We’re so excited to have released our latest video…

This week’s been really good – we released the video on VEVO for our single ‘Not Giving Up’ on Wednesday morning which is really exciting!


We’re so pleased because fans have been sending us really lovely messages, they’re receiving it really well. I think the video really suits the song – we didn’t want this video to have a particular storyline. The song itself is more about a feeling rather than a story. I really love it, I think it’s a fun dance track!


The video is quite edgy for us. We’re all wearing black and silver, with fabrics like PVC and leather. Vanessa and Rochelle had these pencil skirts which weren’t very easy to dance in, but the rest of us were in leggings so it was easy to dance.



I was quite proud as I danced in the highest heels I’ve ever danced in – I did have to take some painkillers to combat my broken toe (it’s still a bit sore). I think heels were necessary because the video is very glamorous, I especially liked the effect from all the wind machines.


In the video I’m on a turntable, which was surprisingly easy to keep my balance. It actually helped that I’d been on Splash recently as I felt quite fearless stepping onto the platform – the only thing that slightly threw me is that it was turning anticlockwise.


Originally, Mollie was supposed to be on the table, but my car got stuck in traffic, and I was 3 hours late, so they switched us around! I think these things happen for a reason though, because we’re both so happy with how it all turned out. We can’t imagine doing the video any other way now.



The light tubes were really cool, but we have no idea where they got them from. Frankie thinks she overheard someone saying they were bought in a farm shop! Some people have been saying it makes them think of Darth Vader and Star Wars.


We’re all really pleased with how it turned out, hope you love it too!


Speak soon,


Love from Una xxx

Most people don’t know this about Ben…

Hi everyone,


Hope you are well and had a lovely weekend.


Last week I got to do some songwriting which was really fun, it was nice to get my ideas down and recorded. Ben came along and he even joined in – I posted a video on Instagram. He was actually quite good! It was quite nice as he had never been in the studio with me, so we had a laugh. I might write him a song one day, just for fun.


Most people don’t know that he actually tried out for Pop Idol when he was 18, and was invited back for the next round. Because it clashed with his rugby training he had to commit to one, and he chose rugby. It was definitely the right choice for him as he loves the game.


I cooked this great haddock dish the other day, with loads of vegetables, spinach and rice. It was so colourful and really tasty, plus there was almost no fat so it was really healthy.


When I cook, I don’t really follow recipes, I prefer to improvise. You make some great dishes through experimenting. I go on instinct on the flavours I like from certain foods.

Sometimes I go on the internet to check cooking times, but I prefer to go with the flow. I’m still very careful though as I had food poisoning once from undercooked chicken, so I tend to avoid anything raw, especially things like sushi.


I’ve also been watching some of the Winter Olympics, mostly out of curiosity. I’ve never been skiing, so I find it all fascinating, especially the jumps they do – I don’t know how they manage it! I’ve never even put on a pair of ski boots. I always joke that if we did go skiing with our friends, I would just end up with the kids! I would love to try though – I’d want to go to a snow dome to learn the basics.


Speak soon!


Love from Una xxx



I remember my worst haircut ever…

Hi everyone,


Hope you are having a lovely week, despite the grey and rainy weather!


Ben and I took Aoife to a sing-a-long of Disney’s Frozen a few days ago. The atmosphere was great as all the kids sang along. Even the adults joined in – I think they might have been even more into it than the children!


Aoife enjoyed it for about 10 minutes, then decided to get up from her seat and run around. It was the first time we had ever taken her to the cinema, but I’ve realised now she’s still a bit too young. I was a bit disappointed we had to leave early as the film looked really good, so Ben and I are going to go and see it if we can.


I really love the new hairstyle Amanda Holden debuted at Britain’s Got Talent, it looks great. I like to leave my hair down generally, although I like a chic updo for the red carpet. When I’m around the house, I prefer a messy bun – it’s so easy to do and it keeps my hair out of my face.


I remember at the beginning of the Saturdays, I had my worst haircut ever. The hairdresser at the time convinced me to cut a fringe in, and I hated it! I tried to hide it by parting it in the centre, but that only made it worse because then it looked like I had curtains. It was awful. So for our very first music video, If This is Love, I had dead straight hair with curtains. Luckily nowadays I can laugh about it, but I definitely won’t be repeating that style again.


I love to use Kérastase products in my hair, as my locks go through a lot of stress. I leave their products in my hair overnight, about once a week, and I also use their shampoo. It’s great because my hair is coloured, so it helps lock in the shine.


When I was younger, I dyed my hair all the time. I’ve been blonde, dark brown, black. I’ve even had blonde highlights, but they were hard to maintain because my natural hair colour is mahogany brown, so they needed a lot of upkeep. I love the colour I have now, it’s becoming my signature look.


Aoife’s hair is amazingly silky and thick. I play with it all the time, doing different styles such as pigtails, buns and ponytails. I have to put her in front of the television to get her to sit still though, otherwise she gets distracted starts moving around a lot.


