I couldn’t stop thinking about the lead-up to Splash

Hi everyone,

Hope you’re all well. Did anyone watch Splash last night? I had my final training this week where we went through all our dives and chose the board we would jump off.

Luckily in my final practise I didn’t do any flops or anything. I’d been getting it right most of the time, but there’s always the chance that it could all go wrong on the night! I did have a bad fall in the pool last week which left me with a few bruises, but the coaches told me that as long as I keep it nice and simple, I would be fine.

una splash

I was really excited about it and not too nervous, although it had been on my mind all the time. I couldn’t stop thinking about it! You have to run through it in your mind before you do the actual dive. I’d even been dreaming about it!

I was really looking forward to my heat, but you never can tell if you’ll get through. It was very competitive because the others are brilliant and talented people. They’ve been amazing. I can get quite competitive but I always just try and do my best and not worry about anyone else.

I’d love to keep going with diving in the future. I’ve definitely got the bug for it now. I’d love to learn more and try different dives from different boards. It’s a great sport, I definitely think it’s something that young kids should try and get involved in.

My parents flew over from Ireland to support me, and Ben and The Saturdays were there too so it was great to have them watching.

Hope you’re enjoying the last bit of the weekend!

Speak soon,

Love from Una xxx

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  1. clairey team una

    Still so so proud of you girl. You did an amazing job and the public loved it too, if you were on another heat you’d have got through to the final no bother! your heat was just too much competition but hey you are my winner anyway. You should be proud for even having the balls to do it cause i sure wouldnt lol. love you so much x

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