Lots of surprises in store for our first-ever performance of the new single Disco Love

Hey lovely readers,

Hope you’re enjoying your weekend – the Sats are building up for an exclusive, first-ever performance of the new single Disco Love tonight. We’re going to be singing live on Stepping Out on ITV at 6:30pm and we’d love you to tune in.

The Saturdays have put loads of energy into perfecting the performance this week and we’re really happy with the way it’s turned out and can’t wait for you to see it. The cover of the single gives you a little hint of what you might see but I can’t give away too much before the show starts – just know that it’s going to be really spectacular.




We’ve got lots of incredibly talented dancers involved and other exciting people there. We learnt the choreography for the dance one day last week then put it together with the dancers the next day. I love learning new routines and we always have fun when we’re in the studio.

I’m so happy to say that the Sats have had some really great feedback about our new Living For The Weekend album cover. Although the album has a very pop party vibe, we wanted to go with a more classic cover. We’re always very much involved with all the covers of our singles and albums and thought the all black outfits reflected a more sophisticated vibe.

I always read your comments and love hearing what you thought of our performances and outfits so be sure to leave your feedback on my blog.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

Love from Una xxxx



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  1. LOVE reading Una’s blog! Much love from Lithuanian Team Sats, we love you :-)

  2. I can’t wait to see the performance !!

  3. Loved the performance on Stepping out!!!!
    You lot killed it!!

  4. I watched the performance on the Internet and I loved it !
    I love the song and the choreography is great !

  5. Hello Una. I read your blog every week. I love reading about what you have been p to in your own life, but also the work involved in being a sat. I’m excited to watch your show (somehow) when it airs. I’m a big fan so it will interest me billions! It’s a bit like surprise surprise.. however I was sobbing my eyes out at it. Had any stories really touched you or made your heart melt so much you wanted to cry? (haha I’m a sop.) Any ways enjoy yourself. It would be nice to read about your favourite beauty/make up products sometime or something like that. I’d be really interested and would love your recommendation as you always have a nice face on! (not that you need it!)
    Priyasha xxx

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