Most people don’t know this about Ben…

Hi everyone,


Hope you are well and had a lovely weekend.


Last week I got to do some songwriting which was really fun, it was nice to get my ideas down and recorded. Ben came along and he even joined in – I posted a video on Instagram. He was actually quite good! It was quite nice as he had never been in the studio with me, so we had a laugh. I might write him a song one day, just for fun.


Most people don’t know that he actually tried out for Pop Idol when he was 18, and was invited back for the next round. Because it clashed with his rugby training he had to commit to one, and he chose rugby. It was definitely the right choice for him as he loves the game.


I cooked this great haddock dish the other day, with loads of vegetables, spinach and rice. It was so colourful and really tasty, plus there was almost no fat so it was really healthy.


When I cook, I don’t really follow recipes, I prefer to improvise. You make some great dishes through experimenting. I go on instinct on the flavours I like from certain foods.

Sometimes I go on the internet to check cooking times, but I prefer to go with the flow. I’m still very careful though as I had food poisoning once from undercooked chicken, so I tend to avoid anything raw, especially things like sushi.


I’ve also been watching some of the Winter Olympics, mostly out of curiosity. I’ve never been skiing, so I find it all fascinating, especially the jumps they do – I don’t know how they manage it! I’ve never even put on a pair of ski boots. I always joke that if we did go skiing with our friends, I would just end up with the kids! I would love to try though – I’d want to go to a snow dome to learn the basics.


Speak soon!


Love from Una xxx



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