October, 2013

30 October


The biggest surprise of my life!

Hey everyone

Hope you’re all well.

My amazing friend Jojo organised for a surprise party for me last weekend and I’m still not quite over the shock! I was absolutely speechless and it was without a doubt the biggest surprise of my life. She did so well to pull it off. I’m a bit of a detective and can normally piece things together but I didn’t have the slightest inkling. Our management team were in on it as well and I was under the illusion that we were performing a gig.

We’d been told to dress quite smartly because we had a meet and greet with corporate people beforehand so we needed to be presentable – but it turned out there was no gig and it was actually a girls’ night out. I met Jojo through Ben and she was my maid of honour. Most of the people who had been at my hen party were there so it was a bit like a hen party part two.




We started off in Bodo Schloss and had a lovely meal there before going to Mahiki for some cocktails and dancing. We took over the karaoke room and it was brilliant. Vanessa and Mollie came along but Frankie and Rochelle couldn’t make it because they were with their babies – which of course I totally understand.




Time with your children is really precious to us Sats mums. It was a late one and I got in at about 4:30am which any mum will know is a bit of a rarity. I spent Sunday chilling with my family who had come over from Ireland – I really love having a full house.




My sister Dee and my two cousins came over for the weekend. We all grew up together and are still really close so it was great to spend quality time with them. Their visits were very well timed because I was having a wardrobe clear out so they left with their cases full of with clothes. They love coming and raiding my wardrobe and I’m always glad to have a sort out because I find it very therapeutic. If there’s anything that my friends or family don’t want I make sure it goes to charity.




The Sats get given quite a lot of clothes from PR companies and the novelty never wears off. It’s like Christmas when we find out that a box has arrived and they usually send great dresses and outfits. I tend to buy bigger items like coats and bags myself though.

Speak to you all soon.

Lots of love Una xxxx




27 October


Why I changed my surname to Foden over a year after we got married

Hey everyone

Hope you’ve had a lovely weekend. I’ve just been chilling out with my family who are over from Ireland this weekend so it’ been great to catch up with them.

Last weekend Ben and I had a box set marathon with The Walking Dead. We watched three episodes then broke it up with X Factor before we watched the next two. We’ve got five episodes left of season three to go so I’m looking forward to the rest. I watch quite a lot of box sets and I have to say that I think The Walking Dead is the best I’ve ever seen. You might think “where is this going?” at the beginning of it but hang on in there because it gets really good.



I’m enjoying X Factor too. There seems to be lots going on this year, quite a lot of juicy dramas. I’ve been keeping up to date with it all online. I really like seeing what’s going on in the world but I’m careful not to get too caught up in anything that’s written about me. I sometimes look up what we’ve being doing as a band to see what people have been saying. I tend not to look at stuff that’s just about me though. If I’m going to see something negative written about me, it’ll probably be on Twitter. I’ll see lots of nice, positive tweets but it’s always the one nasty one that jumps out at you. You need a thick skin for this business and you have to teach yourself to laugh off and block out any negativity. The worst thing you can do is respond.




You might have seen on Twitter that I’ve officially changed my name to Una Foden. Obviously I changed my name to Foden when I got married and I’ve used the name Foden ever since outside of work. But it had all got rather confusing and I felt like I’d reached a point where it made more sense for my family if I called myself Foden at work too. I went somewhere the other night with Ben and saw our names on the namecards (and they’d spelt Healy as Healey) so that was the final straw for me. I thought it made more sense to be sitting together as husband and wife with the same surname so I decided “I’m just going to use the name Foden from now on.”




Ben and I went to the Attitude Awards last week. I took this photo of our manager Peter and Daniel Radcliffe together because the two of them look so alike. Peter had been told that lots of times before so it was a really funny coincidence that they ended up sitting together. Daniel won the award for best actor that evening. It was nice to chat to him at the table. I saw him in Woman in Black and thought he gave an amazing performance.

I saw Cher there too and shared a little Instavid of her. There were lots of big names there and it was a fun evening. I wore my new Jimmy Choos that Ben bought me for my birthday with an Amen Couture dress.

