November, 2013

22 November


I can’t wait to take Aoife to Santa’s grotto

Hey everyone

Thanks to everyone who took part in my live Twitter Q&A at HELLO! HQ on Thursday. I really enjoyed talking to you and answering your questions.

Rochelle revealed that she had already put her Christmas tree up the other day – she’s mad! I’m feeling quite Christmassy but I’m not quite ready for that yet. I won’t be putting mine up until December. I’m also looking forward to wearing some Christmas jumpers, I’ve got quite a collection. There’s a shop called A Wear in Ireland which I love and I’ve bought a few from there. I’ve got one from Truffle Shuffle too. Christmas jumpers are so naff to the point that they’re cool – and I’m totally embracing it!

I dug out a couple of Instagram photos from last Christmas to share with you.




I’m excited to take Aoife to see Santa at the grotto too. I don’t think she’ll be able to fully appreciate what’s going on yet because she’s still so young but she’ll definitely enjoy all the fun that’s going on. She gets spoiled by all our family and friends and no doubt there will be heaps more toys in the house after Christmas. Luckily she loves her toys and nothing goes untouched! I think next year will be the year she really gets into festive stuff and Santa Claus.




I’ll be watching Santa Claus The Movie and Home Alone before long to really get me in the mood. I love a good Christmas soap too. They get really good this time of year. I don’t follow them for most of the year but I tune in in December and figure out what’s going on – there’s always a really dramatic cliffhanger which I love.

We’ve still got a few weeks to go until Christmas though and the Sats have got a few gigs on – i’ll keep you posted on everything that’s going on here.

With love, Una xxx


20 November


Frankie’s taken to motherhood like a duck to water

Hi everyone

All five of us Saturdays met up on Wednesday morning for a band meeting. We do it every few weeks do go through our diaries together. We’ve been putting together plans for next year. It will be so nice to have all five of us back together again. We’re putting some great plans in place for our tour and future singles for next year.

Frankie brought baby Parker along which was such a treat. I arrived there first so scooped him up and gave him a bottle. He’s just so cute, he really is. He’s a contented little baby – babies remind me of that track ‘Eat, sleep, rave, repeat’ except it’s ‘Eat, sleep, poo, repeat’ for them. Frankie has taken to motherhood like a duck to water. She’s looking really well and is very happy.




Frankie is very confident in being a mum. She hasn’t really asked Rochelle or I for advice but she knows we’d be there if we needed her. The truth is that I feel a little bit out of touch with small babies now. As children grow you can easily forget what it’s like when they’re really young being bottle-fed or breast-fed.




I flew off to Ireland on Monday to promote my TV show Una’s Dream Ticket but I’m around for the rest of this week for family time.

I’m doing a live Twitter Q&A for HELLO! readers on Thursday 21 November at 4:30pm. Tweet @hellomag your questions using the hashtag #HELLOUna and I’ll do my best to answer as many as possible.

Speak soon

With love, Una xxxx

20 November


Excited for my live Twitter Q & A at HELLO!

Hey everyone

I just wanted to let you know that I’ll be at HELLO! HQ on Thursday afternoon at 4:30pm to do a live Twitter Q and A session. I’m really looking forward to answering your questions so get tweeting @hellomag now using the hashtag #HELLOUna and I’ll do my very best to reply.

Chat to you tomorrow

Love Una xxx

19 November


Frankie is really looking forward to coming back to work

Hey everyone

Did you catch the rugby at the weekend? Even though they were beaten by the All Blacks, England put up a really good fight. I loved watching Ben playing and seeing the Haka was great too. I caught up with some of Ben’s teammates’ partners too. Watching Ben at Twickenham over the past three weeks has been amazing. I can’t wait for Aoife to get a bit older so she can enjoy it too.




The Sats are going on tour next year which is very exciting. We haven’t done one since the All Fired Up tour in 2011 so we can’t wait to get started. We didn’t want to do it without Frankie but she’ll be back for it and she’s really looking forward to getting back with us.

