I’m a bit worried Aoife is going to ask us for a real pony…

Hi everyone,


Hope you had a lovely weekend!


Aoife did something really cute the other day. Ben was watching television and I was in the kitchen calling out to him, but he didn’t hear me. Suddenly, Aoife ran in and yelled, “Ben!” at him, and found it so much fun she didn’t stop. Since then he keeps protesting, “I’m Daddy! Not Ben! Daddy!” but she’s not having it. I’m not going to help him, I think it’s funny!


She’s learning a lot – she knows how to say her own name now. If you ask her what her name is, she’ll say ‘Aoife’, and when she sees pictures of herself she points at them and giggles, ‘That’s Aoife!’. It’s so cute. If she sees a picture of her and I, she points and says, “That’s you, that’s me”. She used to recognise us but it’s the first time she’s been properly expressing it.



Every day she becomes more and more playful. The other day I was cleaning up and picking up her toys, and she jumped on me, pretending I was a horse! I think she plays that a lot with her grandmother and thought I wanted to play, so I went along with it. She absolutely loved it – I’m a bit worried she’s going to ask us for a real pony! Luckily, we have a big antique rocking horse that Ben’s mother got her, so we can give her that, but at the moment she’s still a bit too small, I worry she would fall off!


Another game she loves is hide and seek, especially when she plays it with Ben in the evening. She laughs so much when we hide around the corner and jump out at her. Her favourite toys are her little Fisher Price people, especially her Princess Castle. She’s also obsessed with a little farm she has and the toy farm animals. I’d love to live in the countryside one day, I think it’s a great place to bring up kids because there’s so much space for them to run around in.


Speak soon,


Love from Una xxx

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  1. Aoife’s growing up so quickly! It’s great that you’re still really involved with The Saturdays but you’re not missing out on Aoife’s childhood and growing up can’t wait to buy Not Giving Up!!!

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