Double celebrations: Aoife’s second birthday and St Patrick’s Day…

Hi everyone,

Happy St Patrick’s Day!

Hope you all had a great weekend. We had a double celebration this week, with Aoife’s birthday last Thursday and my family over for St Pat’s.


Ben and I got Aoife a mini trampoline which she absolutely loved! She’s been jumping up and down non-stop. I don’t think she really understands what her birthday is, but she seemed to love all the attention. She got a little teddy bear, an adorable frame and we had balloons, bunting and all that in the house, and my mum came over especially from Ireland.


We had a nice dinner, just the family. I didn’t really want to do a big children’s party – I’ll wait for next year. I think when they’re that young, the kids and babies don’t really know what’s going on and children’s parties are more for the adults.


It feels like Aoife’s growing up so fast. She’s a proper little girl now. I’m going back to Ireland in April for Easter and when I was booking flights I realised she’s not an infant anymore – she falls under the “children” category. She’s a proper little person and she’ll get her own seat, whereas she used to sit on my lap.

Her speech has really come on now even in just the past few days. She knows a lot of words and her counting’s always been great. Ben and I go through a lot of the flash cards with her and she’s getting to learn all the colours, shapes and that kind of thing. Her personality is really coming out too – she likes the word ‘no’! She likes to say it quite a lot!


On the weekend we had a proper family reunion. My dad, my sister and her boyfriend were all over for the final of the Six Nations and they’re all massive rugby fans so they were really happy to see Ireland win! We also celebrated an early St Patrick’s Day celebration. Back home when I was growing up I always used to take part in the parades and wear fancy dress and then as I got older it was more about going down to the pub.


I used to travel to America to sing at an Irish bar that my friend owned called Mickey Quinns, and I used to perform Irish songs all day. I went for three years in a row. I loved it – those were my favourite St Patrick’s Days. They really put on a great spread at the pub too – all Irish food. Everyone would get dressed up and they’d dye the beer green!

Anyway, hope you all have a good week.

Speak soon.
Love Una xxx

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