Aoife’s so cute when she tries to sing along

Hello everyone,

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I saw my good friend Michelle Heaton the other day. We went on a playdate to a little animal park not far from us with her daughter Faith and Aoife. They are absolutely adorable together. We told them to give each other huggies and they had a cuddle. The weather was gorgeous and we had ice creams, went on the swings and wandered round the park. Michelle doesn’t live too far from me but we both have such busy schedules that it’s often hard to find the time to catch up. It was fantastic to see her looking and feeling so good during her second pregnancy.

You might have seen the photo I tweeted of Ben playing my guitar the other day. He kept saying to me, “We’ve been together for four years now and you always say you’re going to teach me and you never do,” and I always say, “Yeah, yeah, one day, one day” – so the other day I decided, right, this is it, let’s do it. Ben had been hanging around with people at V Festival who had been playing around the camp fire and so I think he was inspired by that. He likes the idea of being able to pick up a guitar at a party and play a few tunes. The great thing about the guitar is that there are so many songs out there that you can play with just three chords. I taught him E, C, D and E Minor to start with. The plan is to teach him more but that’s enough to begin with I think.




Ben was very diligent and wrote it all down so he can refer back to it when he’s practising. It’s really important to get lots of practice in and that you’re patient with it. I’ll keep you updated on his progress!

Ben’s actually quite a good singer – he auditioned for Pop Idol when he was 18 and when he was about 10 or 11 he sang in a little band called Anonymous. He sang Sweet Chariot with the England rugby team for an advert too. We both sing a lot walking round the house – he knows there are better acoustics in the loo so that’s where he goes to really belt songs out!

I’m hoping Aoife will want to learn to play the guitar. When I pick up a guitar at home, she comes running over and wants to strum it too. It makes it quite difficult to do any practice but it’s really cute to see. I was playing What About Us the other day because it’s the song she’s most familiar with and she was trying to sing along. She’s got a great book full of traditional nursery rhymes and she presses the buttons and it sings to her. If I start singing one of the songs to her, she runs across the room and recognises it so she picks up the book and presses the song’s button. She’s quite clever like that!




I was twelve when I first started playing the guitar – you really can start at any age though. My uncle, Declan Nerney, who is a country and Irish singer began when he was six. He’s amazing, he can literally play any note under the sun. I think if you’ve got the hunger for it then there’s no harm in starting young. Declan is my mum’s brother and she clearly inherited some of the musical talent too. She was a semi-professional musician while she was training to be a nurse. She was a lead singer in a band called The Saints. Declan certainly inspired me when I was young and he still does to this day. He still plays lots of shows and sells out all over Ireland. People often say that my voice isn’t your typical pop girl voice and that it sounds more country so I think that’s where it came from!

Hope you all had a great weekend.

Love from Una xxx



  1. I am eternally grateful for your updates on Aoife Belle – she reminds me so much of my daughter when she was little – she will be 17 this Sunday! I always feel like welling up whenever I see you on the telly with her (I re-watch all the episodes of Chasing The Saturdays) and also the photos of her are beautiful.X

  2. Lovely updates of a beautiful and talented family(you have great genes in your family, Una:-)!

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