Speak to you all soon.

Lots of love Una xxx

23 October


I loved reading all about Prince George’s christening

Hey everyone,

Hope you managed to catch the Sats’ in the Live Lounge on Radio One with Fearne Cotton on Tuesday morning. It was great to be back there and performing in the new studio. We sang an acoustic version of Disco Love and did a really fun mash-up of Drake’s Hold On We’re Going Home, TLC’s No Scrubs and Destiny’s Child Survivor all rolled into one.




We missed Frankie of course but she’s doing really well. It was just brilliant to see her the other day looking so well. I know people say that when you’re pregnant you have a glow but women often have one after giving birth as well. Frankie had that amazing aura that people give off when they’re really happy. I remember being on cloud nine after I had Aoife, I was totally elated and on a massive high. Rochelle’s post-pregnancy glow seems to have lasted ages. I think she looks fantastic, better than ever! Another mum who is looking amazing since giving birth is Kate Middleton. She must be very fit and healthy to ping back into shape like that.

A few days later after having Aoife I did have a comedown. My mother had warned me about it and said that it’s really common to feel a bit low a few days after giving birth. I think they call it the third or fourth day blues. It didn’t last long at all. While I was pregnant I felt a bit like a shell keeping Aoife safe from everything then once she’d arrived she wasn’t just mine anyone and she was out there in the world and exposed.




I like to keep up to date with the news and saw all about Prince George’s christening on Wednesday. I have really wonderful memories of Aoife’s christening. We’d been out in LA filming Chasing The Saturdays so had to wait until we got back which meant she was eight months old when she was christened which is a bit older than George and most babies. It was such a gorgeous day and I’ve got wonderful memories of it. The ceremony was conducted by the same priest that married Ben and I. I got to know him through my uncle Declan and he’s a good family friend so it was great to have someone so familiar doing it.

Chat to you all soon.

Love from Una xxx

21 October


Frankie is enjoying every moment with her gorgeous, perfect baby boy

Hey everyone,

It’s been quite a week in the Sats world. All of us Sats aunties have been to visit Frankie and Wayne’s newborn baby boy Parker. We all visited on Saturday along with a room full of their friends and family – there was lots going on! I brought Aoife along and she kissed him on the forehead on the way out – it was so cute. Frankie was really glowing and she’s such a natural. It can be quite tiring when you’ve just had a baby, but she’s was just enjoying every moment with her gorgeous, perfect little baby boy.


una and frankie


When she first sent me a photo of him I thought he looked like Wayne. Babies are often born looking like their dads but by the time I met him he looked more like Frankie. Newborn babies’ features are so tiny but they seem to change every day.

I remember when I had Aoife she was the spitting image of Ben at first and I thought “she doesn’t look like me at all” but when she opened her eyes and looked at me I saw more of a resemblance. Her eyes are more blue than mine but they were light unlike Ben’s.

Frankie had Parker at the same hospital in the room next door to where I had that I had Aoife so we’d have been neighbours if we’d had them at the same time. They even weighed the same (7lb 13oz) too. Frankie said they remembered Aoife and I from when I was there, so that was lovely to hear.


una bump


I brought Parker a couple of gifts, one from Ben and I, and one from Aoife, just a couple of cute little baby clothes sets to start with.

I’m looking forward to popping over again to see them but I think it’s important to let them have a few days off to get to know each other now that they’re a little family.

The Sats are performing on Radio One’s Live Lounge on Tuesday morning so I hope you’re able to catch it. We’re doing an acoustic version of Disco Love (which I’ll be playing my guitar in). Our second song will be a surprise cover but we’re keeping it a secret until it happens! We’ve been working on it for the last week or so with a band, putting in lots of harmonies. Hope you all enjoy.

Chat to you all soon.

Love from Una xxxx

20 October


Aoife’s growing up every day — it really melts my heart!

Hey everyone,

Hope you’re having a lovely Sunday.

