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20 December


Aoife will be a little Queen Bee at the dinner table this Christmas

Hello lovely readers

How are you all doing? I’m so ready for Christmas now. I was just listening to The Pogues’ Fairytale of New York – that’s hands down my favourite Christmas song.

Aoife was too young to really enjoy last Christmas properly, I think this year will be a little different though. She’s been enjoying her advent calendar although I’m not keen on her having lots of chocolate so she’s got a tiny one. She’s actually got quite a sophisticated palette already. She loves her greens (broccoli is a current favourite) and she’s mad about avocados and even olives.




She’ll be sat at the head of the table for Christmas dinner, a little queen bee. Last year we were over in Ireland and we didn’t have her highchair so she sat in her stroller for lunch but this year it’ll be different. Aoife will be in the thick of the action with her cracker hat on and loving her lunch no doubt.

This year we’re spending Christmas with Ben’s family and some of our friends, I think there will be about 15 of us in total. Everyone will much in with the cooking – I’m planning to do a baked camembert and cranberry dish. She’ll be really spoilt by everyone and totally doted on on the 25th because she’ll be the only child there. Her big cousins are coming over on Boxing Day though so it won’t be just adult company though. On the 27th I’ll be flying with Aoife to Ireland to spend New Year with my family. Ben has got to go back to training though so unfortunately he won’t be able to join us.

Speak soon.

Love Una xxx

04 December


You’ll see all five Saturdays back together before the end of the year

Hi everyone

How are you? Ben and I took Aoife to the UGG grotto last week and we couldn’t help but get in the mood for all things Christmassy. I’m really in the mood for Christmas now and am pleased to say that I’m quite ahead with my shopping too. I know what I want to get everyone but it’s just a question of going out and getting it or ordering it now. I’m not too stressed about it though, it’s all under control!




I can’t wait to see Rochelle perform on the Strictly Christmas special. She’s a great dancer and she’s up for the challenge. She’s expecting it to be quite intense and knows that the routines are a very high standard but I know she’s more than capable and I know she’s going to be great.

We rehearse our routines quite a bit but always make sure they’re within all our abilities. All the girls are brilliant dancers but if I had to pick, I’d say Frankie is truly exceptional. We really like the fact that our fans can pick them up at home too, plus we’re very much about our singing too so we don’t want to be out of breath. We’re very lucky to have great dancers who often perform with us – they’re amazing so we leave the really technical stuff to them.

Speaking of our dancing queen Frankie, we saw her last week. She’s on such great form and we’re so glad she wants to get back to work. Parker is really well too, such a cutie. I’ve bought him a super cosy Ralph Lauren Christmas jumper which I can’t wait to see him wearing.

You’ll see us back together as a five-piece before the end of the year because we’ve got a couple of Christmas specials coming up so keep your peepers peeled!

Speak soon.

Love Una xxx

19 November


Frankie is really looking forward to coming back to work

Hey everyone

Did you catch the rugby at the weekend? Even though they were beaten by the All Blacks, England put up a really good fight. I loved watching Ben playing and seeing the Haka was great too. I caught up with some of Ben’s teammates’ partners too. Watching Ben at Twickenham over the past three weeks has been amazing. I can’t wait for Aoife to get a bit older so she can enjoy it too.




The Sats are going on tour next year which is very exciting. We haven’t done one since the All Fired Up tour in 2011 so we can’t wait to get started. We didn’t want to do it without Frankie but she’ll be back for it and she’s really looking forward to getting back with us.

Frankie will be fine slotting back in because she didn’t really miss a lot. She’ll just have to pick up the routine for Disco Love and everything else she already knows. She’ll slot straight back in because she’s such an amazing dancer – she can literally pick up a routine in five minutes. She’s in regular contact and sends very cute pics of baby Parker. She’s doing so well, motherhood really suits her.




You might have seen the adorable photo of Ben and Aoife on my Instagram page. They were doing ‘nosies’ which is when they get together for a little Eskimo kiss. Ben says to her ‘nosies’ and she knows exactly what to do. I took the photo last week when Ben and I both had a day off so we went for a family day out. We went for a pub lunch then we took Aoife to the park. It was a gorgeous sunny autumn day and all the colours and crunchy leaves made it picture-perfect.

