to dedicate time though and what with being a mother and taking care of Aoife, when I do have a bit of down time I like to play golf. The boys are all of a similar standard really — I’m not being biased! Ben and Niall won that day, but they often switch up teams. They just love doing it for fun.

Hope you all have a good week.

Speak soon.

Love Una xxx

21 August


Getting ready with the Sats at V

Hi everyone,

Thanks for reading my blog, I hope you’re enjoying it. Lots of fans were asking about our V Festival outfits and hair and make-up so I thought I’d tell you about my festival look.



It takes us a while to get glammed up before we go on stage – probably a couple of hours in total. In terms of our outfits, we really wanted to go for something bright and colourful given that V is a summer festival. My fringed skirt was so much fun to wear – it was handmade and it was inspired by a Kenzo skirt that I’d worn previously. My boots were from Dune. Our outfits were designed by our stylist and there were a few bits of high street stuff in there from Topshop and Missguided.

Our stylist Frank Strachan has an idea of what he’d like us to look like and we try out a few different combinations before deciding what to wear. He knows us well now and knows what we like and don’t like.



I felt that because we were at a festival, I could be a bit experimental so I went for something a bit different with my hair. I had one plait on the side on Saturday and then I had two plaits with a quiff in the middle yesterday. I didn’t do anything too crazy with my makeup, I kept it pretty simple and let the outfit and my hair do the talking.

When we’re performing we like to have extensions in because they give your hair lots more body and length which means it’s fun to swish around. It saves your own hair too. Nick, our hairdresser, uses a lot of heat in our hair to style it so it’s better to put that through the extensions and not sacrifice your own!


I tend to go easy on the jewellery for performances because we’re moving around a lot. I steer clear of necklaces but make up for it with some bangles and big earrings which are a lot more practical when you’re on stage.

While I was backstage and in the Louder Lounge, I wore Guess outfits on both days – a playsuit on Saturday and a dress on Sunday. I teamed my playsuit with a red leather jacket from Oasis and a pair of Steve Maden boots and I wore the dress with Isabel Marant boots.

Did any of you see us at V? Hope you enjoyed the show.

Speak soon.

Love Una xxx

21 August


Niall from One Direction is such a lovely lad

Hi everyone,

The Sats are still buzzing from V Festival – it was an amazing weekend, we loved every minute – both on stage and off stage.

Rochelle and I had our husbands watching from the side of the stage which was wonderful and Niall from One Direction was there with them too.




Niall is really close to Marvin and Rochelle and of course the One Direction boys were at their wedding last year. Niall is such a lovely lad, they all are. Lots of people were asking Niall and I to get together for a photo while we were at the festival so we did – and Twitter went crazy for it! We talked about all things Irish as you can imagine. Laura Whitmore was there too and everyone was joking saying “oh all the Irish are here, watch out, we’ve got an Irish invasion on our hands!”




The Sats saw Beyoncé and thought she was absolutely brilliant. She puts on a great show – the dancers, her band and of course Bey herself. I have to say though that I was a little bit disappointed not to hear more of her classic songs, there was lots of new material that I wasn’t so familiar with but that didn’t stop me enjoying it at all. Rochelle is a huge Beyoncé fan so knew every word!




I loved Beyoncé’s new hair, I wasn’t so keen on the pixie crop but I think the new bob suits her perfectly. We were lucky to get right up to the side of the stage to see her and we were joined by Danny from the Script, Katy B, Alexandra Burke and Tulisa.

In my next post I’ll be telling you all about my festival fashion, hair and makeup looks so stay tuned!

Love from Una xxxx

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