My top tips for healthy nails

Hey everyone

How are you? Thanks for checking out my blog.

Frankie, Mollie, Vanessa, Rochelle and I have been rehearsing for a couple of Christmas TV appearances we’ve got coming up and we’re all very excited to be back together again.

I’ve just put Aoife down for a nap, given myself a manicure so now I’ve got time to catch up on my blog while I wait for my nails to dry – I’m all about the multi-tasking today. Aoife’s so hands on that it’s the only time I get to do it, I’m just hoping they’ll be dry by the time she wakes up.

I’ve done my toes with a very festive red glittery polish but I fancied something a bit more neutral on my fingers so I’ve chosen a nude, mushroomy shade by Mavala which is a brand I’ve never tried before.

I’ve got a massive box full of different brands of nail varnish. I find it’s trial and error with nail polishes and sometimes the cheaper ones actually last longer. I like the Kate Moss Rimmel ones and I’m a fan of Orly’s ‘Crawford Wine’ shade. I love the O.P.I. ones too – they’re good quality and the names are great too.




I love getting Shellac done on my toes in the summer because my feet are out all the time but I don’t tend to bother in the winter and just do them myself.

My top tip for keeping your nails healthy and looking good is to use a good cuticle oil. I’ve recently started using Essie’s apricot cuticle oil every night and it’s made a real difference to the overall condition of my nails.

It’s also very important to use a good base coat especially if you’re wearing dark colours or red because they’ll stain your nails yellow.

I know people say to use a base coat and top coat but sometimes I find that a top coat makes the colour chip really easily because it becomes so hard.

I’ve got to dash – Mummy duties call!

Love Una xxx



  1. To dry your nails really fast and thoroughly, you can soak your hands in ice cold water for 5 minutes!

  2. your nails are always really pretty and wow thats alot of nail varnishes! great tips too! :) you need to now let us know how we can get perfect clear skin like yours! next blog idea mabe?! :p x

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