Frankie will be fine slotting back in because she didn’t really miss a lot. She’ll just have to pick up the routine for Disco Love and everything else she already knows. She’ll slot straight back in because she’s such an amazing dancer – she can literally pick up a routine in five minutes. She’s in regular contact and sends very cute pics of baby Parker. She’s doing so well, motherhood really suits her.




You might have seen the adorable photo of Ben and Aoife on my Instagram page. They were doing ‘nosies’ which is when they get together for a little Eskimo kiss. Ben says to her ‘nosies’ and she knows exactly what to do. I took the photo last week when Ben and I both had a day off so we went for a family day out. We went for a pub lunch then we took Aoife to the park. It was a gorgeous sunny autumn day and all the colours and crunchy leaves made it picture-perfect.

Catch up soon.

Love from Una xxx

15 November


Vanessa’s birthday party summed her up perfectly

Hi everyone

Hope you’re having a great week. I’ve had so much on so it’s been a while since I’ve written my blog but I’ve got lots to tell you all.

Ben is back in the England team which is brilliant. He played in the England v Argentina match last weekend and he’ll be playing the All Blacks this weekend too.  I’m so happy to see him back at his best after the terrible injury lost him his place from the England team temporarily.



I went to Twickenham to support with my two oldest friends Catherine and Frances who had come over from Ireland to visit. I’ve known them since I was four years old so we’ve been through everything in our lives together. They don’t know me as Una from the Saturdays, they just know me as Una. I like to think I’ve stayed true to myself through the years and having them as friends has helped to keep me grounded. They still live where my home town Thurles so it was nice to catch up on the town gossip too!




Frances ended up wearing Ben’s shoes for part of the evening! We were all glammed up for the rugby because we were going to Vanessa’s birthday party afterwards and Frances was wearing really uncomfortable shoes. I’d brought Ben’s shoes with me because he’d forgotten them so she thought she’d slip them on to give herself a break from the heels. We really got the giggles seeing her wear his massive shoes!




Vanessa’s birthday party was brilliant. It was at her boyfriend’s mum’s pub in north London. Lots of people we knew were there and it was a really relaxed evening – that’s what Vanessa is all about. She just loves having a good time and she’s got no airs and graces – I really love that about her. It was a really fun evening  as I knew it would be. Rochelle, Mollie, Vanessa and I got on the karaoke and Marvin, Ben and Vanessa’s boyfriend Gary got together for a photo.




Speak to you all soon.


Love from Una xxx

11 November


Ben’s Movember moustache is going to look hideous!

Hi everyone

Hope you’ve had a great weekend. I’m so happy to say that Ben’s made the team for the England v Argentina game on Saturday – I loved watching him in action, i’ll tell you more about that next time!

He’s been doing Movember with a lot of his Northampton teammates. I haven’t really seen the results yet but some of them seem to have cheated and already have full-blown moustaches because they already had stubble. Ben’s starting from scratch though. He can grow a beard pretty quickly so he’s trying to decide whether to do a fancy styled one or just a standard plain one. Either way it’s going to look a bit hideous but of course it’s all for a good cause.




I actually Googled ‘moustache’ yesterday to see what kind of ones you can have! Anything but the handle bar one will be okay. I’m just hoping he’ll go for a classic one!




Last week the Sats rehearsed for the Paul O’Grady show. We’re going to be performing Disco Love which we’re very excited about. It’s on Monday at 5pm on ITV and we really hope you’ll be tuning in.

Speak soon.

Love from Una xxxx

07 November


I love watching Ben play rugby and I support him in everything he does

Hi everyone,

I went to watch the England v Australia rugby match last weekend. I was watching over at Ben for most of it while he was warming up but unfortunately he didn’t get a game. He’s been playing very well recently but obviously there’s fierce competition to get a place in the team. Hopefully I can go back this weekend and the next and I’ll get to see him play.

