I love watching Ben play rugby and I support him in everything he does

Hi everyone,

I went to watch the England v Australia rugby match last weekend. I was watching over at Ben for most of it while he was warming up but unfortunately he didn’t get a game. He’s been playing very well recently but obviously there’s fierce competition to get a place in the team. Hopefully I can go back this weekend and the next and I’ll get to see him play.

Ben gets given three gifted tickets for close family and friends and the seats are with the rest of the England team’s family and friends. I went with Ben’s dad, his sister and a couple of friends. I didn’t sit in the family and friends bit this time but still had really good seats on the opposite side. The atmosphere was so good though, it doesn’t honestly matter where you sit. I want to take Aoife along in a couple of weeks so I’ll be up in one of the boxes for that because you can’t sit down in the stands with a small child on your lap – it would drive everyone mad!




I wasn’t massively into rugby before I met Ben but I have a real fondness for the game now. I’m his wife and so I want to support him in everything he does. I’ve got to know some of the other players now and that makes it even better to watch.

People often say to me, “Oh but you’re Irish and you’re supporting England!” and I’m like, “Not really, because first and foremost I support Ireland as a country, but my husband does play for England so I’m hardly going to turn my back on him when he’s playing!”




Often there’s a bit of banter between Ben and I if they’re playing Ireland because I’m always shouting for Ireland, even if he’s playing. He doesn’t mind, he totally forgives me for that because you always support your country first when it’s like that. I support England but only when Ireland aren’t playing!

After the game we went to a dinner with all the England and Australia players and their partners. It was the first time we’d sat together at an event and had the same surname on the placecards which was lovely so I took a little snap!




I’ve got to know some of the other wives and girlfriends so it’s always good to catch up. These events have a really relaxed vibe so it’s just a chance for the players and their partners to get to know each other. Sometimes they have black tie events but they normally just have a chilled out dress code – I normally I wear a dress with opaques and heels.

Chat to you all soon.

Love from Una xxx

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