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16 January


Aoife has picked up an adorable Irish accent

Hi everyone

Hope you’re all well. My little girl Aoife Belle has just been chatting away to me in her new Irish accent – and it’s adorable! She picked it up while we were over in Ireland at New Year. It’s amazing how quickly young children can pick an accent up. She’s taken to calling me ‘Mammy’ rather than ‘Mummy’ now – I think she must’ve heard me saying it to my mother. She tried saying ‘Granny’ a lot while we were over there but that comes out as ‘Danny’ at the moment which is really cute.




While we were in Ireland my TV show Una’s Dream Ticket was on. I got a real kick out of seeing kids live their dreams and I watched a few of them back. I was really happy with how my solo presenting went but the most satisfying part of it all was seeing the smiles on their faces when their dreams came true.

Aoife saw me on the screen a couple of times but it was difficult to tear her away from her new presents – she couldn’t be separated from her new colouring book for days! She was so spoilt this Christmas – especially by my sister who bought her a huge hamper of presents. Aoife woke up to find that Father Christmas (or Santy as we call him in Ireland) had delivered her presents at the end of her cot – she was beside herself with excitement!

Speak soon

Una xxx

22 December


Having children brings back the magic of Christmas

Hi everyone


Have you got your Christmas shopping done? I was pretty well prepared this year and am enjoying not rushing around trying to get it all done.

Aoife’s got a massive stocking from us this year. There are loads of toys, some cute clothes and a few surprises in there for her. She’s still loving Mickey Mouse so there’s a few related bits and bobs in there for her.

Having children brings back the magic of Christmas – it’s all the excitement, the waking up early and the sound of them playing with their new toys. As much as I love receiving gifts, I really like to give them to people too. I put lots of thought into what I buy my friends and family so I love giving the presents out and seeing their reactions.




Ben and I are like big kids at Christmas. We do a stocking for each other full of fun, silly things and we both love opening all the little surprises. Neither of us are particularly extravagant though – we both think that lavish gifts aren’t the way to show each other you love each other. Ben did treat me to a gorgeous eternity ring last Christmas though. That was a wonderful surprise but obviously it’s a once in a lifetime kind of gift so I’m really not expecting him to top that this year.

This is my last blog post before Christmas so I’d just like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas – hope you have a really lovely break.

Lots of love from Una xxxx

20 December


Aoife will be a little Queen Bee at the dinner table this Christmas

Hello lovely readers

How are you all doing? I’m so ready for Christmas now. I was just listening to The Pogues’ Fairytale of New York – that’s hands down my favourite Christmas song.

Aoife was too young to really enjoy last Christmas properly, I think this year will be a little different though. She’s been enjoying her advent calendar although I’m not keen on her having lots of chocolate so she’s got a tiny one. She’s actually got quite a sophisticated palette already. She loves her greens (broccoli is a current favourite) and she’s mad about avocados and even olives.




She’ll be sat at the head of the table for Christmas dinner, a little queen bee. Last year we were over in Ireland and we didn’t have her highchair so she sat in her stroller for lunch but this year it’ll be different. Aoife will be in the thick of the action with her cracker hat on and loving her lunch no doubt.

This year we’re spending Christmas with Ben’s family and some of our friends, I think there will be about 15 of us in total. Everyone will much in with the cooking – I’m planning to do a baked camembert and cranberry dish. She’ll be really spoilt by everyone and totally doted on on the 25th because she’ll be the only child there. Her big cousins are coming over on Boxing Day though so it won’t be just adult company though. On the 27th I’ll be flying with Aoife to Ireland to spend New Year with my family. Ben has got to go back to training though so unfortunately he won’t be able to join us.

Speak soon.

Love Una xxx

12 December


My mum is my number one fan

Hey everyone,

Who’s feeling Christmassy? I definitely am! I’ve almost finished my Christmas shopping, I’ve got just a couple more bits to get which I’m hoping I can do at the airport when the Sats fly up to Glasgow for a gig at the weekend.




