The Sats loved all the cheers at Fusion Fest

Hi everyone,

Thanks for reading my blog.

The Sats had a great weekend performing at Fusion Fest. We went up to Birmingham for the day and us girls put on a good show! There were loads of different acts on — The Wanted were there, Ne-Yo, Labrinth and more. The crowds were absolutely loving it. I gave shout outs, so I asked, “Who’s looking forward to seeing Ne-Yo?” and the fans all gave a massive cheer. Then I said, “Who’s looking forward to seeing The Wanted?” and they all gave a cheer. And then I was a bit cheeky and asked, “Who’s looking forward to seeing us?” and they gave us a big cheer too so that was good!

We had such a great response and got to meet some of our fans before the show. It’s always lovely seeing how much support we have and it’s so sweet when they go out of their way and bring us presents. I remember I once mentioned that I love tea bags, and at one point I was getting loads of boxes of tea! It was really nice.




We always get really sweet letters too — I love the fan mail. It’s quite old school but some of our fans really make an effort to write nice words down on paper and I love holding onto the letters. Every year the nicest gift we all receive is a “birthday book” and I know an awful lot of planning and preparation goes into that. They’re compilations of messages and pictures. I have all my fan books from four or five years ago. I hold onto them because they’ve literally got pictures of everything we’ve done that year and things the Sats have said and it’s just lovely, such nice memorabilia — I feel so lucky.

I hope you’ve all had a chance to get out and enjoy this gorgeous weather! I hit the driving range with Ben to practise my swing and was loving the sunshine. Marvin (Rochelle’s husband), Niall (from One Direction) and Marvin’s friend Tom were there too so the boys went off and played on a separate golf course. I’m hoping that soon I’ll be able to join them and actually play a round, but at the moment I’m just a beginner and I’m learning how to play the game properly. I think I’m getting better but I’m definitely still a beginner!


una golf


Ben got me into it because we just went once for fun and I really enjoyed it, so it really took off from there. You do need to dedicate time though and what with being a mother and taking care of Aoife, when I do have a bit of down time I like to play golf. The boys are all of a similar standard really — I’m not being biased! Ben and Niall won that day, but they often switch up teams. They just love doing it for fun.

Hope you all have a good week.

Speak soon.

Love Una xxx

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  1. You’re the sweetest person the the world! So glad you like the birthday books i put together each year for you! You really do deserve them you are adorable appreciating them so much! :) you can show Aoife them when she’s older! :D love u x

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