Speak soon,
Love from Una xxx

I’m getting back into songwriting…

Hi everyone,


Hope you’re all well and had a good weekend.


I’m really excited as I’ve got a few sessions booked in the recording studio to get back into song writing. It was my New Year’s resolution to take it up properly again. Before I joined the band, I used to spend my days writing, especially when I started out in the music industry.


I don’t really look for inspiration. I often wake up with melodies in my head, so I grab my audio recorder and hum them into that so I don’t forget them. Other times, someone will say a phrase that gets stuck in my mind.


I have different processes for writing. Sometimes producers give me a track and I write the lyrics, but my favourite process is writing completely from scratch. I pick up a guitar, or meet up with someone to create a song.




Co-writing is great because it’s less solitary. The best part is sharing ideas and working out what’s good. It’s so easy to tell by someone’s face if they don’t like a particular idea. I love working with various people, because you get all their different suggestions, so it’s a new experience each time.


Songwriting is a great thing because it’s something you can do your entire life. Writing can be a form of therapy, especially if you’ve had a bad experience. You often hear writers say that it’s the hardships in their life that helped them, and I agree – when I’m happy, I find it a bit more difficult to create songs.


I don’t write for anyone in particular – I just want to write some good songs. I think Elton John is an amazing songwriter, his music always has incredible melodies and lyrics.


I went to a few camps when I was younger to get some experience, and it was brilliant – I even made friends who I still see today. One of my favourite songs I wrote was at camp, called ‘Same Dream’. The lyricist I worked with was amazing, it made the whole process incredible.


Speak soon,


Love from Una xxx

Aoife and her friend Koa are adorable together…

Hi everyone,

Hope you’re having a good week despite the horrible weather!


Ben and I met up with Kian and Jodi last weekend for a Sunday roast. Aoife and their son Koa are adorable together, they play together and are really good friends. They’re the cutest little things! Aoife is still very young so she hasn’t made many friends, but Koa is 3 months older and they get on so well. He told Jodi that he really likes Aoife and thinks she’s really pretty – it was so cute. When Aoife sees photos of him, she recognises him and points him out as her friend. It’s so sweet.


Her birthday is coming up in March, so I just bought her dress. I haven’t made any big plans as she’s still quite young, so I might make it a small party. I think next year she’ll be old enough to appreciate all the excitement, cake and presents a bit more.


I do want to try and get her picture on one of the children’s TV shows where they say happy birthday to kids. The picture pops up and they wish you a happy birthday and say your age, which is very exciting for both the child but also the parents I think. When I was 7, my Mum sent one in, and it was shown… but I missed it! The next day everyone was talking about it at school, and I was so disappointed that I hadn’t seen it.


She’s almost 2 now, and she understands a lot of what we say and what’s going on. It’s lovely, because she’s just so happy-go-lucky. I wouldn’t be able to be apart from her, I see her almost every day.


I think for her birthday I’ll be getting her some clothes and toys, but I’d love to get her a sing-a-long CD player for children as a birthday gift, so if you know any great ones, I’m open to suggestions!


Speak soon,


Love from Una xxx



It’s a great start to the year for the Saturdays!

Hi everyone,


Hope you are all well! The past few weeks have been so busy with all the training for Splash, and then the Saturdays have been filming our 17th music video which was so exciting. It’s been quite easy getting back into the swing of things because I’ve been so busy, so I feel like I haven’t really stopped.


We’re getting really excited for our new single, ‘Not Giving Up’, the fourth release off our current album. I’m particularly excited because it’s my favourite song from the album. We all really love it, because it’s our style.


Shooting the video was a lot of fun, but I didn’t watch the footage back so it will be a surprise to see the finished product. It’s actually the first video we’ve shot for a while where nobody was pregnant. Frankie was so excited to be back, and she brought Parker with her to the video. He was so cute! I didn’t bring Aoife this time but I have taken her on set before. She gets really excited – she’s at the age where she wants to try everything on, especially all the jewellery and shoes. She likes to cause a bit of chaos!



I think it’s the most relaxed video we’ve ever shot  – everything went like clockwork. It’s a great start to the year for the Saturdays!


I also just wanted to say thank you for all your kind tweets and messages of support for Splash, it’s been really lovely. It also helped to calm my nerves before the show! I’m sad it’s all over as I was really getting into it, but it has got me back into swimming which is great. There’s a bit after-party after the final, so I’m really looking forward to catching up with everyone again then. For those still in, I wish them all the best of luck: I think they’re all capable of winning it. Thanks to everyone who voted, because of your votes I got to go back and do the Splash-off. The support I received was amazing!


Speak soon,


Love from Una xxx

I couldn’t stop thinking about the lead-up to Splash

Hi everyone,

Hope you’re all well. Did anyone watch Splash last night? I had my final training this week where we went through all our dives and chose the board we would jump off.

