October, 2013

03 October


Ben and I watched One Direction’s first ever auditions on YouTube

Hey everyone

Hope you’re having a great week. I’ve had a few days at home with Aoife which has been lovely.

I’ve been catching up on TV too. I’m loving the X Factor and Downton Abbey being back on – I’m big fans of both. Ben and I watched the X Factor together the other night with a takeaway once we’d put Aoife to bed.

While we were watching we thought it’d be really funny to watch One Direction’s first ever auditions on YouTube so we did and it’s amazing to see how life-changing the show was for all of them. They went in as five very young individuals and got put together – just look where they are now! A  couple of them had auditioned before and Liam had made it to the judge’s houses so it just goes to show that you can go back and still make it.




I thought the new seat system where you get a place but it might be taken away from you is quite harsh. It must be horrible being up on the stage with the whole room watching you and having your place taken away from you. However I don’t think the contestants can complain too much because you know when you’re entering that kind of competition that you might end up in a position like that. TV shows like X Factor are known for introducing all these twists because the format has been going for so long so they have to introduce new things to keep people interested in the show.

I’m really looking forward to seeing the live shows, that’s when things get really exciting. The UK music scene is really welcoming of fresh talent. People just need to fill spaces that haven’t yet been filled by bringing something new and different to separate themselves from the rest.



I spent hours and hours signing album posters and CD singles last week. I got comfy on the sofa and got into the swing of it and got through stacks and stacks of them. Sometimes people are surprised when they find out that we do the signing ourselves and they think it’s done by a machine but it’s not. I think it’s really nice for our fans to have a keepsake single or poster signed by us. CD singles are really popular with our fans still, they’re almost a collector’s item nowadays. The first ever single I bought (in tape form!) was Michael Jackson’s Bad. After that it was True Blue by Madonna and Kylie Minogue’s Locomotion – so eighties, I really wore those tapes out, they were my world!



I remember the days when everyone used to record songs off of the radio to make homemade tapes, you’d have to pause the recording before the DJ cut in and you had to be really on it to get a smooth recording! My sister and I used to record ourselves singing and we’ve kept the tapes so they’re very funny to listen to now and again. When our cousins came over we used to have singing competitions and talent contests, I used to get really upset if I didn’t win so they came up with a way to make everyone a winner to keep me happy.




I’m a big radio listener – I love Heart for chilled music, Radio One for up to date stuff and Radio 2 for a bit more conversation and older, classic tunes. My latest album download is an American country album which is full of lovely songs.

Our new single Disco Love is out on Sunday so we’re doing lots of promo work for that. I’ll tell you where you can see and hear us in my next blog post.

Speak soon.

Love Una xxxx

01 October


Ben and Aoife enjoyed some daddy-daughter time while I was performing at the weekend

Hey everyone

Hope you’re all well. The Sats had a busy weekend with performances in Birmingham and Brighton. We caught up with The Wanted backstage in Brighton – a couple of them had just flown in from Malaysia but they were glad to be home and were all on great form.

I made it back home just in time to put Aoife to bed on Sunday night. Ben had been on ‘daddy day-care duty’ all weekend and they had a lovely time together.




He really loves to get out and about with his little girl so they went to the park. Aoife loves the baby swings but that’s as adventurous as we’ve got with her at the moment because she’s still really small. She goes on the slide too but we have to keep a hold of her so she doesn’t wobble off. She goes to Baby Gym and Monkey Music every weekend too so Ben took her to those. We’re looking into Baby Ballet for her at the moment too. I got to try loads of different activities when I was little and I want her to have the same opportunities to find something she loves like I did. I also think it’s really important for her to socialise with other children at least twice a week.

Ben allowed himself some downtime too. He’s got a really good set up actually – we’ve got a room in the house which used to be his ‘man cave’ before we had Aoife. Now it’s partly Aoife’s playroom where she has her day cot but also still partly Ben’s ‘man cave’. There are two TVs in there – one is especially for Ben’s computer games and another for whatever anyone else wants to watch. So while Aoife had her day time naps, Ben had a couple of hours off and played computer games. There were toys strewn all over the room when I got back so I could tell they’d been having lots of fun together.

Speak soon!

Love from Una xxxx

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