My gorgeous birthday gifts from the Sats girls

Hey everyone,

The last week has been a total whirlwind! I had my birthday on Thursday as well as lots of stuff going on with the Sats too. Our new album Living For The Weekend came out on Monday – hope you’ve had a chance to get yourselves a copy, I’d love to hear what you think of it so please leave your comments at the bottom and I’ll be sure to read them.

We performed at G-A-Y on Saturday night, it’s always such a brilliant night. The place was packed and we were on stage until about 2am. We heard there was a two-hour queue outside the door to see us so we were really grateful to everyone who came along. I absolutely love cake so I was also really happy to be presented with a second birthday cake during the night too!

On Wednesday I celebrated my birthday with Vanessa and a couple of our friends in London before spending the evening with Ben. Vanessa and I went for a few cocktails then I met Ben to go and see Book of Mormon. I thought the acting, the staging and the performance was great but to my surprise the storyline really didn’t do it for me. I’d heard such great things about it, especially from Vanessa and her boyfriend but I just didn’t get the humour. I’m not an overly sensitive person at all and I sometimes find crude humour quite funny but I just didn’t like the show. It didn’t make me laugh at all and I think it went over my head to be honest. Ben thought it was okay but it didn’t really move him either.

I think I would have preferred to go and see The Commitments, being Irish that would’ve been great for me or maybe The Bodyguard would have been better. Even though I wasn’t a massive fan of Mormon, I think it’s always good to go and see new things and find out what all the fuss is about.




We still had a really lovely evening though. We had a gorgeous meal at STK in the ME London Hotel – I actually think it was the best steak I’ve ever had. I ordered Wagyu beef and it just melted in my mouth. Then we stayed at the Sanderson Hotel which was really romantic and it was a real treat to have some time to ourselves. Ben treated me to some stunning black Jimmy Choo heels with studded pointy toes – he did really well with those!

I got loads of lovely scents from the Sats. Mollie bought me a bottle of my favourite perfume which is Ralph Lauren Romance. I’ve worn it for ages and it’s my go-to scent for the daytime because it’s so fresh. It’s a really old-school perfume that’s been around a long time. I used to wear it years ago and now it’s come back again. It’s also the scent I wore on my wedding day so it holds some really wonderful memories for me.

My favourite evening perfume in Midnight Rain by La Prairie. I discovered it about five years ago with Vanessa in an airport and now we both wear it. We were wandering around duty free and both found it separately and said “I’ve just found the most amazing perfume!” and we both said “Me too!’ and it was the same one” She still wears it too so it’s like ‘our smell’. People always comment “Oh my god! It’s gorgeous, it’s that smell” and a few of my friends have started wearing it too because it’s so good. It reminds me so much of the beginning of the band and meeting Ben for the first time. I love the way a smell can transport you back.




I was really touched by a personal gift from one of our lovely fans Claire from Scotland. She handed it to me in person on behalf of all the fans after working on it for months.

Ben and I were at the Attitude Magazine awards on Tuesday night. It was great fun to get glammed up – i’ll tell you more about it next time!

Speak soon

Una xxx



  1. Hi Una.
    I love reading your blogs x
    I love the new album. The songs are so fresh and catchy:)

  2. Hi Una, love the blog posts! Massive congrats to Frankie on the birth of baby Parker! I’m absolutely loving the album, my favourite songs at the minute are Anywhere With You, The Problem With Love and Don’t Let Me Dance Alone. I can imagine them being performed in a big arena with lots of energy so hopefully you girls will tour soon and I’ll get to see them performed live! xxx

  3. Hey Una. Hope you had a great birthday! I love the album and would love it if you would read my blog post on it. :)

    Priyasha xx

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