Catch up soon.

Love from Una xxx

15 November


Vanessa’s birthday party summed her up perfectly

Hi everyone

Hope you’re having a great week. I’ve had so much on so it’s been a while since I’ve written my blog but I’ve got lots to tell you all.

Ben is back in the England team which is brilliant. He played in the England v Argentina match last weekend and he’ll be playing the All Blacks this weekend too.  I’m so happy to see him back at his best after the terrible injury lost him his place from the England team temporarily.



I went to Twickenham to support with my two oldest friends Catherine and Frances who had come over from Ireland to visit. I’ve known them since I was four years old so we’ve been through everything in our lives together. They don’t know me as Una from the Saturdays, they just know me as Una. I like to think I’ve stayed true to myself through the years and having them as friends has helped to keep me grounded. They still live where my home town Thurles so it was nice to catch up on the town gossip too!




Frances ended up wearing Ben’s shoes for part of the evening! We were all glammed up for the rugby because we were going to Vanessa’s birthday party afterwards and Frances was wearing really uncomfortable shoes. I’d brought Ben’s shoes with me because he’d forgotten them so she thought she’d slip them on to give herself a break from the heels. We really got the giggles seeing her wear his massive shoes!




Vanessa’s birthday party was brilliant. It was at her boyfriend’s mum’s pub in north London. Lots of people we knew were there and it was a really relaxed evening – that’s what Vanessa is all about. She just loves having a good time and she’s got no airs and graces – I really love that about her. It was a really fun evening  as I knew it would be. Rochelle, Mollie, Vanessa and I got on the karaoke and Marvin, Ben and Vanessa’s boyfriend Gary got together for a photo.




Speak to you all soon.


Love from Una xxx

11 November


Ben’s Movember moustache is going to look hideous!

Hi everyone

Hope you’ve had a great weekend. I’m so happy to say that Ben’s made the team for the England v Argentina game on Saturday – I loved watching him in action, i’ll tell you more about that next time!

He’s been doing Movember with a lot of his Northampton teammates. I haven’t really seen the results yet but some of them seem to have cheated and already have full-blown moustaches because they already had stubble. Ben’s starting from scratch though. He can grow a beard pretty quickly so he’s trying to decide whether to do a fancy styled one or just a standard plain one. Either way it’s going to look a bit hideous but of course it’s all for a good cause.




I actually Googled ‘moustache’ yesterday to see what kind of ones you can have! Anything but the handle bar one will be okay. I’m just hoping he’ll go for a classic one!




Last week the Sats rehearsed for the Paul O’Grady show. We’re going to be performing Disco Love which we’re very excited about. It’s on Monday at 5pm on ITV and we really hope you’ll be tuning in.

Speak soon.

Love from Una xxxx

07 November


I love watching Ben play rugby and I support him in everything he does

Hi everyone,

I went to watch the England v Australia rugby match last weekend. I was watching over at Ben for most of it while he was warming up but unfortunately he didn’t get a game. He’s been playing very well recently but obviously there’s fierce competition to get a place in the team. Hopefully I can go back this weekend and the next and I’ll get to see him play.

Ben gets given three gifted tickets for close family and friends and the seats are with the rest of the England team’s family and friends. I went with Ben’s dad, his sister and a couple of friends. I didn’t sit in the family and friends bit this time but still had really good seats on the opposite side. The atmosphere was so good though, it doesn’t honestly matter where you sit. I want to take Aoife along in a couple of weeks so I’ll be up in one of the boxes for that because you can’t sit down in the stands with a small child on your lap – it would drive everyone mad!




I wasn’t massively into rugby before I met Ben but I have a real fondness for the game now. I’m his wife and so I want to support him in everything he does. I’ve got to know some of the other players now and that makes it even better to watch.

People often say to me, “Oh but you’re Irish and you’re supporting England!” and I’m like, “Not really, because first and foremost I support Ireland as a country, but my husband does play for England so I’m hardly going to turn my back on him when he’s playing!”




Often there’s a bit of banter between Ben and I if they’re playing Ireland because I’m always shouting for Ireland, even if he’s playing. He doesn’t mind, he totally forgives me for that because you always support your country first when it’s like that. I support England but only when Ireland aren’t playing!