It was so lovely to have Frankie back with us to perform the Top of the Pops Christmas special. I chose a eye-popping pink dress for that, quite a fun and festive look. We also all got together to perform on Strictly last weekend. We went for a sophisticated black and gold look. I really loved the black Hervé Léger bandage dress I wore for that.




You’ll be seeing a lot of the Saturdays on TV on Christmas day – in Ireland you’ll be able to watch the first of the Una’s Dream Ticket series, Rochelle will be performing on the Strictly Christmas special and the five of us will be on TOTP.


photo 4


I’m not really one for watching myself on TV – I’ve already done the filming and I’m happy with how it went so that’s enough for me. I’m spending Christmas with Ben’s family and some of our friends so if they want to watch it then I won’t stop them. I know my mother will definitely be tuning in – she always does, she’s my number one fan!

Speak to you all soon.

Love from Una xxxx


04 December


You’ll see all five Saturdays back together before the end of the year

Hi everyone

How are you? Ben and I took Aoife to the UGG grotto last week and we couldn’t help but get in the mood for all things Christmassy. I’m really in the mood for Christmas now and am pleased to say that I’m quite ahead with my shopping too. I know what I want to get everyone but it’s just a question of going out and getting it or ordering it now. I’m not too stressed about it though, it’s all under control!




I can’t wait to see Rochelle perform on the Strictly Christmas special. She’s a great dancer and she’s up for the challenge. She’s expecting it to be quite intense and knows that the routines are a very high standard but I know she’s more than capable and I know she’s going to be great.

We rehearse our routines quite a bit but always make sure they’re within all our abilities. All the girls are brilliant dancers but if I had to pick, I’d say Frankie is truly exceptional. We really like the fact that our fans can pick them up at home too, plus we’re very much about our singing too so we don’t want to be out of breath. We’re very lucky to have great dancers who often perform with us – they’re amazing so we leave the really technical stuff to them.

Speaking of our dancing queen Frankie, we saw her last week. She’s on such great form and we’re so glad she wants to get back to work. Parker is really well too, such a cutie. I’ve bought him a super cosy Ralph Lauren Christmas jumper which I can’t wait to see him wearing.

You’ll see us back together as a five-piece before the end of the year because we’ve got a couple of Christmas specials coming up so keep your peepers peeled!

Speak soon.

Love Una xxx

22 November


I can’t wait to take Aoife to Santa’s grotto

Hey everyone

Thanks to everyone who took part in my live Twitter Q&A at HELLO! HQ on Thursday. I really enjoyed talking to you and answering your questions.

Rochelle revealed that she had already put her Christmas tree up the other day – she’s mad! I’m feeling quite Christmassy but I’m not quite ready for that yet. I won’t be putting mine up until December. I’m also looking forward to wearing some Christmas jumpers, I’ve got quite a collection. There’s a shop called A Wear in Ireland which I love and I’ve bought a few from there. I’ve got one from Truffle Shuffle too. Christmas jumpers are so naff to the point that they’re cool – and I’m totally embracing it!

I dug out a couple of Instagram photos from last Christmas to share with you.




I’m excited to take Aoife to see Santa at the grotto too. I don’t think she’ll be able to fully appreciate what’s going on yet because she’s still so young but she’ll definitely enjoy all the fun that’s going on. She gets spoiled by all our family and friends and no doubt there will be heaps more toys in the house after Christmas. Luckily she loves her toys and nothing goes untouched! I think next year will be the year she really gets into festive stuff and Santa Claus.




I’ll be watching Santa Claus The Movie and Home Alone before long to really get me in the mood. I love a good Christmas soap too. They get really good this time of year. I don’t follow them for most of the year but I tune in in December and figure out what’s going on – there’s always a really dramatic cliffhanger which I love.

We’ve still got a few weeks to go until Christmas though and the Sats have got a few gigs on – i’ll keep you posted on everything that’s going on here.

With love, Una xxx


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