Ben, Aoife and I are having a chilled one at home which is just what I need after a busy week. I really miss my little girl when I’m out and about and not able to take her with me, but I always try my best to get home in time to put her to bed.


aoife koa


It seems like she’s growing up every day at the moment. She seems to be picking up words left, right and centre. When I was putting her to bed before she’d just make babbling noises but now she’s saying ‘bye bye Mamma’ and actually knows what she’s saying, it really melts my heart!

The Sats have had some great feedback from our fifth album Living For The Weekend which came out last week. It’s been two years since our last one On Your Radar so it’s been a while coming and we’re really proud of it. It’s definitely a party album with lots of up-tempo tracks. I’ve got a few favourites – one in particular called Leave The Light On which has a slower tempo than most and has a really nice meaning to it. I also love Not Giving Up On Love and Don’t Let Me Dance Alone. I’d love to hear which are your favourites too!




We’ve been busy doing acoustic rehearsals for our BBC Radio One Live Lounge on 22 October – I hope you’ll be tuning in.

Speak to you all soon,

Lots of love Una xxx


18 October


I can’t wait to meet Frankie and Wayne’s darling baby boy Parker

Hi everyone

I’m so happy for Frankie and Wayne on the birth of their darling baby boy Parker. He was born weighing 7lbs 13oz which is the same as my little girl Aoife. The Sats aunties are all delighted for them and can’t wait to meet him.

It’s been a busy week for the Saturdays because our album Living For The Weekend came out on Monday. We did one of the first ever digital signings earlier in the week. It was pretty amazing, it’s like a virtual signing where you can interact with the fans about the album, answer their questions and scribble a note to them virtually and send it across. It was a real contrast from the boxes of singles that we were busy signing a couple of weeks ago. A lot of what we do these days is digital and social media based because that’s what people want.




The fact that much of our work revolves around the Internet has its advantages and disadvantages for us as musicians. I remember when I was younger, if you wanted to get in touch with a band or singer you liked then you had to write a letter. But now you can tweet them or leave a comment on Facebook and there’s a much higher chance of you being able to interact with them.




We don’t see every tweet that comes our way but when I log on I do see a lot of them. The Sats’ Twitter accounts are all run by us personally and I look at mine a few times a day to scroll through the mentions and see what people are saying. I follow quite a few of fans too. Some fans spam us for a follow so I tend not to follow them but our genuine fans don’t do that and I’m always glad to follow them. Often I recognise their names or faces from gigs so I like following them to keep in touch. I’m a big fan of Instagram too and those photos go automatically to my Facebook and Twitter accounts.




I don’t actually have a personal Facebook account anymore. Someone once set up a quite convincing account pretending to be me and even went as far as sending messages to my friends. The user had somehow got their hands on photos of me from a few years ago and managed to convince one of my friends that it was really me and they exchanged a few messages. It wasn’t until my friend said to be “oh, I’ll message you on Facebook” that I realised she was speaking to someone that wasn’t me. Luckily it was easily sorted and nothing bad ever became of it. For that reason I prefer having a Twitter account because it’s verified so you can be sure it’s me.

An obvious disadvantage of being an artist in the digital age is competing with illegal downloading. It’s being going on for a long time and if people can get away with it, they will do it and the industry suffers because of it.

I’m looking forward to a chilled weekend with my family and friends – I’ll let you know what we get up to next week.

Love from Una xxxx

17 October


My gorgeous birthday gifts from the Sats girls

Hey everyone,

The last week has been a total whirlwind! I had my birthday on Thursday as well as lots of stuff going on with the Sats too. Our new album Living For The Weekend came out on Monday – hope you’ve had a chance to get yourselves a copy, I’d love to hear what you think of it so please leave your comments at the bottom and I’ll be sure to read them.

We performed at G-A-Y on Saturday night, it’s always such a brilliant night. The place was packed and we were on stage until about 2am. We heard there was a two-hour queue outside the door to see us so we were really grateful to everyone who came along. I absolutely love cake so I was also really happy to be presented with a second birthday cake during the night too!

