I’m a bit worried I’ll get nervous on Splash…

Hi everyone,


Hope you are all well! I’m getting really excited for Splash, but I got nervous watching the others. I’ve seen them training so I know how hard they’ve been working. It’s been nerve-wracking watching them, especially as I don’t know how I will feel when I’m up there! All it takes is last-minute nerves to kick in and make you mess up.


Seeing the others do their best did encourage me though. I want to do as well as I can, so that if I don’t make it through I know I tried as hard as I could. I feel ready for it, although I do think my last few training sessions will really help to make me confident to do the dive. There’s a lot of pressure because it’s live, and they play dramatic music as you approach the end of the board!




I’m a bit worried I’ll get nervous, but nerves can be a good thing, and luckily being on stage has taught me to get control of them. Plus, I used to swim a lot when I was young, so I already know the feeling of being by a pool before a competition.


Ben, my parents and the band will be there to support me, so it’ll be nice to have them there, especially if I don’t get through. Aoife is a bit too young to come which is a shame, but it’s also probably for the best because I worry she would call out ‘Mummy!’ and distract me.


Speak soon!


Love from Una xxx

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