After the game we went to a dinner with all the England and Australia players and their partners. It was the first time we’d sat together at an event and had the same surname on the placecards which was lovely so I took a little snap!




I’ve got to know some of the other wives and girlfriends so it’s always good to catch up. These events have a really relaxed vibe so it’s just a chance for the players and their partners to get to know each other. Sometimes they have black tie events but they normally just have a chilled out dress code – I normally I wear a dress with opaques and heels.

Chat to you all soon.

Love from Una xxx

27 October


Why I changed my surname to Foden over a year after we got married

Hey everyone

Hope you’ve had a lovely weekend. I’ve just been chilling out with my family who are over from Ireland this weekend so it’ been great to catch up with them.

Last weekend Ben and I had a box set marathon with The Walking Dead. We watched three episodes then broke it up with X Factor before we watched the next two. We’ve got five episodes left of season three to go so I’m looking forward to the rest. I watch quite a lot of box sets and I have to say that I think The Walking Dead is the best I’ve ever seen. You might think “where is this going?” at the beginning of it but hang on in there because it gets really good.



I’m enjoying X Factor too. There seems to be lots going on this year, quite a lot of juicy dramas. I’ve been keeping up to date with it all online. I really like seeing what’s going on in the world but I’m careful not to get too caught up in anything that’s written about me. I sometimes look up what we’ve being doing as a band to see what people have been saying. I tend not to look at stuff that’s just about me though. If I’m going to see something negative written about me, it’ll probably be on Twitter. I’ll see lots of nice, positive tweets but it’s always the one nasty one that jumps out at you. You need a thick skin for this business and you have to teach yourself to laugh off and block out any negativity. The worst thing you can do is respond.




You might have seen on Twitter that I’ve officially changed my name to Una Foden. Obviously I changed my name to Foden when I got married and I’ve used the name Foden ever since outside of work. But it had all got rather confusing and I felt like I’d reached a point where it made more sense for my family if I called myself Foden at work too. I went somewhere the other night with Ben and saw our names on the namecards (and they’d spelt Healy as Healey) so that was the final straw for me. I thought it made more sense to be sitting together as husband and wife with the same surname so I decided “I’m just going to use the name Foden from now on.”




Ben and I went to the Attitude Awards last week. I took this photo of our manager Peter and Daniel Radcliffe together because the two of them look so alike. Peter had been told that lots of times before so it was a really funny coincidence that they ended up sitting together. Daniel won the award for best actor that evening. It was nice to chat to him at the table. I saw him in Woman in Black and thought he gave an amazing performance.

I saw Cher there too and shared a little Instavid of her. There were lots of big names there and it was a fun evening. I wore my new Jimmy Choos that Ben bought me for my birthday with an Amen Couture dress.

Speak to you all soon.

Lots of love Una xxx

14 October


I’m keeping Aoife’s old clothes safe in the attic in case Ben and I have another girl one day

Hi everyone,

Hope you all had a great weekend.

The weather’s really turned now hasn’t it? I can’t wait to bring out my sheepskin coat for when the days get colder. It’s my winter staple. I’ve been packing up Aoife’s summer clothes in the attic, so if in the future Ben and I have another little girl she can wear them. It’s amazing how quickly Aoife grows — I’ve had to buy clothes for her every six months. At the beginning babies grow like mushrooms don’t they? But at the moment she’s in between the 18 and 24 months stage. I previewed the new Boden collection as I’m a big fan and I love dressing Aoife up in baby Boden. I’m on the hunt for a little leather jacket for her — I love leather jackets!




I’m also really into my midi rings at the moment. I’m wearing one right now and you can get them everywhere. The Saturdays are all loving a statement necklace too — they seem to be massive.




The past week was so busy promoting Disco Love and performing at G.A.Y. on the weekend. A few of our acoustic versions of the songs are featuring on YouTube so be sure to check them out and let us know what you think. I love it when I get to bring out my guitar. We’ve worked out some really great vocal arrangements and it’s just a really nice way of mixing it up a bit.




We had a little jamming session with Shaggy at the Google Hangouts. It was completely impromptu but we got great response on YouTube. He sang a bit over What About Us. He’s such a legend, isn’t he, and now we can say we’ve sort of collaborated with him. We’ve been so lucky in the past with our collaborations, performing with some great acts like Sean Paul and Flo Rida. It would be amazing to work with Justin Timberlake too – we always say that.




