My favourite bonding moment with Aoife is tucking her into bed

Hey everyone,

Hope you’re enjoying my blog.

It’s been really nice to spend quality time with Ben and Aoife lately. I know just by looking at the weeks ahead my schedule’s going to be really full on, so it feels a bit like the calm before the storm! Ben and I have loved taking Aoife out with us. We often go out for dinner once or twice a week and it’s great. We can take her everywhere because she’s so well-behaved —she’s such a good girl and very sociable!

Some days I’m really busy but if I can, I always try to get back around 9 o’clock to put Aoife to bed. I’m always delighted if I can do that after being away for the day, because at least I can see her while she’s at least half awake. It’s one of my favourite bonding moments with her, putting her to bed.


aoife split


I’ve had a few quiet nights in and there’s lots of great TV on at the moment. I’ve been watching X Factor on catch-up and I have to say my favourite judge is Louis, and not just because he’s Irish too! I know Louis personally — we go back a long way. He’s been around since the start and was always very encouraging. Before he did pop music he managed show bands and my uncle Declan was in one, so Louis knows the family well. He always told me never to give up — he’s such a sweetie, exactly like he is on TV. Sharon’s great too, she’s really good. I think everybody missed her a bit so it’s good to see her back.

The X Factor wasn’t around when I was starting out but I did audition for similar shows in Ireland. With those kinds of shows, they’re a great platform and give you a leg up in the music industry, but it’s also about not putting all your eggs in one basket. If you don’t get through the auditions, it doesn’t mean you aren’t going to make it.


aoife small


Mollie auditioned when she was quite young and she was really good. I’m so glad they didn’t snap her up then otherwise we wouldn’t have the Saturdays! Ben made it through to auditions too on Pop Idol, but he didn’t go back for the second day because he had training. He knew his priority was rugby. He kind of went for a laugh but he’s actually really good. I quite enjoy the audition stages when you see all the funny acts. Some of them are just so funny and so talented at making people laugh. They’re just born entertainers and all part of the show.

Hope you have a great weekend!

Catch up next week.

Love Una xxx


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