I’m getting back into songwriting…

Hi everyone,


Hope you’re all well and had a good weekend.


I’m really excited as I’ve got a few sessions booked in the recording studio to get back into song writing. It was my New Year’s resolution to take it up properly again. Before I joined the band, I used to spend my days writing, especially when I started out in the music industry.


I don’t really look for inspiration. I often wake up with melodies in my head, so I grab my audio recorder and hum them into that so I don’t forget them. Other times, someone will say a phrase that gets stuck in my mind.


I have different processes for writing. Sometimes producers give me a track and I write the lyrics, but my favourite process is writing completely from scratch. I pick up a guitar, or meet up with someone to create a song.




Co-writing is great because it’s less solitary. The best part is sharing ideas and working out what’s good. It’s so easy to tell by someone’s face if they don’t like a particular idea. I love working with various people, because you get all their different suggestions, so it’s a new experience each time.


Songwriting is a great thing because it’s something you can do your entire life. Writing can be a form of therapy, especially if you’ve had a bad experience. You often hear writers say that it’s the hardships in their life that helped them, and I agree – when I’m happy, I find it a bit more difficult to create songs.


I don’t write for anyone in particular – I just want to write some good songs. I think Elton John is an amazing songwriter, his music always has incredible melodies and lyrics.


I went to a few camps when I was younger to get some experience, and it was brilliant – I even made friends who I still see today. One of my favourite songs I wrote was at camp, called ‘Same Dream’. The lyricist I worked with was amazing, it made the whole process incredible.


Speak soon,


Love from Una xxx


  1. Clairey Team Una x

    youve no ideaaa how excited this has got me, hope we get to see some of the songs it even better hear you sing them would be more than AMAZING lol! And i can totally relate to what you said about writing lyrics, it really is a good way to get emotions out. I used to write alot of poems and some lyrics too which prob only make sense to me but its a good way to let everything out! :) x

  2. Maybe you can record some of your songs with the girls and put them on the next album!!

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