Ben gets given three gifted tickets for close family and friends and the seats are with the rest of the England team’s family and friends. I went with Ben’s dad, his sister and a couple of friends. I didn’t sit in the family and friends bit this time but still had really good seats on the opposite side. The atmosphere was so good though, it doesn’t honestly matter where you sit. I want to take Aoife along in a couple of weeks so I’ll be up in one of the boxes for that because you can’t sit down in the stands with a small child on your lap – it would drive everyone mad!




I wasn’t massively into rugby before I met Ben but I have a real fondness for the game now. I’m his wife and so I want to support him in everything he does. I’ve got to know some of the other players now and that makes it even better to watch.

People often say to me, “Oh but you’re Irish and you’re supporting England!” and I’m like, “Not really, because first and foremost I support Ireland as a country, but my husband does play for England so I’m hardly going to turn my back on him when he’s playing!”




Often there’s a bit of banter between Ben and I if they’re playing Ireland because I’m always shouting for Ireland, even if he’s playing. He doesn’t mind, he totally forgives me for that because you always support your country first when it’s like that. I support England but only when Ireland aren’t playing!

After the game we went to a dinner with all the England and Australia players and their partners. It was the first time we’d sat together at an event and had the same surname on the placecards which was lovely so I took a little snap!




I’ve got to know some of the other wives and girlfriends so it’s always good to catch up. These events have a really relaxed vibe so it’s just a chance for the players and their partners to get to know each other. Sometimes they have black tie events but they normally just have a chilled out dress code – I normally I wear a dress with opaques and heels.

Chat to you all soon.

Love from Una xxx

04 November


My hairdresser won’t reveal the secret behind my hair colour

Hi everyone

Hope you all had a lovely weekend.

People often ask me the secret behind my hair colour but I’m afraid my hairdresser won’t even tell me his secret! I can give you a clue though… ask your hairdresser for copper rather than red if you want to get a similar colour to mine.

My natural hair colour is medium brown but I’ve had it copper for a while now and I love it. I used to get highlights and it would come through as red in a certain light which I wasn’t too sure about but now I really embrace the reddish tones.




I often wear hair extensions but not if I don’t have to. They’re great when you’re performing because they give you that glam boost and they’re fun to swish around as well. It’s better for your hair too, especially if it’s heavily styled because you can do your actual hair a lot of damage if you’re constantly putting heat through it. Without extensions my hair is just past my shoulder which is a really manageable length.

I’m really missing my golf at the moment but when the weather is so grim I really don’t feel like playing. Ben hasn’t managed to play for a while either. One Direction’s Niall was tweeting him golf chat the other day because they used to be golf buddies but even Ben hasn’t managed to play since the pair of them played with Marvin back in the summer. Hopefully we’ll get a sunny weekend soon and Ben and I can get back out there.

Speak to you all soon

Love from Una xxx

01 November


Aoife looked far too cute in her Halloween costume to scare anyone

Hi everyone

Hope you had a very Happy Halloween.

I didn’t dress up this year but put on some ‘spooky’ contact lenses instead! I did dress Aoife up in this little lion costume – I knew all along she wouldn’t scare anyone because she’s too cute! I found a couple of photos from Aoife last Halloween – can’t believe how quickly she’s grown up.





Speaking of adorable Sats babies, Frankie has been sending me the most gorgeous of photos of baby Parker. She’s getting on really well and I can’t wait to see them again soon.

Last year we were were out in LA filming Chasing The Saturdays and we went to a party hosted by Adam Levine from Maroon 5 in the Hollywood Forever Cemetery. It was a bit weird being surrounded by lots of graves – I wasn’t too comfortable with the whole idea to be honest but we had a really fun night.

As you can see, this year’s Halloween look (on the left) was a little less dramatic than last year’s!



Speak soon

Lots of love Una xxxx

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