Luckily in my final practise I didn’t do any flops or anything. I’d been getting it right most of the time, but there’s always the chance that it could all go wrong on the night! I did have a bad fall in the pool last week which left me with a few bruises, but the coaches told me that as long as I keep it nice and simple, I would be fine.

una splash

I was really excited about it and not too nervous, although it had been on my mind all the time. I couldn’t stop thinking about it! You have to run through it in your mind before you do the actual dive. I’d even been dreaming about it!

I was really looking forward to my heat, but you never can tell if you’ll get through. It was very competitive because the others are brilliant and talented people. They’ve been amazing. I can get quite competitive but I always just try and do my best and not worry about anyone else.

I’d love to keep going with diving in the future. I’ve definitely got the bug for it now. I’d love to learn more and try different dives from different boards. It’s a great sport, I definitely think it’s something that young kids should try and get involved in.

My parents flew over from Ireland to support me, and Ben and The Saturdays were there too so it was great to have them watching.

Hope you’re enjoying the last bit of the weekend!

Speak soon,

Love from Una xxx

Aoife has started repeating everything she hears…

Hi everyone,

Hope you’re having a good week. Ben and I took Aoife to the Hilton London Syon Park hotel this weekend, which was really nice because it’s very rare that we both get a whole weekend off. We went swimming and then to the spa, where I had a lovely ‘lava shell’ massage. It’s kind of like a hot stone massage, but instead of stones, it’s shells which are sourced from the Philippines.


It was great for me because I had loads of knots in my back from diving, so it was completely relaxing!  We also took Aoife to the swimming pool which she absolutely loved, because she loves being in the water. I’m really keen to get her swimming.

photo 2


We met up with some friends for dinner and played giant Jenga, which Aoife loved because she kept trying to pull all the pieces down. I think she was excited because it was past her bedtime, but we let her off because it was nice to spend some time together.


I’ve got to be careful about what I say in front of Aoife as she’s started repeating everything she hears. I accidentally swore the other day and she copied me, so I said, “Aoife, I’ll be saying ‘oh shoot’ instead now!” It’s funny because when you’re young you think you have to be careful in front of your parents, and then you become a parent and you have to be careful in front of the children! Especially because children are like sponges – they pick up everything that you say! It’s also quite exciting though, because every day she’s learning more and more vocabulary.

Ben had some exciting news this week as he’s been signed on to NEXT management. He’s done shoots before for magazines, so he’s got some experience.


Speak soon,


Love from Una xxx


I’m a bit worried I’ll get nervous on Splash…

Hi everyone,


Hope you are all well! I’m getting really excited for Splash, but I got nervous watching the others. I’ve seen them training so I know how hard they’ve been working. It’s been nerve-wracking watching them, especially as I don’t know how I will feel when I’m up there! All it takes is last-minute nerves to kick in and make you mess up.


Seeing the others do their best did encourage me though. I want to do as well as I can, so that if I don’t make it through I know I tried as hard as I could. I feel ready for it, although I do think my last few training sessions will really help to make me confident to do the dive. There’s a lot of pressure because it’s live, and they play dramatic music as you approach the end of the board!




I’m a bit worried I’ll get nervous, but nerves can be a good thing, and luckily being on stage has taught me to get control of them. Plus, I used to swim a lot when I was young, so I already know the feeling of being by a pool before a competition.


Ben, my parents and the band will be there to support me, so it’ll be nice to have them there, especially if I don’t get through. Aoife is a bit too young to come which is a shame, but it’s also probably for the best because I worry she would call out ‘Mummy!’ and distract me.


Speak soon!


Love from Una xxx

I’ve been on a bit of a health kick for Splash…

Hi everyone,


Hope you are all well and avoiding the January blues. I’ve been on a bit of a health kick this week because Splash is coming up and I’ve got only got a few training sessions left, so I need to stay in shape. I love swimming so I always try to go for a bit of a swim just before training.


When I feel peckish I try to eat fruits, especially blueberries. Aoife loves them and thinks they’re sweets, which is great because it makes it easy for me to make sure she’s eating healthy snacks.




I like to stick to simple food when I’m being healthy, like steamed vegetables or boiled potatoes. Ben loves my cooking. He can eat what he wants because he works it off, so last night I made him a meatball pasta bake which he loves. He’s been recovering from his knee injury so he’s been working on his upper body a lot, but hopefully he’ll be playing again in a few weeks!


I’ve been trying to do a few fitness DVDs, but I’ve had to stop because of my toe – it broke two months ago but it’s still very tender! One DVD I find really motivating is Jillian Michaels’ Shred workout. They’re only 30 minutes long and they don’t require too much space, so they’re very easy to do. Otherwise I try to work on my abs because you can do exercises just for five minutes which is easy to fit into a busy schedule.


Although I’ve been very healthy, I do treat myself occasionally, for example a glass of wine with dinner. I did have a takeaway the other day, but it was so salty I ended up feeling quite sick, so I don’t think I’ll be having one for a while!


Speak soon,


Love from Una xxx

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