On Wednesday I celebrated my birthday with Vanessa and a couple of our friends in London before spending the evening with Ben. Vanessa and I went for a few cocktails then I met Ben to go and see Book of Mormon. I thought the acting, the staging and the performance was great but to my surprise the storyline really didn’t do it for me. I’d heard such great things about it, especially from Vanessa and her boyfriend but I just didn’t get the humour. I’m not an overly sensitive person at all and I sometimes find crude humour quite funny but I just didn’t like the show. It didn’t make me laugh at all and I think it went over my head to be honest. Ben thought it was okay but it didn’t really move him either.

I think I would have preferred to go and see The Commitments, being Irish that would’ve been great for me or maybe The Bodyguard would have been better. Even though I wasn’t a massive fan of Mormon, I think it’s always good to go and see new things and find out what all the fuss is about.




We still had a really lovely evening though. We had a gorgeous meal at STK in the ME London Hotel – I actually think it was the best steak I’ve ever had. I ordered Wagyu beef and it just melted in my mouth. Then we stayed at the Sanderson Hotel which was really romantic and it was a real treat to have some time to ourselves. Ben treated me to some stunning black Jimmy Choo heels with studded pointy toes – he did really well with those!

I got loads of lovely scents from the Sats. Mollie bought me a bottle of my favourite perfume which is Ralph Lauren Romance. I’ve worn it for ages and it’s my go-to scent for the daytime because it’s so fresh. It’s a really old-school perfume that’s been around a long time. I used to wear it years ago and now it’s come back again. It’s also the scent I wore on my wedding day so it holds some really wonderful memories for me.

My favourite evening perfume in Midnight Rain by La Prairie. I discovered it about five years ago with Vanessa in an airport and now we both wear it. We were wandering around duty free and both found it separately and said “I’ve just found the most amazing perfume!” and we both said “Me too!’ and it was the same one” She still wears it too so it’s like ‘our smell’. People always comment “Oh my god! It’s gorgeous, it’s that smell” and a few of my friends have started wearing it too because it’s so good. It reminds me so much of the beginning of the band and meeting Ben for the first time. I love the way a smell can transport you back.




I was really touched by a personal gift from one of our lovely fans Claire from Scotland. She handed it to me in person on behalf of all the fans after working on it for months.

Ben and I were at the Attitude Magazine awards on Tuesday night. It was great fun to get glammed up – i’ll tell you more about it next time!

Speak soon

Una xxx

14 October


I’m keeping Aoife’s old clothes safe in the attic in case Ben and I have another girl one day

Hi everyone,

Hope you all had a great weekend.

The weather’s really turned now hasn’t it? I can’t wait to bring out my sheepskin coat for when the days get colder. It’s my winter staple. I’ve been packing up Aoife’s summer clothes in the attic, so if in the future Ben and I have another little girl she can wear them. It’s amazing how quickly Aoife grows — I’ve had to buy clothes for her every six months. At the beginning babies grow like mushrooms don’t they? But at the moment she’s in between the 18 and 24 months stage. I previewed the new Boden collection as I’m a big fan and I love dressing Aoife up in baby Boden. I’m on the hunt for a little leather jacket for her — I love leather jackets!




I’m also really into my midi rings at the moment. I’m wearing one right now and you can get them everywhere. The Saturdays are all loving a statement necklace too — they seem to be massive.




The past week was so busy promoting Disco Love and performing at G.A.Y. on the weekend. A few of our acoustic versions of the songs are featuring on YouTube so be sure to check them out and let us know what you think. I love it when I get to bring out my guitar. We’ve worked out some really great vocal arrangements and it’s just a really nice way of mixing it up a bit.




We had a little jamming session with Shaggy at the Google Hangouts. It was completely impromptu but we got great response on YouTube. He sang a bit over What About Us. He’s such a legend, isn’t he, and now we can say we’ve sort of collaborated with him. We’ve been so lucky in the past with our collaborations, performing with some great acts like Sean Paul and Flo Rida. It would be amazing to work with Justin Timberlake too – we always say that.




