I loved doing TV appearances for Club Penguin’s online safety campaign

Hey everyone,

I’m over in Ireland this week filming for my new TV show Una’s Dream Ticket – I’ll tell you more about that next time.

Last week I was on Daybreak and Sky News promoting Club Penguin’s online safety campaign. It’s called ‘It Starts With You’ and the idea is to get parents more involved in knowing what their kids are up to online, getting familiar with the new lingo that they’re using and encouraging children to treat each other with respect.




I’m really glad to be an ambassador for the campaign because it’s fun as well as educational. It struck a chord with me too of course knowing that my daughter Aoife will be going online in a few years’ time. The Sats’ fan base is also quite young and very active online so I hope the campaign encourages them to use the Internet safely too.

I really hope that it’s a message that we can take forward in the future because the internet is such a fundamental part of our lives now. There are an awful lot of horror stories out there about the Internet but it shouldn’t be a scary place. The campaign wants to put a really positive spin on the opportunities that there are online and enable us to benefit from those as much as possible.




Club Penguin is the perfect training ground for introducing your children to the Internet. They’ve got human moderators on there who filter anything inappropriate or negative so you have the peace of mind that your kids are interacting in a safe, positive environment.

I loved doing the TV appearances. I’m so lucky in this job that I can get involved in campaigns like this. It’s great to feel like I could be making a real difference and inspiring people.

I’m really passionate about this campaign so speaking about it came very naturally to me. I often appear on TV with the girls but not so much on my own – it does make the experience slightly more nerve-wracking but it’s important to have the confidence to stand on your own two feet and speak up for what you believe in too.




I went for quite a sophisticated look for my TV appearances – they were both high street mixes of Dune shoes, Topshop and River Island. I wore my hair loose and wavy – it’s a style I really like in the daytime.

Speak to you soon.

With love from Ireland, Una xxxx

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