My hairdresser won’t reveal the secret behind my hair colour

Hi everyone

Hope you all had a lovely weekend.

People often ask me the secret behind my hair colour but I’m afraid my hairdresser won’t even tell me his secret! I can give you a clue though… ask your hairdresser for copper rather than red if you want to get a similar colour to mine.

My natural hair colour is medium brown but I’ve had it copper for a while now and I love it. I used to get highlights and it would come through as red in a certain light which I wasn’t too sure about but now I really embrace the reddish tones.




I often wear hair extensions but not if I don’t have to. They’re great when you’re performing because they give you that glam boost and they’re fun to swish around as well. It’s better for your hair too, especially if it’s heavily styled because you can do your actual hair a lot of damage if you’re constantly putting heat through it. Without extensions my hair is just past my shoulder which is a really manageable length.

I’m really missing my golf at the moment but when the weather is so grim I really don’t feel like playing. Ben hasn’t managed to play for a while either. One Direction’s Niall was tweeting him golf chat the other day because they used to be golf buddies but even Ben hasn’t managed to play since the pair of them played with Marvin back in the summer. Hopefully we’ll get a sunny weekend soon and Ben and I can get back out there.

Speak to you all soon

Love from Una xxx

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