I haven’t been watching all of X Factor but I did get to meet some of Nicole Scherzinger’s girls at the ITV studios when we were there. We spoke to them for a bit and they were all really nice. The Girls’ category is very strong this year and the contestants are all very different. Ben likes to give a running commentary during the show. He was really sad to see Joseph Whelan go and was tweeting about him a lot.

Speak soon.

Love Una xxx

10 October


Ben treated me to a stunning pair of Jimmy Choos for my birthday

Hey lovely readers,

Hope you’re all having a great week.

Firstly, I just want to say a massive thank you for all the wonderful birthday wishes! They really made me smile. I’m just relaxing today with Ben and Aoife, after my very busy week with the girls promoting Disco Love.

Ben and I had a great time celebrating yesterday. We had an amazing dinner at STK and went to the theatre to watch The Book of Mormon. I was really excited to go and have a few days off. Ben got me a lovely pair of Jimmy Choos. He usually asks me to pick something out so I can’t wait to wear them.


una and ben seats


Birthdays are quite a big deal for The Saturdays! We try and celebrate whenever we can. This time last year we were all in Los Angeles and we went to a nice little restaurant with a bar on the side, and Ben was over too because he’d injured himself. This year’s been more quiet and relaxing, but we’re performing at G.A.Y. on the weekend so I think I’ll be carrying on with the celebrations with the girls after.

The week’s been crazy with our performances on TV shows. We’ve done Surprise Surprise, Daybreak, MTV — lots of moving around. It means a lot of early starts and pick-ups at 4am, but we’ve had such a fun time!




We had a lovely evening out at the Pride of Britain Awards. Every story was so emotional and touching. We were sat on a table with this little boy who had lost his limbs — his story was so inspirational. There was also another boy who we presented an award to — Bailie Kershaw. He had saved his dad’s life by performing CPR, with the doctors instructing him over the phone. He had to do it for six minutes until the ambulance arrived. He literally saved his dad’s life and he’s only 12 as well! There wasn’t a dry eye in the house. Some of the stories are so sad but there’s always the bright side of it too, and you see the amazing courage that people have.




Thank you all so much for supporting Disco Love. We’re very, very pleased with it and we’ve had some great feedback from people saying it’s their favourite song, and really catchy.

Caroline Flack was at our Sunday Brunch performance and she said it was her favourite one! So if you haven’t downloaded it already, please do!

Hope you enjoy the rest of the week.

Speak soon.

Love Una xxx


06 October


Frankie’s baby boy’s wardrobe is amazing already!

Hi everyone,

Hope you’re having a good weekend. Did anyone tune into Sunday Brunch and hear the Sats performing an acoustic set? We met up with another acoustic player and a percussionist this weekend to perfect it so I was really excited for you to hear it. I hope you found it lovely and chilled — just how Sunday mornings should be.

Disco Love is out on Sunday so you’re going to be seeing us on TV a lot next week – we’re doing Daybreak, This Morning and the Alan Titchmarsh show. We’re also going to be on the radio and will be doing some online stuff too which is an incredibly important part of our work now. We’ve also going to be on Surprise Surprise on Sunday night with a really special treat so keep your eyes peeled for that too.




We’re all missing Frankie so much. She’s getting pretty bored at home waiting for her little baby boy to arrive but he’s not far away. He’s going to have the best wardrobe going – I’m sure you’ve seen the photos she’s been posting on Twitter – that’s not even the half of it!

Alaia-Mai is really well too. Marvin brought her along when we were performing last weekend so the Sats aunties got to dote on her. She didn’t have her ear defenders on so she couldn’t come to the side of the stage, so he stayed backstage in the dressing room with her. I hadn’t seen her for a couple of weeks and she seemed to have really grown. She still looks teeny tiny compared to Aoife who’s becoming like a proper little girl now.

I’m really looking forward to being treated for my birthday by Ben next week. My birthday’s on the 10th October but we’ll be celebrating the day before because that fits in best with our schedules. We’re going to the theatre in London, having dinner in the West End and spending the night in a hotel. Can’t wait to tell you all about it next week!

Lots of love,

Una xxx

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