I haven’t been watching all of X Factor but I did get to meet some of Nicole Scherzinger’s girls at the ITV studios when we were there. We spoke to them for a bit and they were all really nice. The Girls’ category is very strong this year and the contestants are all very different. Ben likes to give a running commentary during the show. He was really sad to see Joseph Whelan go and was tweeting about him a lot.

Speak soon.

Love Una xxx

10 October


Ben treated me to a stunning pair of Jimmy Choos for my birthday

Hey lovely readers,

Hope you’re all having a great week.

Firstly, I just want to say a massive thank you for all the wonderful birthday wishes! They really made me smile. I’m just relaxing today with Ben and Aoife, after my very busy week with the girls promoting Disco Love.

Ben and I had a great time celebrating yesterday. We had an amazing dinner at STK and went to the theatre to watch The Book of Mormon. I was really excited to go and have a few days off. Ben got me a lovely pair of Jimmy Choos. He usually asks me to pick something out so I can’t wait to wear them.


una and ben seats


Birthdays are quite a big deal for The Saturdays! We try and celebrate whenever we can. This time last year we were all in Los Angeles and we went to a nice little restaurant with a bar on the side, and Ben was over too because he’d injured himself. This year’s been more quiet and relaxing, but we’re performing at G.A.Y. on the weekend so I think I’ll be carrying on with the celebrations with the girls after.

The week’s been crazy with our performances on TV shows. We’ve done Surprise Surprise, Daybreak, MTV — lots of moving around. It means a lot of early starts and pick-ups at 4am, but we’ve had such a fun time!




We had a lovely evening out at the Pride of Britain Awards. Every story was so emotional and touching. We were sat on a table with this little boy who had lost his limbs — his story was so inspirational. There was also another boy who we presented an award to — Bailie Kershaw. He had saved his dad’s life by performing CPR, with the doctors instructing him over the phone. He had to do it for six minutes until the ambulance arrived. He literally saved his dad’s life and he’s only 12 as well! There wasn’t a dry eye in the house. Some of the stories are so sad but there’s always the bright side of it too, and you see the amazing courage that people have.




Thank you all so much for supporting Disco Love. We’re very, very pleased with it and we’ve had some great feedback from people saying it’s their favourite song, and really catchy.

Caroline Flack was at our Sunday Brunch performance and she said it was her favourite one! So if you haven’t downloaded it already, please do!

Hope you enjoy the rest of the week.

Speak soon.

Love Una xxx


06 October


Frankie’s baby boy’s wardrobe is amazing already!

Hi everyone,

Hope you’re having a good weekend. Did anyone tune into Sunday Brunch and hear the Sats performing an acoustic set? We met up with another acoustic player and a percussionist this weekend to perfect it so I was really excited for you to hear it. I hope you found it lovely and chilled — just how Sunday mornings should be.

Disco Love is out on Sunday so you’re going to be seeing us on TV a lot next week – we’re doing Daybreak, This Morning and the Alan Titchmarsh show. We’re also going to be on the radio and will be doing some online stuff too which is an incredibly important part of our work now. We’ve also going to be on Surprise Surprise on Sunday night with a really special treat so keep your eyes peeled for that too.




We’re all missing Frankie so much. She’s getting pretty bored at home waiting for her little baby boy to arrive but he’s not far away. He’s going to have the best wardrobe going – I’m sure you’ve seen the photos she’s been posting on Twitter – that’s not even the half of it!

Alaia-Mai is really well too. Marvin brought her along when we were performing last weekend so the Sats aunties got to dote on her. She didn’t have her ear defenders on so she couldn’t come to the side of the stage, so he stayed backstage in the dressing room with her. I hadn’t seen her for a couple of weeks and she seemed to have really grown. She still looks teeny tiny compared to Aoife who’s becoming like a proper little girl now.

I’m really looking forward to being treated for my birthday by Ben next week. My birthday’s on the 10th October but we’ll be celebrating the day before because that fits in best with our schedules. We’re going to the theatre in London, having dinner in the West End and spending the night in a hotel. Can’t wait to tell you all about it next week!

Lots of love,

Una xxx

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