Why I changed my surname to Foden over a year after we got married

Hey everyone

Hope you’ve had a lovely weekend. I’ve just been chilling out with my family who are over from Ireland this weekend so it’ been great to catch up with them.

Last weekend Ben and I had a box set marathon with The Walking Dead. We watched three episodes then broke it up with X Factor before we watched the next two. We’ve got five episodes left of season three to go so I’m looking forward to the rest. I watch quite a lot of box sets and I have to say that I think The Walking Dead is the best I’ve ever seen. You might think “where is this going?” at the beginning of it but hang on in there because it gets really good.



I’m enjoying X Factor too. There seems to be lots going on this year, quite a lot of juicy dramas. I’ve been keeping up to date with it all online. I really like seeing what’s going on in the world but I’m careful not to get too caught up in anything that’s written about me. I sometimes look up what we’ve being doing as a band to see what people have been saying. I tend not to look at stuff that’s just about me though. If I’m going to see something negative written about me, it’ll probably be on Twitter. I’ll see lots of nice, positive tweets but it’s always the one nasty one that jumps out at you. You need a thick skin for this business and you have to teach yourself to laugh off and block out any negativity. The worst thing you can do is respond.




You might have seen on Twitter that I’ve officially changed my name to Una Foden. Obviously I changed my name to Foden when I got married and I’ve used the name Foden ever since outside of work. But it had all got rather confusing and I felt like I’d reached a point where it made more sense for my family if I called myself Foden at work too. I went somewhere the other night with Ben and saw our names on the namecards (and they’d spelt Healy as Healey) so that was the final straw for me. I thought it made more sense to be sitting together as husband and wife with the same surname so I decided “I’m just going to use the name Foden from now on.”




Ben and I went to the Attitude Awards last week. I took this photo of our manager Peter and Daniel Radcliffe together because the two of them look so alike. Peter had been told that lots of times before so it was a really funny coincidence that they ended up sitting together. Daniel won the award for best actor that evening. It was nice to chat to him at the table. I saw him in Woman in Black and thought he gave an amazing performance.

I saw Cher there too and shared a little Instavid of her. There were lots of big names there and it was a fun evening. I wore my new Jimmy Choos that Ben bought me for my birthday with an Amen Couture dress.

Speak to you all soon.

Lots of love Una xxx

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  1. Argentina love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Team Sats Argrentina is here!!!!
    love you!!! and thank you so much for answered me!

  2. I’ll miss Healy but I absolutely respect your decision!

    Reading a few of your last blog posts (it gets hard to keep up with them sometime) I’d like to say my favorites from your new album:

    – “Gentleman” (It’s really flawless and even though it didn’t go top 10 I think it’s one of the best songs you guys have done and I appreciate the risk- don’t give up on performing it!)

    – “Not Giving Up” (It reminds me of a summery All Fired Up. Like vibes of “Faster,” “What About Us,” and “All Fired Up.” rolled into one.)

    – “Disco Love” (Amazing, and the b-sides are better than a lot of the album in my opinion!)

    – “Wildfire” (Should have been a single! The Alias tracks you guys have are always amazing. “Not That Kinda Girl” was another one of my favorites, and they did the disco covers! You guys need to write/record with them more, and have them make the album!)

    I do quite like “Lease My Love” and “You Don’t Have the Right” (your second chorus is the best part!) too. I am a little disappointed though. I usually love the songs you guys co-write, but I can’t get behind The Jam. All the tracks they did sound too tacky/amateur for me. I feel really bad saying that, but the most important thing I’ve learned about being a fan of music is that you need to be honest. If I blindly praised every track you guys have done without thinking it through and critiquing it, I wouldn’t be doing myself or you guys any favors. It’d be dishonest and blind. I really love “Chasing Lights” and “On Your Radar” so I hope the next album has a stronger pop/R&B sound with a mix of some dance. That being said (still feeling bad about mentioning that) I’ve been a fan since 2008, and I’m from America, so I’m hoping you guys come back here next year. I really want to see you guys live at least once!

    Aoife is really cut, I love the bubble instagram video you posted too. I hope you’re doing well and I love your blog.

    WOOP WOOP! :)

  3. I love it when you share your fashion tips I think you should do that more ❤ love you Una!

  4. your so gorgeous i love you so much when are you on splash!? love you lotz <3 xxx

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