The children I met on Una’s Dream Ticket were inspirational

Hi everyone,

Hope you had a great weekend. I’m writing this blog on my first day off in two weeks! The Sats had an exciting couple of weeks, but it was very intense. At the beginning of it I felt a bit overwhelmed about how busy it was going to be, but of course we ended up having a great time.

I finished filming my TV show Una’s Dream Ticket last week. I’m really looking forward to the show coming out. Presenting solo is something totally new to me and it was a very enjoyable experience.




The children I interviewed and met were a real highlight of the experience.

They were all so lovely and inspirational and it was wonderful to listen to their dreams – I really fed off of their amazing energy

The Sats joined me for a day and we recorded some performances so you’ll get to see some of Vanessa, Mollie and Rochelle in the show too.

On the second day of filming, a group of around 100 girls from my hometown Thurle showed up and it was incredible to meet them. They were all very excited and they’d made some really lovely banners. Their support meant a lot to me.




Last year I did a show called School Around the Corner where I went back to my old school and saw all my old teachers as well as the current students. It’s important to me to keep in touch with my roots. I’ve got a school friends coming over in November to visit and I love to go back when I can and see everyone Actually it was a real pity because on Saturday there was a huge reunion in my school and I missed it – but I can’t complain because I was performing with the girls on Stepping Out.

I’ve got really happy memories of my school days. Back then I thought my subjects were really boring – I’d love to go back and study history again, I’d find that fascinating now. I loved home economics, music and art. I was quite outgoing at school and we made our own fun so it never got boring.




I was quite involved in the drama and music side of things at school and I remember having a great time playing the Duchess in the musical Me and My Girl. Although I didn’t learn guitar at school, I played it there a lot in music classes, on open days and in my exams as well as in other people’s exams to help them out too.

I’ve got a few photos from Stepping Out to share with you in my next post so keep your peepers peeled!

Love from Una xxx

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