Ben was ‘man of the match’ in the first game I watched

Hey everyone,

Hope you’re enjoying the weekend!

Rugby season has started which is really exciting as I got to watch Ben in his first game back. Aoife came up with me too and we cheered Ben on from the box. We sat with all the other wives and girlfriends who brought their children along so it was a really nice social thing to do. It was the second game Aoife’s watched and our team won so we were really happy. It’s really nice for Ben as well to know that we’re both there supporting — he loves that.




Aoife got to meet Bernie the team mascot and had her picture taken. It was really funny, I could tell she was trying to figure out what Bernie was, and thinking, “Is this a human? Or a giant teddy?” She realised it was a dog though and started saying, “doggie, doggie” — it was really cute.

I don’t get to watch Ben in many games because of my work schedule. The first one I ever watched was actually on Valentine’s Day. We’d only been dating a couple of months but we were quite serious from the word “go”. I remember he was “man of the match” — he was obviously trying to impress me that day! It was quite romantic really.

After the rugby we all went up to Cheshire where Ben’s family is from and went to his friend’s 30th birthday party. We ended up getting there a bit late and missing the BBQ during the day but we still enjoyed it! Ben’s mum looked after Aoife for the night — they’ve always bonded really well. I’m actually going up to Ireland next week for a new project that I can’t wait to tell you about soon, so I’m leaving Aoife with her grandparents in Cheshire again. It’s nice for her to see Ben’s family because she’s spent a lot of time with my mum in the past, so it’s important she gets to know both sets of grandparents.


corporate show


Apart from spending hours in rehearsals, The Saturdays also went up to Manchester to do a corporate show for the Co-op. It was really fun because we had two dance floors and got to work the stage differently to how we normally do. We danced around the whole room so as not to leave anyone out and they loved it. They requested Just Can’t Get Enough for the last song! I love doing all the different festivals, concerts and corporate shows. Every gig is different and when the audience is really up for it, that’s the best feeling.

My dress was from Finders Keepers — they’re an Australian brand. They do some really cool dresses and I just loved that one. It had a really nice shape to it. We always do a fitting before shows with our stylist and have rails and rails of clothes to try from. The girls usually have fittings at different times though so we don’t always get to help each other choose our outfits — it’s a bit more individual. Our stylist has an idea of what he wants us all to wear, but he won’t force anything on us of course!

I’m off to Ireland soon but will keep you updated.

Thanks for reading!

Love Una xxx



  1. Good to see as well as being a great mum and wife you’re still a foxy sat!X

  2. What was this co-op event for exactly? I don’t remember reading anywhere on your website or twitter/facebook… the mailer!?.. That you girls were coming to Manchester. I surely would have been the first one there. Never the less, I seriously cannot wait for you to tour again. I’ve never had the chance to watch you live, but when I do.. I know it’ll be a good one!! I love reading your blog Una. i’m a huge fan so it’s nice to see what you get up to in your down time when not just well being ‘a saturdaay!’
    Priyasha! @pri_twi

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