Ben treated me to a stunning pair of Jimmy Choos for my birthday

Hey lovely readers,

Hope you’re all having a great week.

Firstly, I just want to say a massive thank you for all the wonderful birthday wishes! They really made me smile. I’m just relaxing today with Ben and Aoife, after my very busy week with the girls promoting Disco Love.

Ben and I had a great time celebrating yesterday. We had an amazing dinner at STK and went to the theatre to watch The Book of Mormon. I was really excited to go and have a few days off. Ben got me a lovely pair of Jimmy Choos. He usually asks me to pick something out so I can’t wait to wear them.


una and ben seats


Birthdays are quite a big deal for The Saturdays! We try and celebrate whenever we can. This time last year we were all in Los Angeles and we went to a nice little restaurant with a bar on the side, and Ben was over too because he’d injured himself. This year’s been more quiet and relaxing, but we’re performing at G.A.Y. on the weekend so I think I’ll be carrying on with the celebrations with the girls after.

The week’s been crazy with our performances on TV shows. We’ve done Surprise Surprise, Daybreak, MTV — lots of moving around. It means a lot of early starts and pick-ups at 4am, but we’ve had such a fun time!




We had a lovely evening out at the Pride of Britain Awards. Every story was so emotional and touching. We were sat on a table with this little boy who had lost his limbs — his story was so inspirational. There was also another boy who we presented an award to — Bailie Kershaw. He had saved his dad’s life by performing CPR, with the doctors instructing him over the phone. He had to do it for six minutes until the ambulance arrived. He literally saved his dad’s life and he’s only 12 as well! There wasn’t a dry eye in the house. Some of the stories are so sad but there’s always the bright side of it too, and you see the amazing courage that people have.




Thank you all so much for supporting Disco Love. We’re very, very pleased with it and we’ve had some great feedback from people saying it’s their favourite song, and really catchy.

Caroline Flack was at our Sunday Brunch performance and she said it was her favourite one! So if you haven’t downloaded it already, please do!

Hope you enjoy the rest of the week.

Speak soon.

Love Una xxx


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  1. Una i really love all your blogs on here they are amazing and inspirational your just a lovely person and hope you enjoy the rest of your birthday hope you liked the photo i sent you on twitter please can you follow me @flacksats am a huge fan it will mean so much :)

    Take care xx

  2. Una, I love reading your blog and to hear what has gone on in your week. Aoife Belle is a sweet heart and so cute. Best of luck with the new single.

  3. Usually I tell people they had 32 wrinkles on their 32nd birthday, but since it’s you. I’ll point out how flawless you look.

    Happy Birthday Una! @AoifeBeiie

  4. Hi Una, i love your blog! And think your inspirational to alot of people too!

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